A Secret In A Sea Of Supras
A Supra’s Evolution

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Fuji Speedway, the place never ceases to amaze me. If it’s not the seemingly endless number of meets and events that occur all over the multiple parking lots and race tracks, it’s being able to catch a glimpse of Fujisan when he isn’t being too shy and ducking behind the clouds for cover.

Fuji Speedway is simply an epic place and a must-visit location for automotive enthusiasts.


While spending the day with well over 20 Supras for a film project, one in particular stood out in the sea of JZA80s – this Top Secret creation.


I immediately had flashbacks of Smokey Nagata’s crazy V12 twin-turbo JZA80 and his 350km/h+ run at the Nardò Ring in Italy. I just had to find out the story behind this one, and lucky for me, the owner, who was well into retirement age, was more than happy to talk me through the build.

As the Supra’s first and only owner, it’s been in his possession for 24 years, and for the first 10 it remained stock. It was only after seeing Top Secret’s futuristic wide-body ‘Final Evolution’ Supra that he decided he had to have the same thing. Thus began the very long (and quite expensive) quest to having his very own.

I’m usually more a fan of aero kits that simply complement a car’s factory lines all while adding a little bit more drama. The Ridox kit is a perfect example of this, and truth be told, if I had my own JZA80, I would most likely go that route. However, there is something so wild about the Top Secret Final Evolution kit that I can’t help but love it, especially at the front where the most radical changes occur. The snout of the new front bumper and those custom headlights transform the Supra into something only matched by Italian supercars


Work XSA 04C wheels match the futuristic styling of the kit perfectly, and the 19-inch fitment opens up the room for massive Brembo brakes. The Supra is also fitted with a Roberuta lift system, which makes getting the car in and out of steep driveway entrances a breeze.

Powered By HKS

When it came time to address the 2JZ-GTE under the hood, the owner was torn between having Top Secret put something unique together in house, or going down the tried and tested road with an HKS stroker kit.


Not wanting to part with his baby for too long and also keep the budget somewhat in check, he went with the latter 3.4L option of which Top Secret handled the installation.

Forged pistons, forged connecting rods, a stroker crankshaft plus all the supporting parts are included in the kit which is rated up to 1,000hp.


This one’s not making quite that much, but the massive HKS T04Z turbocharger provides enough puff for what is a solid 800hp package.

The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior with Recaro SR-7 seats for both driver and passenger, a Momo steering wheel, and select Alcantara-wrapped trim pieces. There’s also a JDM-style carbon fiber gauge cluster fitted into the dashboard where the passenger air-bag used to be.


The owner was only spectating the day’s event so I didn’t get to hear the engine sing or see the car in action, but just being able to check out a Final Evolution-kitted Supra up close really made my day.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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I LOVE that the owner is 'well into retirement age', and I LOVE that he has owned this car since new. A lifelong car guy, enjoying it in relatively stock trim for the first half of its life, then all out with some wild upgrades. Even if you cannot get behind the look, full and utmost respect to this man for fully and intimately 'learning' the car, and upholding the idea of kaizen. Rad!


Yeah! I totally agree. When some people introduced me to him, I was blown away.. Then again, I guess that's why they say never judge a book by its cover huh..


Is it just me, or is that hood fitment wayyyy out of Whack?

Brooke Whiting

It ruins the whole car haha

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.


Meh, an large, aged, (and fairly thin) aftermarket fiberglass piece like that is gonna warp over time. I wish I could say it wasn't a reality, but the pics demonstrate otherwise. We are splitting millimeters here.

To be honest, the best solution would've been putting that kit on a car that's any other color instead of white.


Agreed. There's too much blank surface area between the hood and the air dam, though I'm not sure what I would want to fill it. Another grill would seem excessive but has potential if done right and subtly enough.


Nope, it DOES look kinda crooked. If they could change the shape of it to better suit the new lights, this kit would be heavenly!


I'm guessing that the bumper is to blame. It doesn't take much to screw with panel gaps, I think the angle of that shot exacerbated the flaws a bit.

Zubair Siddiqui

More supras please!

Matthew Everingham

Awesome find Ron. As cool as the kit is, that engine bay is what excites me!


Appreciate it Matthew! Yeah, the kit lured me in but the engine bay stole my heart ^_^ Hopefully next time he brings it out I can see it in action

Dieter Verscheure

IMO the supra is timeless, even today it looks like is was built this year, and still better looking than some of the cars built today and better sounding too. that engine noise is orgamsic.


My thoughts exactly. There aren't many of them running around in my neck of the woods. When I do see one, I'm always drooling.


Everyday the same fools picking bits and pieces of peoples hard earned money, time and effort in to building their own. What have you fools built? Same shameful, unqualified buck heaps with a ton of negative opinions, but you guys are the same fools that haven't built shit that deserves any respect. So much time on their hands, because such are the keyboard warriors and computer gangsters. Badass Supra here! Much respect for him being original owner and actually spending a ton of money and attention to this build. How many fools can actually even build a Top Secret Supra with this motor and turbo setup? Bet you fools can't even afford the freakin oil cap. I pity the shit talkers...