Introducing The Renown x Speedhunters 100 Steering Wheel

Over the course of the SEMA week, thousands of new automotive parts and accessories have been officially launched to the industry. One, however, is very close to our hearts: the Renown x Speedhunters 100 Steering Wheel.

This strictly limited edition, hand-finished steering wheel will be available for purchase towards the end of the month, but in the build up to its release we thought we’d have Renown’s Scott Woltman share a little bit about himself and everything that went into creating this unique product. Take it away, Scott…


In late September last year, I received an email in the middle of the night from a mysterious person. They explained they were from Speedhunters in Stockholm, had been following Renown and loved what we were doing, and that I should check out the Speedhunters website if I had never heard about them.

My first two thoughts after reading this email was, 1) This is not real, and 2) I am still dreaming? I have been a regular visitor to Speedhunters since it started and it’s my favorite way to follow all the incredible machines and events from around the world. To be contacted and receive praise from your hero can be a bit overwhelming, but I quickly realized this was real and that a huge opportunity to collaborate was forthcoming.

Let me back up and tell you about myself and Renown USA. I started Renown in San Francisco at the end of 2014, because I couldn’t find the parts I wanted for my cars. I believed there was a niche not being served in the interior of aging classics from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Being a collector of the simple, timeless machines of this magical era of sports cars, I knew first-hand that some of the most wear happens from the driver’s seat. I’ve always been fascinated with steering wheels, and for many of the cars we all love, the original equipment is mundane and aesthetically displeasing. Furthermore, it’s definitely not the best choice for spirited driving or driving hard. There was an existing aftermarket offering but it felt generic, outdated and lacking in variety. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, I wanted to offer enthusiasts a small number of styles in variations that would match their car perfectly. So my goal was simple: create a brand that would offer products that feel like they belong in the car, have proper aesthetics without begging for attention, and maximize the driving experience. Thus, Renown was born.

We strive ourselves on offering a product that is unparalleled. We spend countless hours in our machines enjoying all the intricacies they have to offer, and that all begins at your fingertips, in your hands, at the steering wheel. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how our steering wheels are made.


We are constantly evolving our methods and materials to make the products better, stronger, more durable and wear nicely to feel even better the more you use it. We take great pride in offering a personalized experience with everyone who decides to join the Renown family.

To give you a bit of history of my journey with cars, I’ve loved them my whole life. As a kid, my uncle had an E30 M3, and from the first time sitting in it I was mesmerized. Everything about it was so driver-centric, the dash being angled towards the driver, all of the controls being easy to reach and in the right place, the instantaneous response and the flatness it maintained in the corners. Also, it was very spartan, with just the essentials; everything black. It felt like nothing I had ever been in. My first car was my father’s cherished, hand-me-down ’87 Supra in metallic brown. While not great in Wisconsin winters, it was still a great GT car nonetheless. To this day, I think the noise of an inline-six is hard to beat. After that I found a clean, one owner, dark gray metallic Nissan S13 240SX, and then one of my dream cars, a Mk2 VW Golf GTI. I’ve had a dozen Mk2s since, and still have one I love blasting around San Francisco. As I finished college, I got my first E30 and have always kept a few close by ever since. Since moving to California, I’ve been blessed with being caretaker of many special machines, ranging from my ’90s WRC dream car, the GC8 Subaru STI V5, to a few screaming Honda S2000s, and many other old and special BMWs.

But enough about me. After meeting the Speedhunters guys at SEMA 2015, it was clear that we shared the same vision. The best way to give back to the community together would be to develop a unique Renown steering wheel, exclusively for Speedhunters. We quickly got to work in 2016 with concepts, ideas and special elements we wanted to incorporate. One of these elements is combining both the famous Speedhunters logo with the Renown script. Many people ask where the Renown script came from; it is simply my handwriting on a good day. So instead of having too many things on the face of the wheel, which goes against our philosophy of simplicity and discreet elegance, we collectively decided that I would create a Speedhunters script which is engraved on the center spoke of the wheel. Another special feature is the centerline.


Not wanting to be redundant with anything else on the market or attract any attention with traditional bright colors, we’ve gone with a sleek centerline in black. So that it’s still noticeable for the driver, we chose triple-line embroidery at the 12 o’clock position.

For the stitch colors, we opted for a Renown specialty of using three different colors to create a tricolor weave stitching pattern. An overlying concept for the wheel was to incorporate both our environments of San Francisco and the Speedhunters headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. So the stitching is silver, gray and black reflecting silver clouds, fog and dark skies.


To ensure exclusivity, we have limited the number to 100 numbered steering wheels in 100mm depth, 350mm diameter, all in genuine leather. Creating a new wheel with so many unique design cues takes time, so it has been a goal to show the world our new wheel at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas.

As mentioned earlier, the Renown x Speedhunters 100 Steering Wheel will go on sale at the end of November, so keep an eye out here for the exact release date. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with my Speedhunting adventures via Renown’s Instagram; I look forward to sharing more stories of the amazing people and machines of San Francisco, California, and all across the world with you.

Scott Woltman



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My heart skipped a beat when you said your first car was an '87 supra, as I have one myself. There's a few big names in the custom wheel business that I'm familiar with, but even after a quick look at Renown's selection, I can tell there's real quality in those products.


See, I would buy this upon release of it were not a deep dish wheel. Personally I prefer the flat face steering wheels, (Momo model 78 springs to mind) but if it wasn't for that I would buy this one


Picked up a Renown recently and love it. Definitely a wheel I want to keep for years to come no matter the vehicle it ends up in!


Can you tease us with a price range?


They do make flat wheels as well


I owned a Renown wheel before and the auality is top notch. Probably the part i like the most, ia the rim of the wheel was thicker than most other similar steering wheels. I may have to pick up another one soon.


thats excellent...i was thinking about getting into the steering wheel industry myself but was too apprehensive of all the background R&D; to produce such an item. I'll definitely be purchasing 1 of these in the future


Please make a 300mm diameter option!


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props for doing his thang, but these just seem like upgraded NRG wheels. Hyped in the e30 scene, now coming up in the world.


the dude, does have nice taste tho. Love his e30's.


I would try to buy one....but the cold hard truth is, it will be sold out ten minutes after going on sale.
Awesome guys, I want one. :)


What is the thickness of the grip on the wheel? I have big meaty hands!


I'm in shock that a mom can make $5437 

in a few weeks ...................

more details   


I know that "everything is a copy of a copy" these days, but can Scott (or others) chime in on how these wheels look virtually identical to MOMO/NARDI offerings?  

1) The Renown "Monaco" looks identical to the MOMO Prototipo, save for the stitching/color options. But it that all that differentiates it from the MOMO?

2) The Renown "Mille" looks identical to the NARDI, save for details mentioned in (1)

I would be ok with a simple "Renown wheels draw on inspiration from timeless classics"...but I guess that's just the climate we live in nowadays!

3) Where are Renown wheels made?

4) Does Renown USA have any relation to the "Renown" seen on the Mazda 787 race cars?



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JackScharr Awesome - I ended up having a few after that, my favorite being the pre facelift front end and the 89+ rear taillights.  I'll have another one day!  Thanks for taking the time to read the article and see our products!  Cheers


Gasosphere LukeEVOVIII  YES - we certainly do make wheels that are not 100mm deep.  I personally use the 50mm depth model which we call the 130R named after the famous no-lift left hander at Suzuka.  This depth is just a little closer than OEM on most applications.  The flattest wheels we make are 30mm, which are essentially the same as OEM spacing without a quick release etc. Check out all we have to offer here:  Thanks!


Stucky Thanks Stucky - appreciate your support!


BSides The price range for the Renown x Speedhunters wheel will be in the $250-$300 range, easily within reach for everyone.  Thanks!


Gasosphere Much appreciated!  We have wheels with thicker grips (130R, Clubsport, 100) as well as thinner grips for extended track use with gloves (Mille, Monaco).


DevBizkit We look forward to you joining the Renown Family.


Chris Nuggets Do you drive a gokart?  Haha.  We recently launched 330mm models called the Clubsport and Mille, but have no plans to make a smaller wheel than that.  Anything smaller and you won't be able to see your gauge cluster at all!


Lotus Elise or Exige - even the stock wheel is only 315mm, so most people use 300mm wheels.


earmenau Put two side by side and I promise you'll be blown away.  Do it!


I-See-Hondas  Stay tuned for updates and make sure you are ready to order when it launches!  Good luck!


ScottRenown Close! Lotus Exige haha. Understand the market is small for such a diameter. Only a few existing steering wheel companies make products in that size. My Sparco Cup 300mm is showing its age


dangina ~36mm!  This is perfect for you!


SeanW1 You can't reinvent the wheel - and we have taken inspiration from our favorite motorsport wheels that are timeless just like you said.  We use the highest grade materials and offer options so that they fit into any application like they were always meant to be there. There are lots of subtle differences like stitch pattern, thickness, finish, feel etc - but you don't have to take my word for it, try them all and see for yourself! The Lemans winning Rotaries are one of my favorite race cars, so lots of inspiration but no affiliation.  Manufacturing is Secret.  :)  Cheers.


Chris Nuggets ScottRenown Lucky - what a wonderful car!


ScottRenown SeanW1 Thank you Scott!
I was just curious if the wheels were made in Asia or the USA, but I can respect trade secrets! 
In your opinion, how does the grip of the Monaco compare to the Prototipo with respect to softness/diameter in full leather?


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Magic happens when the desire to build and refine something unique is  stronger than the desire for outright victory in just another well-proven
chassis. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad for Paul’s philosophy and also
the results of his time


and effort. This 1971 Datsun 240Z ranks right up there as one most   impressive cars I’ve ever encountered. Every angle is perfect and every
modification is This is one of those builds that’s almost impossible
to break eye contact with. It


commands attention and every additional minute you
spend in its presence is  rewarded by the car revealing more small and subtle
details that need to


be appreciated. Our shoot was on a
relatively tight schedule and I still ended up shooting off over 100 extra
snaps of this car than I needed to. I was powerless.


The 240Z is already an amazing platform but with
Paul’s carefully thought ou t additions the final product was on a whole new
level, one that most of


Would have been nice knowing this wheel would be displayed before SEMA. That way I would have paid special attention to it.


will it be out on Speedhunter or Renown's webbie?


Kuen BOTH!  Thanks for asking.


and when will it be available - its end of month now ;)


matsleight  We are sorry but we have had a slight delay in the process because QC. Not but a perfect design is good enough for us.


arslangolic Can you give us any information when this one hit the market?


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don't see it still. getting tired of stalking the page haha. could I ask for a reservation


my first car is a toyota ae86 handed down by my father as well :)