Nailing The Details: An Authentic Kenmeri Custom

With the recent worldwide boom in vintage Japanese car popularity, it’s natural that many owners would look towards the motherland of Japan for customization influences.

In fact, I’d say a majority of modified Japanese classics around the world are at least in some way inspired by trends and styles that originated in Japan or were popularized there.

JCCS-2016-89 copy

But even with builds that very specifically try to recreate the feeling of a real Japanese kyusha, there are often differences – sometimes minuscule and other times glaring. Christopher Kim’s Kenmeri Skyline, however, is a car that does a fantastic job of bringing real-deal kyusha style to the USA.

JCCS-2016-92 copy

The authenticity begins with the Skyline’s body color – a deep metallic shade of purple that often graces the nostalgic machines that gather at Japan’s late-night highway meetings.

JCCS-2016-90 copy

The Kenmeri is wearing over-fenders of course, but they are real semi-works style flares, not the much more common ZG flares or Rocket Bunny stuff that is so common these days.

JCCS-2016-37 copy

And the over-fenders are filled by a set of super rare SSR Jilba Racing wheels with stretched Toyo R888 semi-slicks. There’s plenty of negative camber, but it’s all true to the style and not a trendy gimmick.

JCCS-2016-38 copy

Many small details have also been accounted for, like the headlight covers up front and the metal-flaked tail panel. Best of all however, are the angled Nissan Cherry tail lights, a styling move that’s quite common in Japan.

JCCS-2016-91 copy

The whole thing is rounded out by an interior that features a wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel and a flower-filled shift knob for one more cool little Japanese touch.

JCCS-2016-36 copy

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of traveling to Japan to experience its kyusha culture for themselves, seeing cars like Christopher’s Skyline is really the next best thing.

Authenticity always wins.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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the rear end is perfect JDM style! not my taste but the guy got this look bang on, brilliant build


oooh that color really pops & yeah as mentioned by mememe, Christopher got that kyushu style bang on


Can someone please explain the performance benefit of stretched tires? I'm trying to understand how using tires that are too skinny for the wheels they are placed on is a performance enhancer. It looks stupid but, I'd love to hear how this is somehow more beneficial as opposed to tires that fill out the entire wheel width and give more contact patch.


4 that coincidence that you show us purple kyusha? :D
Awesome car btw. Keep it coming man.


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That RB26-powered DR30 Skyline tho! 
Must. Feature.


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@SW1 exactly...and the 2 hakosukas


The cars of this Era have that interior smell that makes you smile... I don't think other era's can compare.


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Its more style than performance. If anything it stiffens the tires, since the sidewalls dont flex as much.


It only has a performance advantage if it is done properly, otherwise it is just plain dangerous like the typical stanced car.
A stretching the tires SLIGHTLY on a wider wheel will result in stiffer sidewalls which will cause the tires not to "rollover" the rim giving you better feedback in the driver's seat. This makes the limit of the tire more predictable and helps inspire more confidence to push harder.
For example us in the miata tracking community will typically run either a 205 on an 8" wide wheel or a 225 on a 9" wide wheel. There is alot of data and comparison lap times that prove it works, but it's all really down to driver's preference.


Very Nice. Approved.


HerFjell Just by looking at how much "stretch" is applied to these tires, I would think any hard cornering would flex the sidewalls outwards off the wheel barrel.


Gasosphere Agreed. A little could be functional but, to this degree looks outright unsafe.


OK, so I'm the only one that noticed the tires are on backwards ? On all wheels...


Did anyone notice the gal bending over behind the car in the first picture? Nice legs!


Just because something is done in Japan does not mean its done in good taste and HAS to be revered and accepted as universal truth...  Car has nice concept but execution fails a bit... decklid and hood alignment? worn out interior (not even scrubbed and detailed)? is it me or the taillight are not angled exactly the same way? etc...  good thing that they are preserving the oldies though.


@Guest haha LOL!
You must know that 99% of these JCCS builds that run R888s do not run on the track at all...hence the backwards tires. Taka Sato (yellow "star road" inspired S30) runs his religiously on road courses, R888/Glowstar wheels and all!


@Guest    Yeah, I feel the same way! I get that it's fun to play with a "look", and I'm all for that part -  But often the writing that accompanies any Japanese Style article often refers to the mods as some high form of unquestionable Art or Poetry. Even the various web vids that pop up all the time present Japan as some sort of birthplace of Authenticity when it comes to custom culture. It might be because Japanese sound much cooler/wiser than English in this context ;)
Japan is just another country where there are some dudes having a laugh with cars. Sometimes attempts are more successful than others - just like any other Trends/Looks that appear elsewhere.
Like it or loath it, tire stretch is tire stretch. It does not become something above and beyond when applied to an old Japanese wheel....


Being true to the japanese style is all good, but sometimes, wouldn´t it be better to not go with the japanese style? I mean, they are not gods, they sometimes have a horrible taste, it shouldn´t be a standard if it´s tasteless. 
I am sorry, but for me this is a ruined kenmeri.

turbo BEAMS ae86

complete absence of handicap-friendly mods
Its not right

turbo BEAMS ae86

@Guest R888 = top tyre for reddit upvote builds


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@Chris L First thing I noticed...


@TheFreshMaker Yep, bless the g strings! I doubt she'd go commando with such a short dress.


This style is overblown and at times unsafe.
Two examples are one car I saw on the freeway with so much negative camber only half the tire was making contact with the road surface. Another example was a young man pulling out of a driveway at a store in a Nissan 350Z. He had to angle the driveway so his front air dam would not hit the street, while doing so it lifted a rear wheel and he lost traction, spinning the unloaded tire. He ended up blocking that driveway for several minutes until I walked over and told him to gently apply the brakes so the power transferred to the tire on the ground.
At least this car does not have the mirrors out on the end of the front fenders. The tires on over wide rims remind me of low riders and is an instant turn off for me and the bolted on fender flares belong on off road vehicles not cars.
To me the Japanese style is a confused cartoonish cornocopia of tacked on crap borrowed from different genres, none of which are attractive.
There have been several articles here in SpeedHunters that celebrate the beauty of tastefully and minimally modified vehicles, all of which are more pleasing to the eye than this car or any of this style. This reminds me of a comment I heard an old guy say about rat rods, "all their taste is in their mouth" was his apt observation of some especially garish and junky rad rods at a swap meet.


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Boo hoo for you. U sure are passionate about not liking something. Most are passionate about something they like.
And u hate on lowriders as is they arent cool or are irrelevent. Lowriders and old school japanese car culture has way more in common than not.


@Deep Dishin It 

I'm very passionate about what I like, more so than what I dislike. I also have a broad interest base from 50's 60's and 70's cars to Hot Rods, boats and off road stuff. I'm not hating on anyone, it's just not my style. Customs, low riders and the Japanese kyusha style does not interest me because they are impractical for daily use. My criteria for owning a car is I hast to be drivable, anywhere, anytime. In closing, from the responses prior to mine, it seems I am not the only one who is unimpressed with these types of cars, maybe you should read down a little further.


The wheel & tire treatment should never be driven on the street, they are unsafe at any speed.  Frankly the car would look much better with big & little wide meats with the proper rim width.  It presently looks comical!


@ Chis L
I understand ur logic. But your logic doesnt apply to this build as u point out. But the car serves it's purpose and functions just as the owner intended. So your outpour of negativity towards the car is senseless. I mean, who are u convincing? Others who already agree? Simply put, you just dont 'get it' so move on without trying to slag off a huge car enthusiest base.


This car is pure form before function. Either you get it or you don't. I love it.


@Deep Dishin It 

Well, that's what makes the world go round, differences of opinion, I stated mine, if you don't like it I am OK with that. No I don't "get" the whole scene. I look at some of the Japanese cars with oil cooler lines so long they are practically dragging on the ground. Sorry, I used to build race cars, that stuff is not cool, attractive or functional. Like I said, my vehicles have to be able to be driven anywhere, anytime. Its a lot more fun than owning a trailer queen.


DennisSheridan You're annoying.


@Chris L You're reaching. You say you like 50's 60's 70's cars to hot rods, but your cars have to be practical for daily use to interest you... are you a moron? Obviously as car people, "practical for daily use" is a relative term. To Joe Shmoe, any 50's, 60's, or 70's car is definitely not practical at all.. Practical in reality is a 2016 Honda Accord. If you don't like something, go ahead and don't like it, but you make yourself look like an ass when you come up with all these bs justifications for being a hater.


@Guest Ok, so what's wrong with running tires backwards, on all wheels... lol. This is California buddy, it doesn't rain here. I run directional tires on my car, it doesn't mean I don't flip them when the insides get worn out.


So much hate for an such a awesome car, practical is a SUV with 20 air bags. Practical and safe does not give a car any style.


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It just pains me to see a car within reach of perfection, but it barely escapes it!
IF those wheel centers were BLACK or gunmetal (or etched, or chameleon painted, etc, etc) instead of plain RED it would've simultaneously blended a few aesthetic genres.
It would've been menacing, but authentic...beautiful but with a twist.
The red centers are just a bit "meh".
What American builders seem to miss is the provocative element of making a vehicle ART.
It just goes to prove that most of the best American builds are just soulless facsimiles.
Oh well, it's still better than the copycats who just add flares and five foot tube exhaust to an otherwise unfinished, ratty car.


@ Chris L
Oh man, u really really dont get it. I am a show car guy, i love trailer queens. I drive my car once a month, if that to keep it clean as possible. I dont slag off guys that have a more streetable car, i have a daily to meet my 'functional' needs. I support autocross and drag racing locally, you know, 'function guys', i never slag them off, like you are towards this car scene...


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You're missing it and are reading it wrong, practical means get in it and drive it anytime, anywhere. I am not a moron, and by stating my opinion. That does not make me an ass, just different from you.


@ Deep Dishing it
Nah I don't get it. My off road racing background and car building experience have me totally on the other end of the spectrum from you.
I also own to many vehicles to allow me the luxury of owning a trailer queen.
Simply stating my opinion is not slagging off anyone, just because our views differ, doesn't make me a hater.
I clearly stated two instances that I saw unsafe examples of these cars and even helped a kid who was stuck.
You and earmenau are just so insulted that I posted a strong opinion giving examples of why I don't like the style have your feathers all ruffled.


@ Chris L
"Japanese style is a confused cartoonish cornocopia of tacked on crap borrowed from different genres, none of which are attractive."
"that stuff is not cool, attractive or..."
Your words...sounds like slagging off to me.
I hate offroad stuff, but i dont go to those sites and spew garbage...


@ Chris L
By stating you dont get it makes you argument completely irrelevent


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Redbul car park drift @morocco
video (full hd + slowmotion)


Gorgeous example! I'd love a C110.

I have a glitter rear panel, headlight panel and front grille on my Ra28 Celica too, albeit with slightly smaller flake. Period correct mods are always the best!


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@Perfectionist you do realize that's the standard color jilbas come in, right?. if you were to write a article like you did, i would have assumed it would pertain to the crap fitment and ride height.


@Chris L there's no rear camber adjustment on older nissans. you get what you get when you lower it. not to mention cars like have this have been driving around since the 70s.


If you just google nissan kenmeri you get a selection of much more tastefully modified takes that can actually be driven like they were built for


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If anyone is interested on the Shift Knobs they are made by @mr__grip on instagram