From Paris To SEMA: The Civic Type R Prototype

With the legendary reputation that comes with Honda’s Type R-badged automobiles, it’s a little sad to think that there’s only been one Type R ever officially sold in the United States. That, of course, was the DC2 Acura Integra Type R, available in the late ’90s and early 2000s. But thankfully, things are about to change.

Honda has confirmed that the Type R variant of the new 10th generation Civic will be making its way to US shores.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

The Japanese automaker has just unveiled a prototype version of the new Civic Type R at the Paris Mondial de L’Automobile, and from there the car is set to make its North American debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

If Honda’s past prototypes are anything to go by, then this should be very close to what the actual production Civic Type R will look like. In fact, the largest difference between the prototype and production model may just be the prototype’s brushed aluminum wrap.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

While Honda has yet to reveal any final mechanical specs, the Type R prototype shows off aggressive fenders, carbon fiber side skirts, Brembo brakes, 20-inch alloys and three – yes three – functional exhaust tips. Power will come from a turbocharged 2.0-liter – most likely the same K20C1 Earth Dreams unit used in the current FK2 Civic Type R – developing somewhere north of 300 horsepower.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

Development for the new Type R was a collaboration between teams in Japan and Europe, and the car will be built at Honda’s Swindon plant in the UK with sales set to begin some time next year.

It’s really happening folks. A new Civic Type R for the world – this time with the United States included. Regardless of the MSRP, I’m guessing the years of anticipation and low production numbers will mean these things are going to be snatched up very quickly. So, who wants one?

Mike Garrett
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Me. I want one. Unfortunatley, I'm a broke college kid


20 inch wheels and a turbo are the last things I think of when I hear 'Honda Type R'. Not sure what to think of this thing.... Looks heavy. Honda's should have screaming N/A motors, and be light and nimble.


Who at Honda is okaying this shit?!


This car looks ridiculous. Like nothing less than 700 hp ridiculous.


Front end reminds me of the 2016/17 WRX while the rear just looks out of place. Seems like Honda is running out of ideas


3Rd exhaust? Direct from wastegate? Hmmm. Curious about that, could be interesting.
I am huge fan of Honda's reliability/ build qual and I dd a dc5s but I wouldnt buy the new CTR unless it goes awd. The 300+ turbo hot hatch/segan segment has more attractive options bc of awd.


I miss the small and lightweight hondas of other times, this looks like a hotwheel. well i suppose my taste die in the early 2000's


It looks beautiful! Finally Honda has something to bring to the table after such a long time!


I'm a total Honda fanboy, but I think the styling here is too busy for what I expect from them; not a fan (what happened to those brilliant devil-horn taillights on the original concept hatch?!). But while I'm all about the screaming all-motor Honda is known for, I don't disagree with evolution. If they were to stick with NA 4-bangers, as heavy as modern cars just HAVE to be for safety regs, they'd get left in the dust. 300hp is a lot for FWD, but not impossible to nail down. Ford did it with the last Focus RS, and private owners have been doing it incredibly well with old Honda track cars for ages. I believe Honda has the engineering talent to put that power to the street. Any more, though, like if Mugen puts out another RR, needs AWD.

The only reason I'd buy this car is to immediately stash it in the garage for 20 years, leaving it at 'zero' miles, hoping the car goes down as a future classic and the price goes up like the DC2 ITR.

Gianluca FairladyZ

wtf is wrong with them....... the civic was always such a simple and beautiful car.. and now they're trying develop a design on a base that was already ugly ( fk2 ).... come one honda you can do better than that don't you?!!!


How they went from this to that is absolutely beyond me.


Did you notice the rubber band tires to fit those 20s too? 18in would have been the biz


18 separate "holes" in the front. What are they cooling in there? A nuclear power plant?

Designers with no understanding of physics and engineering should be banned from automotive design. Grilles, ducts, fins etc. everywhere with no purpose, just because designer took inspiration from race cars without any understanding.


Vittorio Jano yes, that's so true...


Does anybody know if Japan solely designed the FK2 or if it had influence elsewhere? It seems like a lot of the Japanese designs have gone downhill as of late and just look a bit cheap / weird, this Civic included.. 

All those fins and plastic-ey bits just look awful.


S30_N All major car manufacturers are global companies and have design studios all over the world. The design could be from anywhere, but most likely in Honda's case the management that approves the design is based in Japan. 

New tech makes it easier and cheaper to design and manufacture complex shapes which seems to be the curse of contemporary automotive design.


It looks like they told a group of kindergarteners to draw a spaceship and then told a bunch of teenagers to put spoilers on it.


It looks like a unwanted cousin of the Subaru wrx


this iz hot as f


Vittorio Jano How do you know they serve no purpose? Are you on the Honda design team for this car? Also it's a prototype, so take what you see with a grain of salt.


Guess I'll be the minority here and say I absolutely love the styling. It's aggressive, how an R should be. I'll be talking to my local dealership as soon as I get home from work, and hopefully later next year have one in black parked next to my ITR.


If this came with 4wd, i'd be all over it. Got looks of the WRX STI '08 onwards.


Nah... Like the NSX, Honda is chasing money not actual drivers car. Sad to say that even though USA now you are getting an R it is not a pure type R... It is a money grabbing badge rather than a proper Type R.


01nbpitr Vittorio Jano Well for one, the mesh over the foglight only has a vent near the air dam (and the rest is just faux mesh). If a racer wanted to pop that mesh covering out, would it reveal a bigger hole so you can run larger cooling ducts? Who knows. But as it looks now, there's a lot of cosmetic-only going on in the front.


Floodo1 Right? I bet those wheels are 20x9, which is skinny as fuck.


@Expert it's the fastest production FWD car... seems like a proper Type R to me.


Omg this car is so ugly...


Nice Subaru, Honda. What ever happened to clean, fuctional and simple elegance of Honda design? All these wild, large vents, and the STI style wing might appeal to ricers and teenagers, but it doesn't look great to the rest of us. Also, they wouldn't need 300+ horsepower if the Civic didn't weigh as much as an early 2000 Accord now.


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sunstormlives Honda does not do the 4wd thing bruh.


01nbpitr Vittorio Jano yeah dude sounds like a petty whiner. I'm sure he has a massive amount of design degrees.


Paddy McGrath I think it's been 20 years Mike. Nobody makes a car like the old simple hatches anymore. Can't turn back time.


Honda designs are getting worse... go back to the understated looks of the EK


@DriveCircles Floodo1 tire is r19 235/35


sunstormlives Why does it needs 4WD?


CyborgGT "...if Mugen puts out another RR, needs AWD."
But it doesn't.


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Paddy McGrath Total dog's breakfast...


D1RGE 01nbpitr Vittorio Jano Haven't studied design but mechanical engineering and I think I made fair points about the design of this car. If you don't agree I'm happy to hear your opinion. Just try to stay in the subject, which is this car not my personality or education.


01nbpitr Vittorio Jano Faux mesh rarely serves a purpose


Some people just can't get fully invested into a car that doesn't have any power to the rear, understandably.


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Give it awd and call it a Subie ffs.  Car designs are too busy and unoriginal.


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If the US is getting the Type R, what happens to the Si?


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"We were going for Batman's Veloster" -Honda Design Team


No thanks, too in your face for me.


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D1RGE sunstormlives  what about Legend and its very godd 4wd?


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i think ill just switch over to v8s