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On the list of cool automotive jobs out there, Sascha Glaeser’s position would certainly be up near the top. For the last 14 years he has worked for Porsche – first moving through a number of positions in Stuttgart before relocating to the United States a few years ago. Here in the US he has worked as the manager of Porsche’s Personal Design program, and most recently has become the manager of the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles.


What’s the Porsche Experience Center? It’s an incredible-looking facility in Carson that is scheduled to open later in 2016. And when it does it will likely become one of the most popular automotive destinations on the West Coast.


Not only will the LA Experience Center be home to Porsche Motorsport North America, it will also include a number of driving courses for owners and potential customers to put Porsche’s latest machines to the test. There will also be racing simulators, a restaurant and more. I can’t wait to see it for myself.


While managing this new facility sounds like a very enviable position, the Porsche brand is more than just an employer for Sascha. He’s an enthusiast through and through – and this becomes immediately apparent when you see his car.


While working with Porsche’s Personal Design, Sascha began to fully embrace the idea of a Porsche that was totally customized to fit the owner’s tastes. This machine is a rolling testament to that approach.


Of all the Porsches models, it’s always been the early 911s which have inspired Sascha the most. So when it came time for him to build his own 911, he knew exactly the style he wanted to go for. He considered buying a pre-’74 car and upgrading it, but his childhood friend from Germany suggested he start with a newer model and do a backdate.


After considering his options, Sascha realized he should follow his friend’s advice. This friend happens to own a shop called Scuderia Eleven in Germany’s Rhineland region, and Sascha knew his buddy’s place would be the perfect spot to make this vision a reality.

Made In Germany, Perfected In Germany

And so the search began for a donor car that could be used as the basis for the project. Rather than finding a car in Europe, Sascha located an ’87 Carrera 3.2 Coupe G50 out of North Carolina so he could avoid importation troubles when the car came back to the US.


As the car sat on a boat making its way across the Atlantic to Scuderia Eleven, Sascha and his buddy discussed the specific details for the car’s mechanical underpinnings and overall look. It turns out they were on the same page for just about everything except for the inclusion of air conditioning – which Sascha insisted was a necessity for hot California summer days.


From the day the car arrived at Scuderia Eleven to the day it was loaded on the boat for the return trip to California, seven and a half months passed. And when Sascha finally laid eyes on the finished product in August of last year it was even better than he imagined.


While in Germany, the body was completely stripped and backdated to capture the look of the iconic Carrera 2.8 RSR. The doors are original, but aside from that almost everything on the body has been altered in some way.


The front fenders, hood, sunroof delete roof panel and bumpers are all made from FRP, as is the ducktail spoiler – which is a crucial part of the RSR look.


The rear fenders meanwhile are genuine 2.8 RSR pieces, and to top it off the body was coated in Gulf Orange with the requisite ‘Carrera’ black rocker stripes.


When you open the decklid you’ll find a completely rebuilt 930-spec 3.2-liter engine. Simplicity is key here, with notable additions being a set of 964 RSR camshafts along with a revised engine management system and a new exhaust.


Other touches include refinished engine covers and a full repaint for a period look, plus additional bracing over the nose. The gearbox is a fully rebuilt G50 with a WEVO shifter kit.

Indescribable Joy

When it came to wheels there was no other choice but Fuchs, and they measure 15×9-inch in the front and 15×11-inch in the rear with Michelin TB 5R tires all around. Braking capabilities have also been upgraded with 964 calipers up front and Pagid pads at all four corners.


And there should be no doubts about the car’s performance capabilities in the canyons of California, as Sascha’s buddy took the car to the Nordschleife for a full shakedown before shipping it back to the US.


The cockpit of the 911 is classic function with the addition of a lightweight dashboard and lightweight Carrera RS carpet and headliner material.


Let’s not forget the rollcage, which is finished in the same Gulf Orange color as the body, or the Momo steering wheel – in this case a suede-wrapped MOD. 07 – which is another requisite for any vintage-themed Porsche build.


Finishing off the cabin are a pair of Recaro Pole Position buckets for both the driver and passenger, and a Schroth 6-point harness for each.


After he took delivery of the car last summer, the first thing Sascha did was fire it up and go for a cruise down Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica. The feeling of cruising the 911 down the coast was indescribable he says.


You can’t have a job like Sascha’s without having a deep passion for what Porsche stands for, and there’s no doubt Sascha’s 911 will look perfect parked in front of the LA Experience Center when it opens.

See you there!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Sascha Glaeser’s 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

3.2 liter 930/20 engine completely rebuilt, 964 RS camshafts, revised engine management, FRP engine shields for retro look, full engine repaint with reversed colors, venter-exit double-outlet exhaust system

G50 gearbox, WEVO shifter kit

Support bar in front cargo area, 964 brake calipers, Pagid brake pads

Fuchs Design 15×9-inch (front) 15×11-inch (rear) Michelin TB 5R tires 215/50R15 (front) 285/40R15 (rear)

Full RSR 2.8 conversion, FRP front fenders, hood, roof panel, bumpers, duckbill spoiler, original 2.8 RSR rear fenders, Gulf Orange paint

Full rollcage finished in Gulf Orange, lightweight dashboard, lightweight carpet and headliner, Recaro Pole Position seats, Schroth seats, Momo steering wheel

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certainly one of the best


I managed to have a good look at this car at Luftgekühlt in March, it's very well executed.

Also... these could be your best photo's to date Larry Chen, very nice.


That opening shot though.




Refreshingly good car. Love it and Larry's shots are gorgeous. Kudos gentlemen!

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

My oh my oh my. God this is niiiiiiice!


WOW. Great details, just love a roll cage in a trimmed interior.


It is the vintage car of Porsche and has more attraction till now.


Be still my heart, be still... Gorgeous car and gorgeous pictures


It's so beautiful.  Did they have pics of this too while at the 'ring?  Because that would be great icing on this perfect cake :)


You guys are killing me lately with all the air-cooled Porsche coverage; it's making me start to regret getting a liquid-cooled 997 instead of an older one!


Thanks for another quality presentation but I have a weird request....
Open a thesaurus and stop using the word "touches" pleeeease??
Urban Outlaw-itis has infected the team.
Crazy ,i know, but EVERY time I read that word I hear Magnus' voice and i cant take it anymore!!!!
Heaven help Dino because he is the biggest offender and now its spreading.
Erase that word from your vocabulary.


It's so nice to see an older Porsche not looking like a pice of crap..... Well done.


Oh how I love Fuchs


D1RGE Thank you!


Paddy McGrath Sir Please.


the_escape_road haha, I am glad you like them.

turbo BEAMS ae86

i come for this.  not some stance rubbish


Perfect car, reminds me of Singer


I just added four more bonus images. Make sure you check out the presentation mode.


Haha!! Somehow you'll struggle through, I'm sure!!


If I'm super picky I would prefer to see a welded cage.
Orange RS door straps would be a nice touch too.
Still, amazing.


I agree. But wether you like it or not this car has stance, all cars do.


Beautiful photographs Larry Chen what's your set up like and how long have you been a car photographer for?


The full cage is nice but it's dangerous on the street because it intrudes into head clearance space. This is for the track with a helmet and spec padding on the bar where it's near the head.


Beautiful subject well captured.


The A/C condenser it's probably not very effective at slow speed (city traffic), it is big (condenser) and I know the car  wasn't built for slow speed or traffic, but without a fan....! Can you comment on the effectiveness of the A/C system ?


Wow, that has to be just about the most perfect modded early 911 I've ever seen. Only thing I'd change would be maybe the full cage (for a street car) and the colour of the harnesses.


John Key NZ Thanks for the kind words! I am a firm believer in the phrase "The best camera is the one that you have with you"

With that said I shoot with pretty much anything and everything, including my cell phone.

I've been shooting cars for 12 years now.


Very nice, though it doesn't hold a candle to the Singer IMO.  Neither are in my scope, I came here for the photography.  Well done.


Joy of Machine...and Pictures

turbo BEAMS ae86

loslogo U knew my meaning
Still i wish love to all (even vw scene)


Great photography and a beautiful Porsche. What an exciting career Sascha is living!


LuisPeixotoFernandes What a curious observation on a glorious looking machine. If you're not aware though, there's one huge MFing fan on the back of the alternator in a 911. It sucks a million liters of cold air a second through the rear grille...


LuisPeixotoFernandes I'm pretty sure it works fine, considering it is a stock system.




VisualEchos I don't think that was the intent with this build. Singer is a completely re-engineered car while this one seems to lean towards a subtle nod of appreciation for the previous-year 911's. The key characteristics of this car all lean towards simplicity.


This car is for sale on Craigslist... looks like Sascha got rid of it before the LA Experience Center opened



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