Return Of The SVX?

It seems that every couple of weeks a rumor arises about the return of some cool car from the past. The latest model to be speculated upon is the Subaru SVX, which according to a report from could be revived within the next couple of years. An unnamed source at Subaru has told the site that the manufacturer is working on a new version of the ’90s grand tourer, which will be a high-powered coupe with a hybrid flat-six engine that could compete with the Tesla Model S.

If the source is to believed, the car will make around 375 horsepower, will be built at Subaru’s Indiana factory in the USA and will sit at the top of the brand’s lineup. Styling is said to take on the form of a ‘shooting brake’, with a lot of its inspiration borrowed from the VIZIV2 Concept shown earlier in the year.

Bold styling was the key attribute of the 1990s SVX, so here’s hoping this theoretical successor could bring back the some of that same uniqueness. What would you like to see from a reborn SVX?

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What would you like to see from a reborn SVX?

Not a god damn thing :)


How in the world something as good as SVX is used in the same sentence as VIZIV2 Concept?!?!?! If you want to bring back the awesome coupe back then do just that, do not attempt to use only SVX coolness for something completaly different. There! I've said it!


So they want to build a two door truck? I am confused...


Honestly if they just built the same car, with slightly updated styling, with available boosted H6 and manual trans, I'd be really interested.


The car was not bad. I wrote a review on this website:

The look is great, the handling is not bad. Main trouble is the gearbox and the weight: During my test drive, I've never been really convinced that there was a real engine under the hood...




why bring back the runt.....such a terrible car


ADDvanced Todays safety regulations would never allow a car with a wedge like front like the old one.


I like it because its quirky. But a completely different body style as a replacement. That doesn't make sense. Has to stay a proper booted coupe to keep the name.


Should have just called the BRZ an SVX. At least there's some similarities they could use for "Heritage"


The SVX was a truly bold move for Subaru at the time, who hadn't had much success except for the 4WD sedan/wagon market with their indestructible GL [Loyale] line. The XT was their first attempt at a "sporty" sled which led to the SVX, styling straight out of a Blade Runner street scene. To this day, those segmented side windows, greenhouse roof and wrap-around taillights harken to a future yet to be delivered. It would be great to find one in decent shape and slip an EJ205 in there. Excelsior!


Do everything you said, and then make it have a two tone factory paint job. And don't make it look like a GTR or one of those new Jags and I'll be happy.


A new SVX would be a really great idea for Subaru and I would love to see other manufacturers  reviving other legendary names of the past - BMW Series 8, VW Karman, Alfa Romeo Fulvia, Fiat X1/9, Opel Manta, etc.


You can't make 80's and 90's cool cars no more, it's a time gone and past im afraid!


hypodermic You're clueless.  A stock SVX was loads better than the majority of it's non-turbo competitors.  NA 300zx, NA 3000GT, were way way way shittier than the SVX, yet I don't see hate for those cars.  I owned one 7 years, was a fantastic GT car.  I put the cruise control at 115mph in western South Dakota and drove for 2 hours in complete comfort at 3am, hit an occasional burst of 140mph (GPS verified).   Took it up mountains, passed tons of SUVs stuck in the snow.  Loved it.  Hated the transmission though, it never shifted when I wanted it to.


auto reverse People often bitch about the SVXs weight... yet the 3000GT VR4 and the Supra were heavier... yet I don't here people bitching about the weight of those cars.  Hrm.


Biggest abortion of a sports car ever. I could understand a company like gm or something making it since it almost resembles a stretched out volt. But a company like subaru that makes such cool cars already trying to revive a turd like this one. Obviously there is a reason why the car only lasted a few years and nobody bought them...


@Killitwithfire Some people do not know anything about cars, and it's funny because they visit blogs car without realizing that they are just mindless entities. 
SVX piece of art. Good news.


Nolanator Biggest ignorance incarnation ever. You never have seen this car in person with depth perception, and you never have know anything about engineering.


Ive had an SVX since 98, a used 92..and have had about 20 since, Ive bought and sold.
most of the time, I have 2 or 3 in the driveway or garage. Its still one of my favorite cars to drive
and own and a day doesnt go by when I drive it that someone doesnt ask me "who makes that new
car "?  or simply, comment, "its cool, who built it ? Ive driven evern competitive car from its era and
this car hands down was built the best and still keeps up with the cars built today.
Your simply living with your head buried in the sand if you dont understand the value and importance
of this particular car.


Nolanator Yeah you've probably never been in one.  They were miles better than the mass produced NA 300zxs, 3000gts, and other sports tourers of the time.  Great build quality, great styling, you know nothing and just point out how ignorant you are.


A new svx will be great but will be the same sucks because will be  shooting brake !!!


Relampago you're right. I have a 92 SVX and I'm really happy, never a problem. The snow is fabulous. It has a beautiful line, better than many cars today.


@Killitwithfire maybe you're confused and you're talking to yourself


I just picked up a 1996 SVX LSi and its an amazing car. Italian design, Japanese  engineering. What I love most about it, is they are so rare (maybe a good thing, maybe bad) and when I let someone else drive it, they can't believe how it rides. Its not the quickest thing off the line, but get the car up to 90 and it feels like you are doing 30, because it is so quite inside and then punch the pedal at 90, hold on!
The reason they sold so poorly, is no one was going to spend 30K on a Subaru back in 92. That was not what Subaru was known for at that time. Now, I see people spending 40K for Subarus. If they did what Toyota, Nissan and Honda did (create up-scale brands like Lexus, Acura and Infiniti's) it might of turned out different. I say to those who has never driven one, I think your perception will be greatly changed taking it down the highway at 100mph, with the windows down and the car just purrs at that speed. Transmission issues were not a problem with the 96 and 97 models.