Keep It Simple: A VIP XJR
Way On Down…

This Jaguar is so simple, it hurts. It pains me to look at it because I too could be rolling around in this leather-lined slab of luxury. But instead, I want to spend more time in the garage welding, repairing and modifying my projects so they can breakdown more than they already do now. All I really want to do is feel special, like a VIP… Do you see what I did there? Sorry.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -5

The fact of the matter is, and moreover the reason why we’re looking at this ’99 XJR, there are only two main modifications over standard here. Wheels and suspension. What Joakim Edin has managed to do is create maxium impact with just a couple of time-tested touches. Stop, drop and roll. That’s the lesson to be learnt here.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -1

The first stand-out point is obviously the Rohana RC10 wheels that measure 20×10 inches all round with +28 offsets at the front and +10s at the rear. They might be from an American company, but both Rod and I thought the look that they bring the Jaguar reminded us of a similar Japanese build. It turns out Joakim knew that car too, referencing it when we talked about his daily driver.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -2

Because that’s exactly what this is, imagine that? I know it’s not that hard, but how cool would it be to use this on a daily basis. After all, the Jaguar XJR is a great car to start with and when new they were good enough for heads of state in the UK, royalty and other VIPS. The supercharged V8 engine puts out more than 360hp as standard, so it’ll get you away from the back door of a nightclub pretty swiftly at 5:00am too.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -11

Like I said before, what you’re looking at here is almost an entirely standard car. All that leather and wood you see inside came from the dealer. So if you start with the right kit, why change it? Sure, you could go for an aftermarket wheel, but would it be as comfortable? Would it have the finger tip controls or the airbag? No, so why change for change’s sake? Sometimes it really is a case of less is more.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -17

What Joakim did was pick his project base very carefully. Older Jaguars can tread a fine line between tacky and cheap, and oozing class – but in black with cream this four-door sits squarely in the latter camp. Joakim might not run it this low day-to-day, but it does prove that it can be driven at almost full drop. Perfect for pulling up at work in, eh?

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -7

There might be no crazy body mods or window curtains – the only other additions are a couple cushions in the back shelf truth be told – but for me it’s just enough without ramming the point down peoples throats.

Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -4

With the AccuAir suspension dropped right down, the big cat has some proper attitude. The fact is, this picture could have been taken anywhere from California to Tokyo – it just happened to be in Sweden. The next time you think it’s impossible to own something both individual and practical, take a look here for inspiration!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn

Cutting Room Floor
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -6
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -9
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -10
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -18
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -19
Joakim Jaguar XJR VIP Sweden Rohanna -20


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its about time someone did this!


That is how VIP should be done, simple mods that really make a difference.


JakWhite A friend built an earlier shape XJ in to a low rider many years ago, but this treatment works so well!

Gianluca FairladyZ

The English Art of VIP


So many times I've heard that "wheels and a drop" aren't a build, but in this case, it really makes the car stand out not just from other XJRs, but other cars on the road.


bkishaan I'm not usually a fan of the less is more approach, but this is so well considered I can't imagine it working with a different wheel or standard colour even!


My grandad owns one these, he reckons it drinks petrol sat on the drive!


mk4 lew Average 18mpg if you're driving like you don't care. Baby it and you'll see mid 20s on a run at 80mph. I had one for a week once while another Jag I had was being serviced, tell your Grandad you'll have it!


the writing inside the wheel is kind of neat


Why ruin a nice jag this way? Looks like a 10 ton container was dropped on top of it.


nyrangers199 Ruined in your opinion, thankfully there are 1000s of other standard XJRs out there for you ;)


Here Is a photo i took of it at gatebil


Speedhunters_Bryn bkishaan Exactly my thoughts, I feel like anything else would have ruined it.The way it blends together is just....


nyrangers199 because vip


Simple and beautiful and's a Jag!
If I wasn't afraid spare parts could break my bank, a British luxury car would be my first choice.


Sorry, not my cup of coffee. 
I'm not against lowering of this particular car...but can do without the camber, oversized wheels and stretched tires. 
Nothing against this the builder/car, just IMO I'd go another direction of the ride height.


american's tuck
VIP cambers


It would look SO  MUCH BETTER without a stupid amount of camber and more reasonably sized wheels.


I think it's overdone. with a bit less gamber,a bit less drop, and wheels one or two wich smaller, it woulc have looked even better and way more usable in my opinion.


what a way to ruin an xj....i know its his car,but i find it unacceptable...from class to trash...


The amount of haters in this comment section is appalling. 

The heading clearly states that this is a VIP build and you people still bitch about the massive chamber, drop and big wheels.. Its like going to a strip joint to complain about the ladies not wearing enough clothes.


I feel truly sorry for that Jag :-( It looks absolutely appaling. Please take a Mercedes, next time.


It's on AIR and the bitch about the drop^^. VIP is big shit with crome. Only wheels and suspention is the only thing that he did! Nothing to the camber ^^ haters gonna hate! Dont like it? Dont look! ^^.


Does it help if I say that at the time this car was built, the whole company belonged to ford (if my memory serves) - does that appease the complaining? Take any of the shine off the jag name?
The cars so sick it needs a week on bed- It's brilliant it was managed with such a small amount of faffing only serves to show that jags should be more common in the vip scene.


I've always seen stock XJR's and thought, "That would make for a jammin' VIP platform". Here is the validation. I can get down with this.


@XJR100 I can only assume by your username you're a Jaguar fan, so you'll know that Jags of this kind of age can fall in to disrepair very quickly as their value drops. At least this one is loved!


teamsleepnine Slapping some cheap wheels on, tribal graphics down the side and slipping on some Walmart seat covers would be trashy... This is a very well observed lesson in how to do just enough.


JoaoOliveira You do understand that the 'drop' you speak of is fully adjustable at any time because of the air suspension? With it raised to 'normal' ride height you'd never know it wasn't standard...


KillerRaccoon So, like a standard Jaguar right? You do know we're a website that caters to people who embrace modified car culture, right?


kphillips9936 Haha, that's not the ride height! It can be any height the owner chooses, naturally we're going to show the most dramatic.


koko san It's funny isn't it, living in the UK this is actually a cheap car! We always want what we cannot have.


@pontusblomqvist Nice!


I wish I could important it tax free into Thailand . :)


Speedhunters_Bryn teamsleepnine i understand what you're saying.....but the best to do to a jaguar is to  leave it as it is..but on the other least the ageing jag is loved,hopefully...


love the car, but how in the world are you supposed to remove those lug nuts? looks like there's zero room to get a socket around them

Austin Datsun McEwan

I think they're just chrome lug nut caps


No they are lugn not caps :). Sick Nice!


Wera do a set of tools specifically for this problem.


Tyre size?




Oozes doesn't it? Yum...


kphillips9936 'Nothing against this the builder/car, just IMO I'd go another direction of the ride height...' me too - 4x4 all day long would Boss Hogg it tru'nuff...


Gianluca FairladyZ You should see my stanced '88 Massey... b-a-chin!


Yes, that's true. But why change an already perefect car? Wouldn't it be better to improve the performance (limited slip diff, larger s/c, big bore kit)?


It's weird how a car I thought of as ugly can be made to look gorgeous with just wheels and LOW.


Speedhunters_Bryn kphillips9936 The most dramatic? You're right he can do what he likes to his ride.
Personally I'd go with a different setup that doesn't put a strain on the frame and damages the undercarriage. Just me is all.


I can't to read the comments once you guys see mine lol


I can't wait to read the comments once you guys see my XJR project done lol


Edin_Xjr Could you provied the fotos of the raised car? I have the static lowered S-type, and really love your project!


Yesterday Bryn you redefined how I saw an XJR. I saw a standard one on my way home and just thought it looked comical - riding in the clouds!
Live it!


@Pancakes Whachayadoin? :)


Tina_Tuner That's the only problem when you see something this good, suddenly it opens up a whole new world of automotive possibilities!


@XJR100 That constant search for your own perfect car, it's cool you wouldn't do what Edin has, but I'm sure you can understand he wouldn't do what what you would. Each to his own and all that :)

Now a Protouring XJR, that could work...

Gianluca FairladyZ

lilachatchback Gianluca FairladyZ  I'm sorry but you help me mate. what is a massey? :) Maserati?


Edin_Xjr Just perfect! You`re the boss :)


I believe he means a Massey Ferguson... as in the phenomenal 1977 Massey Ferguson MF 8680 Dyna.
Truly B-A-CHIN'


Thx mate :) @houliganster
J_edin on insta if u want more


yellowhatchback I'm more of an old school guy, '49 Ferguson TE20 parked outside.



Mine will be a lot more like the J-complete cars in Japan


always wondered how a XJ would look with the VIP treatment...would love to see it on the new '14 XJR...


@Pancakes Brother?


teamsleepnine You might be in the wrong place to find unmodified cars, jus sayin'


jaguar is standard too beautiful that :-)


yes this certainly will get you away from the back door of a night club @ anytime. So gangster !


The Masterpiece! whata a beauty!


Masterpiece!!!! Edin_Xjr  do you have instagram?!


That car hates you, man.  Look what you did to her lol


That car hates you, man.  Look what you did to her lol


Im 58...i have owned 4 XJR's in X300 and X308 form....And what you have done to this elegant statement of pace grace and space is absolutely

Wicked ;-)

Granted it might have a few ride / cornering / rubbing issues ....but parked up flat on the floor .... nice!

As a base for a project like this It's a car that is perfect in every way...need no modification to the metal.....simple perfection of the three box design

but I wouldn't plan on any fast getaways from will probably wreck on the car park speed bumps


Does anyone know the suspension setup? I'm looking to build something similar on a 97 XJ6 and I'm struggling to find much info on getting the car low, coils or bags.