Paul Walker: A True Car Guy

Too often when somebody passes away we all focus on the goodbye part, but in truth the reason why you feel a loss is because of the history you have with that person. It’s never a good thing to have to write that somebody has died, but sadly that’s what happened yesterday when Paul Walker was involved in a car accident in California. Firstly, for all the people directly involved, we here at Speedhunters send you positive thoughts. Whatever your inclination, our thoughts are with you.

Paul is arguably best known for his involvement in the Fast and Furious movies, which always create a conversation but have stayed in the car consciousness for well over a decade now. The original film was released in 2001 and since that time they each reflected the shifting tide in automotive culture. Love or loathe them, you will have watched one.

Since Speedhunters’ inception we’ve celebrated all kinds of car culture and as such fully recognise the impact of these movies over the years. That aside, it would be too easy to forget that Paul was a genuine petrolhead. In 2010 he also established the Reach Out Worldwide Charity to help people affected by natural disasters. Rather than repeat what the mainstream media is writing elsewhere, we reached out to a friend of Speedhunters, Andy Harriss, who is a safety advisor specialising in TV and film action. He worked on Fast & Furious 6 and met Paul, so it seems more apt for him to say a few words.

paul walker RIP-3

“As a huge fan of all the F&F films I found myself working on the 2nd Unit of Fast 6 with an amazing team of dedicated professionals. Being into Japanese cars I suppose it was Paul I wanted to meet due to his real-life ownership of a Skyline. I’d seen him on set a few times but one evening in the hotel bar there we were – me, a few other crew, Paul and Vin. After a few drinks with the crew we all bundled into cabs and headed to a club.

Although obviously wanting a night out, it was great to see that Paul would pose for pictures with anyone who asked and spent his time next to the dance floor avoiding VIP areas. He was such a polite and professional guy who after chatting with him briefly, came across remarkably similar to his humble and fair character, Brian, in the film.

paul walker RIP-1

Over the years I’ve often recollected the phrase ‘never meet your heroes’ as they’re never as cool as you expect them to be. Well, in this case I met one of my heroes and he was pretty cool – a film star who loved fast cars, and in the short time I worked alongside him it seemed as though he’d never let the fame go to his head. I genuinely feel like we’ve all lost someone in a tragic way, and that many of us appreciate what he’s done for the car culture we all love globally.”

This short film shows Paul talking about his passion while on a visit to Mines in Japan. To quote him, “This is what dreams are made of right here…”

Above all, Paul was a car guy and we’re all car people too. He raced and owned some great cars so we can all relate to the painfully simple tragedy of this loss. Anybody who can take a genuine passion for doing something and turn it in to a career should be celebrated, so let’s do that. Rest in peace Paul and thank you…

Bryn Musselwhite
Editor in Chief



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So sad to here that big fan of FF


So sad, but at least he died doing what he loved. 
RIP Paul.


This week I look all the FF one more time...
Thank you Paul


Its because of Fast and Furious and Gran Turismo that i got to know the Nissan Skyline! I would never have owned one if it wasn't for those two. So RIP Paul Walker, and thanks for all the good memory's!


Paul Walker is a JDM legend and can be credited as being a major influence for many young tuners who choose to go Japanese. Id even go as far to say he brought the Nissan GT-R to the states, and made the 2JZ-GTE a desirable engine for all enthusiasts that got into cars after watching the Fast & Furious movies. I used to rag on the movies for the amount of 'rice' that it generated , but none can deny that it influence many people to invest money into machines that they probably saw as just modes of transport before. You will be missed Mr.Walker, my condolences to your family.


Splendor of Japanese cars
That there was a car in Japan to say skyline
Thanks to him that made ​​me famous
I will pray for the souls control.


A car guy?
He was on the interview circuit promoting the first film in 2001, explaining how he did not even have a driver's license prior to the film.  He's had a license for only 12 years.

He became a "car guy" either inspired by acting in a film about cars, or in order to live up to the role he was playing on the screen.
Never wished ill will on the guy, but don't try to turn him into Paul Newman.


@TJI'm not trying to turn him in to anybody, it's all laid bare as to who he was, hence my use of the term car guy. I wasn't aware there was a qualification period for the status. Take a look here and tell me that he wasn't...


Rest in peace and strength to the family for both Rodas and Walker.


Man FF movies have changed my life (I was about 19 years old than)... Now the loss of Mr Waler has completely destroyed my early days... A Great loss... Well God be with him and his family.


emination Indeed, it's worth noting that two lives were lost here. Thank you :)


Speedhunters_Bryn I agree with Bryn. We all started our love of cars somewhere, at sometime. When and how doesn't matter. He was a true car guy in my eyes and the eyes of many others, and even if he wasn't it would be no less of a tragic loss.


i woke up by a friend texting me about this...cant belive it.
Always the good people that go first. RIP to both of these men doing something for a good cause.


I couldn't believe it when I saw the news post last night;
still can't really believe it.
A tragedy, and a great loss.
RIP- Paul Walker.


We were just quoting his cheesy movie lines not that long ago n now he's gone. I enjoyed his acting career as well as his interest with the GT-R. My prayers go out to both families. Sad to see you go so soon but it was a pleasure seeing you on the big screen!


He aslo works with AE performance tuning cars for trackdays, he always looks cool. We are trying to have a car meeting in barcelona, closing a road in his honor. Anyone die if someone still thinking about them... RIP.


Sad news this morning. You'll be missed.
Race In Peace Mr Paul Walker.


Speedhunters_Bryn Yes.  It doesnt matter if you become a car guy at the age of 5 or 60.  Once bitten by the car bug you're part of the global family.  He was one of us, no doubt.  I'm actually sad about this.  F&F came out when I was a freshman in high school, right about the same time my dad started teaching me about cars.


Rest In Peace Paul. All Petrolheads community will miss you.


Sad to see him go, he was a good actor and seemed like a cool guy, I wish his family, friends and colleagues all the best.R.I.P. Paul Walker.


rest in peace paul.


it was the fast and furious films that inspired me to love cars, he was a great actor and he shall be missed, rest in peace Paul Walker


Paul rest in peace thank for speedhunter for this hommage.


Race in peace Paul Walker and Roger Rodas!


Rest in peace Paul, we'll never forget you


I just cannot believe it that he's gone. It's like I've lost a part of me. I can't believe my eyes.

Rest in peace Paul, you will always be missed.


Rest in peace Paul Walker..


Rest in peace


Really gonna miss that guy.


RIP Paul... and thank you for everything you do for everyone...


Caught the news from a friend in the business last night, we all hoped it was not true.

Rest in peace Paul and Roger.


Driver was an idiot.  Seriously.  Hauling @$$ to show off new ride in that area of town or anywhere residential is not safe period.  This kind of $hit always happens because fools don't think twice.  Had the driver (or his business partner) just ease on the throttle and/or Paul not ride in passenger on that exact pass yesterday, things would have been different.  We've all been drivers and we've all been passengers of ill speed.  You all know what I'm talking about.  The unexpected pothole, animal on the road or truck/car pulling in front of you will take anyones lives and all those close/near/ or sometimes far.  It's a reminder to take a chill pill and relax and stop thinking you can haul @$$ without being responsible.  Paul would still be here for many of those reasons.  Sad.  Too sad.  His time was just starting to blow up really with the movies coming out or expecting to come out in the future.  I've seen a totally tore up GT before and this is my 2nd time to see one mangled up like that.  Design flaw?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But I think it's driver error and irresponsibility that causes these incidents.  Damn idiots.  Yes I'm sad and affected like most folks, but it's a reminder about responsibility...


Вечная память ... Любим ... Скорбим


AlexSoroka mmmmddaa, ochen' obidno :(


I think the loss of Paul Walker as a person and  actor is understated.To some it was maybe a simple role in a franchise of films however in every interview he displayed a sense of humility, respect and sincerity. He apparently had a huge heart, visible in his involvement in charity work. As an actor I feel he had more to give and as a fan looked forward to seeing more. I think the Import community received a huge boost to it's bottom line partly (large) due to these films. While I'm sure that plenty of people died attempting to replicate what they saw in the films, in no way do I think the irony is fitting. However I can say that it is a powerful statement concerning using better judgement concerning how we enjoy our vehicles and to what extent we use them on open public roads. I and many others grew up watching this franchise.  His presence will be missed by many. God Bless Paul, family and friends. Cruising today in your honor at or below the speed limit w/an occasional relief of the wastegate.


Live fast, die young.


I just saw Paul at FD Irwindale. He was so friendly and courteous to his fans, it was just amazing to see the humility. There's no denying the impact of the FF franchise either, Paul Walker done good.


The movies he started with was always inspiering. For sure it`s a big loss for everybody. But in the video above you can see a real man with real passion to cars. Rest in Peace Paul we all gonna miss you


Rest in peace Paul. we're gonna miss you.


Rest in peace Paul. The FnF movies are great and the first introduced me to the tuning scene. The world lost a real petrolhead today.


Hey guys, Paul walker was a huge inspiration to me. I made this in honor of him. Took me a bit of time but it was worth it after seeing people make picture tributes to him. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is awesome. I think everyone should see this.

RIP Paul may you be with the car gods now!


Here here. Nice words BM & AH.
Rest in Peace Paul Walker.


He single handedly changed the car scene over the last 10 years. Nobody can ever take that away.


GMS03 Guessing your unaware of the fact it was very possibly a AE car that was crashed? and AE's co owner Roger Rodas was the one who died behind the wheel


sorry i mean hear


Nice post Bryn. It just goes to show how very fragile life is. May Rodas and Walker both Rest In Peace. Godspeed.


Damn shame... I mean, I'm not the biggest FnF fan, but I still realize the impact it has made on the entire scene and from everything I've seen about it, he seems like an all around good dude.  Very unfortunate.


@TJ "My grandfather was a race car driver. For me, cars are a hobby that’s turned into a real business. It’ll always be a big part of who I am, that’s for sure, not to mention the Fast & Furious component"  < Or cus it was in his blood from the start maybe? Assuming is a good way to make yourself look a massive cunt, js. And you can't deny the fact he races, owned a tuning shop, and overall loves cars.


@Kevin Truong You're not entirely wrong, but let's not throw stones today.
R.I.P to both men, and condolences to their families and loved ones.


So shocked to hear about this yesterday.  Love or like the F&F franchise (no way you can entirely hate it), you can't deny that Paul is a major component of it.
Extremely sad news indeed.


I'm probably the only one of my petrol-heads friends that never really cared for the FnF movies, even when they came out. I just wasn't a car person then, and by the time I was becoming one they always seemed... silly to me. That doesn't take away their (and Paul's) contribution to the car scene in the slightest. Even me, who has seem perhaps two of the movies, is still aware of all the jokes and all the expressions that came from the series, and I've witnessed first hand how much my friends were enthusiastic about the series. Even though I did not consume his work, I'm damn sure I'll miss it. Because the whole car scene will miss it, and there is no way that sentiment can pass me by unnoticed. 
It's a shame the series lost such a great character, but first of all it's a shame we all lost such a great companion in our hobby. Go on revving it in the skies above, mr. Walker, you deserve it.


he was a true petrolhead and a genuine guy, R.I.P paul, i hope there are skylines in heaven


I've never posted here at SH but I've been a dedicated reader for
years.  I'm a fan because I love all things automotive, and SH's staff
shows in their work that passion that we all share.  When I heard that
Paul Walker pasted yesterday I was deeply sadden.  Like many of his fans
I never met him in person, but his passion for Cars and his love for
those in need is something we both shared. It is a rare thing to find
success in Hollywood and yet still remain a humble caring man.  May God
be with your family, and friends during these tough times.  Godspeed Mr.


This has really heavily affected me, I have grown up watching the F&F films (I was probably about 6 or 7 when I saw the first one on TV) This is a huge loss for the automotive community, especially the generation that have grown up with F&F. R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, you were taken before your time but you died surrounded by what you loved, cars.


James Dean, Steve Mcqueen, Paui Newman, and now Paul Walker  were all  real car guys who did acting as their past time. They lived the dream! What more can anyone ask for in life.


I post here today from vanuatu...a tiny country far in the pacific...just like to say how sad i feel about the loss of one of my hero...thanks mr walker for showing and sharing such love for automobile...r.i.p and we ll remember you...


"Hey Jesus... no crust."
Awesome car guy and dad - have nothing but respect - peace and grease Paul.


Thanks for writing this post Bryn. Fast and the Furious was one of the biggest contributions to getting me involved with motorsports. I had never especially liked Paul's acting but when I first watched the GT Channel video of him visiting Mines I was surprised to see such passion and love for cars, performance and motorsports. I was very sad to read news of this happening yesterday but happy to see how many people truly cared about him. Wether people knew him personally or not, what he's done in his life has affected so many of us. I hope that Paul's legacy inspires others to follow their dreams and passions to wherever they take them in life. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.


When I opened my FB yesterday afternoon the first thing on my news feed was about Paul Walkers death. I didn't believe it - I though it was a hoax. I immediately googled it and it was confirmed. I felt so sad. He was a genuine car guy and inspired a whole generation of car geeks. Thank you for this article. RIP to you Paul Walker.


I was at work until 11pm and I figured it was just another hoax. I still cant really process this. He was my inspiration and the reason why I love cars so much. My brother took me to see the first movie when I was only five years old.  Such a tragedy.


This makes me so sad. I love that he was so down to earth and actually into cars rather than just play a character that is for the money involved. He will be missed forever and the mark he has left on the entire car community will be forever present. I read one of hid quotes that made the sadness a little lighter.
"If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I died smiling"
                                                                              Paul Walker


is hard to believe. lost a great actor and a guy who pasted the rb34 nissan skyline in the world, as the fast end the durios (2). we miss you and how good Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and I'm lover chevrolet inline 6 cylinder engines. had the privilege of being in movies Paul Walker made ​​some.
as he said in the fast end furios 2, flight school O'Conner.
Thanks dude provide wonderful moments in the world of cars prohibited.
There Paul Walkerfica 
difícil de acreditar nisso. perdemos um grande ator e um cara que colou o nissan skyline rb34 no mundo, como the fast end the durios (2). ficamos com saudades e como um bom brasileiro(rio de janeiro) que sou e amante dos motores chevrolet 6 cylinder inline. tivemos o privilegio de estar em uns dos filmes que Paul Walker fez.


This is indeed a tragic loss.  What made Paul Walker so special was that in every Fast and Furious movie he pretty much played himself: a car guy around the corner, who shares your passion for anything on four wheels, and especially the GTR's.  Now I have  strange emotions making me feel like almost like I've just lost someone close. 
RIP fellow petrol head, you will be missed!
My thoughts are with Paul Walker's family, friends, and entire F&F Crew!


You always be remembered, Rest In Peace Paul.


Drive forever in peace, Paul! You will be missed!


rest in peace paul. much respect.


Rest in peace Paul Walker! You will be missed by all


There will be a couple meets in memory of Paul Walker in the Los Angeles area if anyone is interested.


there's car meets all over in memory of you paul race in peace!


D.I.P. Drive in peace, Paul. I'll miss him.




i feel like I lost a brother


Dont forget about Roger Rodas his friend , co-worker , finial adviser  and much much more ..... he was not an actor but trust me he was somebody ............ please chekc this link tell u a little about Roger   ....


rip paul


speedhunters_dino Never felt a celebrity's death until now... Maybe a celebratory rip on the touge with your R34 in memorian?


RIP paul, I hope you are remembered the way James Dean was...


Rest in Peace, Paul, enjoy your ride to heaven, in your Nitrous-injected-fire breathing-big chrome wheels- bling bling bling-with blue-neon Nissan GTR R34


This is more than just a Hollywood headline, more than just "another celebrity bites the dust" story.  This affects all of us car enthusiasts in some way indescribable, maybe we won't cry like we would of a lost family member, but we are all sad.  Because of his role of one certain movie that we all love to laugh at, we all love to quote from, a movie that well all enjoyed. I will always REMEMBER THE BUSTER


He shouldn't RIP he should be fast and furious in the sky with a skyline


Condolences to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas' families. True gearheads who will be missed


clevernamehere speedhunters_dino  There should definitely be a memorial meet in Japan, even if it means putting extra miles on Dino's R34...


wongafet It wasn't the speed, but the sudden stopping that killed him and the driver.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Honestly, I don't know what to say. I don't have the words.. It's a sad Moment, and even more painful for the families of these two fantastic persons who left us... :(
Rest In Peace


I'm sorry, I prefer use my french words.
Beaucoup de tristesse et de nostalgie. On t'aimait beaucoup Paul, tu vas nous manquer.


binary0x01 AlexSorokaЖалко парня!


I grew up watching the first film. As Brian O'Connor, he made me believe that any Japanese sports car, with a huge turbo and a bottle or two of nitrous, can easily outdrag an American muscle. He expanded my love for JDM, and was also the reason why I keep watching  the "Fast & Furious" franchise. It just won't be the same without him now.
R.I.P Paul Walker. Goodbye and thanks for the awesome memories.


" you will have watched one"
That is is some bad grammar.


Thanks for the influence, for everything


R.I.P Paul Walker I will always remember you. I started to tune my cars after the first Fast and the Furious movie, I even bought my first Skyline because of him. I love you man.


This man is an icon
Rest in Peace Paul!
and thank you for your parcour although it is far too short

I hope that he will be a gathering of Japanese fucking


Terrible news. From everything I've heard, Paul was a true car guy - from watching the video of him visiting Mine's, to hearing of a friend who spoke to him on the GTROC about a stroker kit for his Skyline, he was a genuine, down-to-earth car nut, just like all of us. My thoughts go out to both his and Roger Rodas's family and friends in these difficult times. RIP.


He accompanied us through our youth. Rest in peace.


considering he wasn't driving I doubt he was smiling, probably screaming right before the car crashed


Thank you for posting this, makes me really respect your website as not just some kiddy-fad photoblog.


Rest in peace Paul Walker


That man was so cool. The fact that he died also in a Porsche, like James Dean, will only add to similarities and fame. It is a huge loss to industry and fans. On the other hand, I never expected from Paul to die old man.




Omnigear Amen to that...Legend NEVER dies...


Man, I still can't believe this. He seemed like a real down to earth guy from just seeing videos of him off of the set like in the Mine's video above. Even though I was never much of a ricer, I have always enjoyed the F&F films. I am sad to see that we have lost another real car guy to an accident like this.   R.I.P. Paul.


aussieANON BBQ?

(yes, I *AM* ashamed of what my sarcastic mofo brain comes up with sometimes)


I know but he was once quoted "if one day the speed kills me don't be sad for I was smiling" (something along those lines)


I'm really glad to see you guys understand the sentiment behind what I wrote, irrespective of the films. Paul and his friend were human, with people left behind who love and will miss them. We can all relate to that, so thank you for all the comments here.


I can't get over this, it sucks so bad! show those ferrari's on the highway to heaven that its buolt not bought! I'll cya at the petrol station int eh sky bro!


A great person I wish I had the oppertunity to meet. Sadly, we lost an idol, down to earth person. You will be missed Paul. Take care up there.


His death came as a shock to everyone, I'm still baffled. I appreciate the simple and honest tone of this article, I feel it's the appropriate way to approach this, unlike mainstream media. Condolences to his family and loved ones.


This man is the reason that I'm a Skyline Nut, always loved the F&F Franchise... After the First Movie i wanted a Black EG6 Coupe just like these iconic Black Cars with green neon..
Then the Second Movie came and i was hooked on that Silver-Blue Car, with this 4 Round Afterburnerstyle Backlights... I searched... and i fell in love, and i Really loved it that he always had a Skyline of some sort in the Movies...
R.I.P Paul, may the Gasoline in the Sky never run out!


What I loved about Paul is that he did not allow Hollywood to control his life....he did not have that image or feel of "I am better than you".  He was just like us....another car enthusiast. I was in shock and disbelief when I heard the news this weekend.  I thought Paul would be one that would pass away of old age.  I hate to say it, but when I hear of celebrities dying young most of the time it is not a surprise.....In Paul's case it was much different.  I will differently miss Paul on the big screen and at the track.  May Paul and Roger rest in peace. thanks for the write up.


Just remember you.. Paul Walker !


I heard the news last night and was shocked into disbelief. Regardless of what people think of the film franchise, he was a real car enthusiast, and was going to be footing his own team for the United Sportscar Championship, as Patrick Dempsey has done this past year in ALMS.
I was looking forward to him racing with the pros, and earning the credit as a real driver. Sad to see him go.

Haris Ris Draganovic

Great text. I'm still so sad. :( I feel like I lost a friend that's been around for 12 years. He was truly a hero to a generation,inspiring us car guys around the world. And a geat person in real life. He will newer be forgoten. RIP


Great write up Bryn,

Many of us had been in to JDM performance cars since the early 90. And it was like mission impossible to imagine  a FF movie like franchise honoring JDM cars so much through its main actor back in 2001. Paul took the challenge to incarnate a true underdog hero, who would challenge the established perceptions about who rules the street in the USDM and EURO car scene. From all the japanese friends who had the chance to meet Paul, all were impressed by his kindness and knowledge of the JDM scene.
Its a good thing we now associate the R34 GTR Bayside Blue with Paul Walker, when in fact the true GTR owners back in 2001 chuckled about the FF movies. Paul proved over 12 years that he stud up to that image of japanese underground car culture and even the veteran GTR owners worldwide from japan to the UK feel empty and sad now, about the loss of a fellow Skyline owner.
People now try to emphasize on the irony of dying in a car crash like in the movies . . . . however should we not look at Paul Walker as a reckless petrolhead and mindless speed junky. We all broke speed limits with our cars, some more then the other, some with fatal consequences . . . . but we should not forget that many petrolheads out there are responsible and very safe drivers, so was Paul Walker.



I am still just so sad. Will always miss Paul Walker.


Jeremy clarkson.


@John wongafet  Unfortunately, I too think this was the case...


when i heard that Paul is dead, i was so hysteric. I drop'd on my knees and started to cry. it was like losing your best friend. I never had a chance to meet him, but i allways thought that he was like a bro to me, really miss you Paul. Race In Peace Bro'

JMax Paint Garage LLC

This is just as sad as when Kuroi passed... Really cool guy to be around. Really humble too. This is really unfortunate and sad but remember kids, nobody is above common sense. Be safe out there. RIP PW.

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R.I.P. Our thoughts are with their family and friends.
Enjoy life while it lasts, live every moment as good as you can in the here and in the now.


Rip to a true gentleman!! Me and my cousin grew up idolizing him an Vin Diesel as kids that only thought about cars they didnt get much cooler to us!!!


Thank You Speedhunter for being the media that post the positive about Paul. I've been reading about what happened or what they * think* happened saying he was street racing which i think is very disrespectful. Nobody was there but Paul and his homie so to say he died doing something irresponsible instead of calling it for what it was which was a accident. I really feel for his family especially his daughter.


Nissan GTR fanatic!!!


I wish you good journey my friend. May the next be more exciting than the first.


R.I.P Paul Walker,you were a big reason why i got into cars,god bless your soul


I hope, that I'll meet him on the other side..


R.I.P. Paul Walker you will not be forgotten


tompen53 womp. one life to live.




I still can't believe this is true...RIP Paul Walker


JakWhitei have to take a road trip out there and order some shrimp at that restaraunt neptunes net 42505 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265


It grips my heart knowing that this guy is really gone. But even after he passed away he still impacts us. Like reading so many of these comments I'm so surprised how I relate with most of you guys. The first F&F movie I saw was 2 Fast & 2 Furious back I think in 04 where my cousin introduced me to it. Instantly I fell in love with JDMs, the series and started my obsession with the Skyline. And What impresses me the most is the fact the he is so humble and rare. The world lost a good man and a fellow car junkie and my childhood hero. If I ever visit L.A. I'll for sure go to the crash site and pay my respects
R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas
D.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas


d_rav JakWhite I try to visit Neptune's Net every time I visit LA because of that scene.  Those in the area should definitely have a memorial car meet at that place!  Wish I was there to join....


wheatgod They were not to be taken seriously, except for maybe the first one - I think it did somewhat of a decent job of portraying what we saw on the streets in late '90s.


wheatgod apex_DNA 3rd one was the worst...nothing about it was even remotely real other than the few scenes shot in Japan. I'm not talking about neon lights or graphics (as they were called back then), but modifications that were, to put it nicely, different from what we're accustomed to now.


wheatgod apex_DNA 3rd one was the worst...nothing about it was even remotely real other than the few scenes shot in Japan. I'm not talking about neon lights or graphics (as they were called back then), but modifications that were, to put it nicely, different from what we're accustomed to now.


wongafet Can anyone please tell me what everyone means by remeber the buster ? What is this referring to ? Im seeing it everywhere with paul walkers name ? Sorry for the ignorance


I´ve always liked cars
But as many of us my passion for cars like Civics, Supras and all of those tricked out cars began with "The Fast and the Furious" back in 2001
I was just 13 years old....
The smile that Paul had behind the steering wheel was like most of us do when we drive our baby
And he and all of us do that smile because we feel free driving our cars, our passion...
He´s really a true car guy like many of us
Respect for him
RIP Paul Walker :(


wheatgod apex_DNA actually remember what was in the movie? I think it's safe to say that for most people when you don't like a certain movie you try not to remember any of it...and speaking of where I live, you gotta remember that at the end of the day it's still just a movie - a romanticized portrayal at best.


RIP Paul Walker. Much respect.


So, does anyone else think Nissan should make a commemorative Paul Walker edition of the GT.-R? I mean, the F&F franchise is widely-known among the car community and Walker's character has always been knows for driving GT-R's. Hell, he even owned them IRL.


Please bring him back <3


Just still can't believe -_-


wheatgod apex_DNA

I 2nd the notion that your a moron if you thought the 3rd movie was any good.
Racing in a construction zone, driving thru a house then jumping over a ramp on top of all the gay drifting... yea ,,, I can go on and on.
But the 2nd one was even worse.
First one was the best!


so sad im still not able to process the fact that hes actually gone. prayers go out to his family.


I still cant process the fact that hes actually gone. My prayers go out to his family.