Honest Cruiser: Rotiform’s Beetle
Nothing new

For as popular as they’ve been for the last several years, cars with aggressively dropped ride heights and equally aggressive wheel and tire fitment catch a lot of flack. The aesthetic appeal of these (or any other cars for that matter) are completely subjective, but there’s a certain group of people out there that seem to get especially bothered when they see a car built for looks rather than performance.


When criticizing these more form-oriented builds, the language often tells of how today’s car enthusiasts have lost their way. They speak as if there used to be some period of utopia where every car was built for the fastest possible lap times, and the best performance was the ultimate goal for everyone.


It’s never been that way though. Anyone with the slightest familiarity with the history of car culture knows that these slower, more aesthetically focused vehicles have been around since the beginning. As the decades unfolded there were slow-cruising lead sleds, custom show cars, lowriders, minitrucks – and so forth.


The thing that all these vehicles have in common is that they’re honest about their intentions. They never tried to sell themselves as being about anything but looking cool and having fun, and I think the same can be said for today’s crop of low-down cruisers.


I have a hard time understanding all of the negative reactions these cars bring out, because it’s not like they’re trying to fool anyone. They’re pretty straightforward about their intentions, right?


Take one look at this Volkswagen Beetle that Rotiform debuted at SEMA and you know this thing isn’t about time attacking or lighting up the quarter mile. Unlike some, I find no problem with that.

More than low

Of course it also helps that this particular VW is a lot more than just a fancy set of wheels and a low ride height. A lot of work has been invested to give this Beetle its dramatic look.


Before its air suspension kit was installed, an entire Audi A3 rear subframe with independent suspension was swapped in, replacing the Beetle’s factory torsion beam set-up. For the the wheel sizes and ride height that were planned for this build, IRS was a must.


With the new rear footwork in place, the next step was to fit one of AirLift Performance’s SLAM suspension kits, which is controlled by one of their V2 management systems.


With the car sitting properly on the floor, next came the wheels – which were of course built in Rotiform’s workshop specifically for the Beetle project.


The full-polished Rotiform OZTs measure 19″x9 in the front and a rather mad 19″x10.5 in the rear. Yes, it’s a front-wheel drive car with wider wheels in the rear. Why? Simply because it looks pretty damn cool to see those giant rims tucked into the Beetle’s rear fenders.


Up front the car is also equipped with a two-piece brake kit from Forge Motorsport. While the 380mm diameter discs certainly help the car stop, the visual impact of the giant stoppers was just as important.

Let’s cruise

When Volkswagen redesigned the Beetle a couple of years ago, they did a lot to shed the car’s soft image with a lower roof line and a wider stance – and that’s a big part of what makes this build work.


There’s always room for improvement though, and Japanese VW specialists Newing Alpil supplied both the front and rear bumpers.


It seems that today it’s hard to go anywhere without finding some Japanese influence, and this car is no different.


Other bodywork includes shaved sidemarkers and antenna, plus a smoothed and filled rear valance with a custom cut-out…


… for the custom Magnaflow center-exit exhaust system, which helps to amplify the distinct growl of the Beetle’s 2.5-liter five cylinder engine.


Finally, the car’s body was covered with one of 3M’s 1080 matte white wraps for a very simple, but very effective look.


Inside, the cockpit is largely original and there’s no problem with that, as I’d say VW did a pretty nice job injecting retro appeal from the factory.


If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – right? Along with the two-tone VW Launch Edition seats and gloss black trim, they also added some Rotifom floor mats, because everyone knows you don’t just roll around with stock floor mats.


I do like the fact that that car’s equipped with a five-speed stick rather than the automatics you find in many more show-oriented builds.


As I’ve said many times before: if we all liked the same thing, this would be a pretty damned boring job.


Surely this car isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I think as long was we can agree that low, slow honest cruisers like the Beetle have their place in the car world then we’ll all be good.



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Sweet ride. And 15 inch rotors don't hurt.


just some constructive criticism about the article:
"They never tried to sell themselves as being about anything but looking cool and having fun, and I think the same can be said for today’s crop of low-down cruisers."
"I have a hard time understanding all of the negative reactions these cars bring out, because it’s not like they’re trying to fool anyone. They’re pretty straightforward about their intentions, right?"
good sir, these two points are incredibly valid, when talking about the average pedestrian car, but when you take a GTR or a Lambo or Ferrari and slam it on the ground then the straight forwardness of their intentions can be seriously questioned. that is why some cars that are low generate so much discussion. to quote your first paragraph: 
"but there’s a certain group of people out there that seem to get especially bothered when they see a car built for looks rather than performance." if you look closely, most of the bother comes when someone takes a car that was originally built for performance and then modify it for looks and take away some of the performance.  and that last point is the most important, the taking away from the performance! 
"It seems that today it’s hard to go anywhere without finding some Japanese influence, and this car is no different." ummm globalism, meaning its hard to go anywhere with out finding German/Japanese/American Influence, this has been true since the 80's and the hot hatch explosion us Honda guys getting jdm parts while japan guys getting USDM parts. i was just thinking maybe we could focus on the part designers intentions in his design rather than the country he is from, we are a global society now and we should really stop playing the race card everywhere we go.. 
I get that the words are from a specific point of view, i would just like to see the speed hunters editors look deeper into some of the encompassing statements they make because one could get the impression of a very narrow field of world vision from the editors. yes i get that everyone has an opinion but no one likes reading articles that lump them into a group of people they don't feel like they belong in and while i do expect those kind of comments in the comments sections i would like to see the articles be treated with a bit more professionalism rather than sensationalism and trying to poke the bear. 
other than as always amazing photography skills going on, keep the content coming! I've been reading speed hunters for years now and i am impressed with the attitude of constant evolution and improvement!


"It’s never been that way though. Anyone with the slightest familiarity
with the history of car culture knows that these slower, more
aesthetically focused vehicles have been around since the beginning. As
the decades unfolded there were slow-cruising lead sleds, custom show
cars, lowriders, minitrucks – and so forth."
 I wonder if in 30-40 years people will look at "stanced" cars the way we look now at lowriders and customs. Maybe it appreciates like fine wine...

Seeking Perfection

@Mike Did you get the inspiration to write a whole essay by just reading about  a car that is fairly good looking and tastefully modified? I am glad you got that out of your system son. Now take some time to catch a breath. #peoplesproblems


@Mike you need to go smoke a cheese or sumat

Seeking Perfection

mk4 lew MUAHAHAHAHA!!!  #daymade


Drift Beetle?


@Seeking Perfection your right instead of providing polite constructive criticism i should have just shut up and not said anything.. and people wonder why the world has problems..
you came on here to specifically criticize me but you didn't provide any actually useful feed back at all..
 i was trying to help make a publication i enjoy reading better. sorry i offended you in any way.


@Mike agree with everything in this post. Very well made with thought put into it. Dont understand the "#" people who attack criticism, even when its put as politely as this. Its like they dont have their own opinion at all, and just go by whats considered new and cool by sites like speedhunters, and istantly attack when someone dares to disagree.


@Seeking Perfection mk4 lew
kind of hard to smoke a settlement
and as for the cheese, well I'm going to need your lighter, mine will only go to the melting point of cheese. Im going to need something more powerful if I'm going to hit its auto-ignition point.
82 °C (180 °F) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheese#Eating_and_cooking
after all when i smoke my cheese i prefer the Parmesan.


kurko thank you, i was hoping for an editor to reply so maybe there could be an enlightened discussion. and possibly a logical defence of why they are writing the words that they do. a little insight into what the editor is thinking can deepen the impact of any publication. that being said i am not about seeking perfection, i am about constant improvement and evolution when companies stay stagnant they become irrelevant, so in my eyes, my constructive criticism is helping the editors think about things from a different perspective (other than the one that they are writing from) and helping to keep the publication relevant.
as for the other commentators, well if they took the time to reply to my post then they took the time to read it and think about it and there fore my original post was successful in its design and intention. this is a free internet and they are allowed to post what ever they want whether it provides a value or not.


Not sure what you are saying about low riders and customs.

Seeking Perfection

@Mike kurko  It seems that you are trying to derail the conversation and shift the focus from a  nicely modified car to a conversation about stance, globalism, professionalism and all that messed mix of thoughts you call constructive criticism. Listen to me son. You are not helping at all, you are not contributing in any beneficiary way. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one. Let mr. Garrett or any other editor write what they want in any way they want. After all, this is free content and they are allowed to post what ever they want whether it provides a value or not. 

Seeking Perfection

*** I meant beneficial.


I like this car, and love how the massive amount of camber in the rear evokes the look of the old beetles when slammed. Well done.


@Seeking Perfection kurko If there is someone that is not contributing and not helping at all, son, its you. You dont even make any sense


@Mike Hey Mike, thanks for the response.

Now to respond to a few of your thoughts -
I don't think most people will say the VW Beetle is a performance car, and as for the actual sports cars/exotics that do get modified in less than functional ways. Well. I think that's also been around for a long time. There were plenty of people doing questionable things to Corvettes, Porsches, Datsun Zs etc. back in the '70s and '80s. Some of those modifications have stood the test of time better than others. As for today's slammed Lambos and GT-Rs (which are actually few and far between) - well those are cars built specifically to get a a big reaction and that they do.
As for the comment about Japanese influence, I'm not sure where you got race card from, but what I was trying to say is the increasing awareness of Japanese aftermarket parts for non-Japanese cars. I don't think too many VW owners in the states were installing parts from Japan on there Golfs during the '80s and '90s. Like you said, it's a product a world that's constantly connected.
Anyways, I wasn't trying be sensational at all with this story. Hopefully that clears things up a bit.


Mike Garrett


I think the idea to do this was nice, but in my opinion this really looks.. ehmm ugly. The rotiform wheels just don't seem right with the new beetle. The stance is okay and the exhaust is pretty nice but that's it to me 0;)


Mike Garrett  Thank you, this is exactly the kind of reply i was hoping for! there is nothing as stimulating and valuable as a polite intelligent sharing of ideas. :)
i have no qualms about this car, i was just stating an observation that I see more people getting up in arms about performance cars being modified in this way than most other cars. and i don't argue with the blasphemous things that were done to sports cars in the 70's and 80's the difference is they didn't have the internet to give everyone an opinion and i would venture a guess that if those same type of cars were made today they would get the same level of outrage. but for me it is for sure the confusing message of sports cars being modified to not be sports cars any more. and as for the super cars going for a big reaction, well not my flavor as quite often less can mean more. it was a personal opinion of yours and i shared one of mine, i just think that there is a difference between trying to be extreme for extreme's sake and providing a valuable modification for the end customer (aka the driver) 
yeah the race thing, thats always a hard topic, personally i would prefer that speedhunters never mentions the nationality of the parts designer. i just dont think it matters and it bothers me because you are essentially pigeon holing the designer into a nook or cranny its like typecasting actors.  what if the designer wanted to use German influences in his next design. 
" I don't think too many VW owners in the states were installing parts from Japan on there Golfs during the '80s and '90s. Like you said, it's a product a world that's constantly connected." not too many of us were but some of the parts you could get in japan for mk1 rabbits were things you would never find in Europe (automotive window blinds, pop out rear glass for the 2 door rabbits after happich stopped making them)
in this day and age everything is a remix and even through the bolt on fenders discussion some "stylng" cues that have been related to JDM tuning have come from elsewhere (ie Duck tails and over fenders) so i don't see a point to assume where someone has gotten their styling cues unless the designer himself has given you the information. so maybe as a suggestion for the future could we leave out the styling references that have to do with geographical location.
and a tip of the hat to you sir, i had read your entire article under one light and through your response i now see you wrote it under a completely different one.


@Seeking Perfection kurko so are you my daddy? nope, he just called me on my phone. so please stop calling me son, i am not your offspring. i get what your trying to do, your trying to exert a power over me by showing that you are older through reference, unfortunately you don't know how old i am nor who my actual father is so please talk to me like a fellow adult. please don't try to talk down to me as a front to make your point more valid and mine less... it isn't working, if you wish to insult me please at-least have the common courtesy to do it in a logical and adult way. 
as for whether i am helping, well i am the one trying to have an inclusive conversation with the author of this good article about some things that i had concerns about. but i am glad that you speak for absolutely everyone on the internet in determining whether i am helpful or not. do you have a marking rubrick so that i can know whether i am providing value next time?

Seeking Perfection

@Mike kurko I sincerely apologise. It seems that your constructive feedback had a massive impact and will change SH forever. Next time you feel lonely feel free to call me in order to have an inclusive conversation. I will take care of all your concerns in a logical and adult way.


Jeremiahori I agree. What's so cool about this, at least to me, is that I would never think that a beetle would be a good platform for an awesome car, but then there is this example and another that I saw on a previous post that just show you how cool these cars can be. Super cool car.


@Seeking Perfection kurko ok please post your number and i will, seriously. im feeling pretty lonely right now, want to hug it out?


@Mike kurko hahhahahaahhahaha that made laugh.


So it appears my girlfriend just found her new dream car, which is fine by me because I was never a fan of her old favorite (the Fatlace/Rotiform Fiat 500).  I dig it too.  Living in SoCal, I understand the appeal of a Low'n'Slow cruiser.  As long as it doesn't have to be my car, fine by me.  It's pretty to look at, and I think that my girlfriend would look great in one just like it.  And call me a fanboy if you wish, but 'Aero Bland Alpil' (before you talk shit, that's how they spell it on their site) kits are some of the best for VW/Audi.  Maybe I'm biased, but the Japanese do have that certain "something" for sure.

Now allow me to don my "Hater Hat"...

WTF does it need big brakes for?  And those wheels would look far better on a MKIII or MKIV Golf.  Other than the fitment and the rear lip, I don't think those wheels suit it at all.  Rotiform has FAR better wheels that would work so much better (BLQs or BTHs come to mind).
Other than that, three thumbs up (one from me, two from the ol' lady if you're confused)


Rotiform, yet again knocking off another wheel that the kiddies will lust after unbeknownst to them that it's a 30+ year old design. Loved the OZ design, irritating. I had a feeling these weren't original when I saw the car at SEMA.
A pretty neat looking car nevertheless, I am definitely a form AND function guy, but can appreciate style like the rest. I do find it funny that "stance" is percieved as Japanese, even though low cars with wide wheels has been prevalent in Germany for equally as long... the flush movement may be named in Japan but the "Japanese" influence on this car is limited only to the extent of the tires and fenders meshing.
Regardless, good looking photos.


No more engine bay pictures haha cool car


RodChong Lowriders and (K?)Customs(z?) have evolved over time to become a culture, not a trend.  I think he's wondering if "Stance" will do the same.  
Not likely.
Too democratic a movement.  Too many interpretations of what "Stance" really means.  Lowrider and Kustom culture (K again on the 'culture'? Keith me out here lol) adhere to customization standards that make them instantly identifiable.  "Stance" - interpreted as it seems to be now - can simply mean a car whose wheels are flush with the fender while parked.  I don't think that in itself will ever go out of style, but what else can you associate with it beyond that?


Thrasher Chad - OZ never made the turbo in sizes to fit today's modern cars and clearly Rotiform is giving credit naming it the OZT... I don't understand all the complaints about them bringing new life to discontinued designs in sizes that were never offered.


super clean ..happy to be a part of this build ..


VW Fan Thrasher Chad 
It's more a matter of principle, if it were OZ by Rotiform or something along those lines, paying true homage... not just admitting the source, that'd be a different story. And I am just tired of the BROtiform nut swinging.


hate it honestly.  just seems built for internet cred.  hate these style of cars .


Super cool GT3 RSR elements to that bodykit! Quite a neat nod to the Beetles rear engined roots among others.


Hate the wheel fitment, like the car. That kind of stance just isn't for me, but to each his own. I like the body kit. Pretty neat little car, so shame about the wheels. The new beetle is a vast improvement aesthetically over the last generation in my opinion.


kurko It's because the stancetards take any criticism as an attack... maybe because subconsciously they know that it's stupid but don't want anyone to tell them such.




@turbo BEAMS ae86 This +1. You can't fuck all the haters and suck the dick of all the lovers.
Builds that are solely meant to get noticed are stupid and come from those who are immature and need to validate their existence with attention.


nickmmele Yea right. This wouldn't even get sideways in the grassy knolls that it will spend its sad life on.


ToyotaSupraMan Not at all. Stance is the 4Loko of car modification culture--cheap, offensive, disgusting.


Fail... Plain and simple, there is nothing sexy, cool or macho about a Beetle.


Mike Garrett "There were plenty of people doing questionable things to Corvettes, Porsches, Datsun Zs etc. back in the '70s and '80s. Some of those modifications have stood the test of time better than others." What you are saying is true, but just because something has been done for a long time doesn't make it justified. If you want to be very cutting edge start featuring cars from 2002 with 20" chromies on WRX with airbrushing everywhere. Sure its all individual taste, but even subjectively there are good and bad. For example there are universally recognised bad movies, that are a bland concept and poorly executed, often cashing in on recent trends. Cars are no different. Publications and critics don't have the time of day for crappy movies, should cars be any different? This is not an attack on this particular car by the way.
And I can't agree more with Mike. I think its awesome when people want to push the envelope, like Bee Dragon. Particularly when its well executed and a quality build. But when you start hampering performance in a performance car it doesn't seem right to me.
"As for today's slammed Lambos and GT-Rs (which are actually few and far between) - well those are cars built specifically to get a a big reaction and that they do." Gathering a big reaction doesn't make it good. If someone were to buy a Ferrari Dino sand back to paint to make it rust then cable tie on a front lip from a civic and bolt on flairs from 240z with airbag suspension over some ROTA grids would you feature it? Sadly, I feel like you probably would. And knowing Speedhunters you wouldn't say its questionable and in a lot of ways silly. You would embark on a spiritual discussion on what it means to be a car person and claim its 'an ingenious innovation from (shop A) helping push the boundaries of what can be done to a European supercars of yesteryear by incorporating modern and vintage JDM parts which add such aggression to the timeless flowing lines of the Dino. Its as if Mad Max got in the Delorian and travelled back in time to meet the Flinstones. etc.' Or some load of bollocks like that for an abortion of a car.


LOL, that's cute....


its a beetle yes but it was done tastefully its far from a fail.


WTF bro. I'm totally on the internet so that means I am going to piss and moan and complain about everything everyone does to their cars even though I am just a pussy on the internet and would never criticize the car to the owners face. I'll just tell everyone how much I hate everything because I am an envious internet prick who is still driving my mom's Ford Windstar but will totally build a car better than this when I get a job and my nuts drop.


@FigureSk8er i mean i love this site, good shots, good coverages, but if i want stance i go to a stance website...keep it segregated..thanks,,god bless, you


Drove a new Beetle recently - only complaint was that is was SO HIGH off the ground! So would totally rock this as a daily. The matte white is a nice choice


Vilko Mike Garrett @Mike I don't personally see that mentioning the geographical location of an influence is an issue, as long as it is done respectfully - car cultures around the world share a lot but they DO differ by region, so I think it's valid to mention it, although as you say, it's increasingly hard to trace back where some ideas originated! 
As for the thoughts about modifying a performance car in a way that hampers its performance, I can definitely see why some people don't like that - as an Evo owner, I think it's weird when people remove the spoilers and slam them to the ground. But people do and although that's not my personal cup of tea (I'm British, it's all about tea), I can appreciate that we all have different tastes and that we all like different things - that's what makes the world interesting, right? Would I personally cut up a Ferrari and put a kit on it? No, probably not (although I doubt I'd get a Ferrari in the first place!). Do I like the fact that someone has actually had the balls to do that, and do it well? Yes, actually I do. 
I don't think the modified performance cars we have featured have been done in a tasteless way or we wouldn't feature them (and trust me, there are a lot of cars that we won't feature!). When we say that the cars are built to get a big reaction, we don't mean that's our reason for including them. Some people think the RAUH Welt Porsches are silly because a lot of the time they're a pretty standard Porsche with huge wide arches on. Some people can't get enough of them. Some people like stanced cars, some people like performance-oriented cars, some people want a bit of both. As Speedhunters, we're not into looking at genres or categories, but just whether we like a car or not. If we do, we'll feature it, regardless of genre, manufacturer or anything else. I think I'd almost be disappointed if everyone loved every car we put up - to me, different opinions and discussion are a wonderful thing and show that we are all individuals. Nothing wrong with that!


"Do you you like to refer to yourself as an 'enthusiast'?"
wheatgod You are one trolling ass mother___er, but that literally made me laugh out loud.


wheatgod Simply P Lol touche.  You got me cold.


SuzyWallace Vilko Mike Garrett In all honesty its been a while since Speedhunters have featured a properly crappy car. What is starting to get to me is that everytime there is a feature on a low car the author rants on about personal expression and invoking reactions and breaking trends and "wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same thing" and all that rubbish.
Its a show car, we get it.
You aren't blowing any minds or changing perspectives by copying and pasting the same thing into every article. Rather than a rant I would prefer you guys spend a paragraph telling me about a few personal/custom touches, or putting up a few pictures of what it looked like stock or a work in progress shot to show the effort that went into the car. Most people who hate the cars car still appreciate the effort that goes into them. The car is done for looks, so tell us about what they changed the look of. If you can't fill in an article on the effort and thought that has gone into a car then perhaps the car is only worth a spotlight and not a feature?




Geez a lot of people write a lot of shit on here in the comments. So much hate, and for what....no really, for what? Who cares if you don't like this "movement", get over it, move on to the next story. I love those saying these cars are built solely for attention, as if their stupid comments and hate aren't for the exact same reason!


I like it.  can't understand how a car like this can generate so much hate


@turbo BEAMS ae86 even if they're not yours? sometimes looking good and getting props is the whole point


I don't hate stance cars, I hate poor execution. Lots of them are made haphazardly, with janky parts, shoddily rolled fenders, the works. This, however, is well done. The wheels don't do anything for me (I think Rotiform offers much better choices to suit the Beetle), but everything looks properly sorted. Good on them for spending the time to get it right.


theres about ten thousand other cars that would've been more well suited to make the argument that theres nothing wrong with the slammed stance style. but this beetle is straight up heinous


There has been a whole array of vehicles through history that are just to cruise around...low riders, choppers, nothing wrong with that. I am not a big fan of stanced cars, but this Beetle looks aesthetically very pleasing to me. The air suspension adds functionality. Great pictures!


Pretty much every single thing that's wrong is in this world is summed up by this hateful shitbox of a car


JoySevens So much Joy in your name, so much hate in your answer...


kphillips9936 Yes.


Simple_Logic But there is also nothing claiming to be sexy, cool or macho about a Beetle. A car really is what ever you want it to be, I'd argue you're aiming for the wrong attributes in one.


Jordan_Burgess I'd agree, I also like the new Beetle more and more, not my personal choice of wheel either but it suits the mid 90s Miami vibe I'm getting from this.


Vilko SuzyWallace Mike Garrett 
And this is exactly why i love the internet, aside from what some people believe we can definitely have a mature conversation and share ideas and opinions with out being judgmental or putting people down :) thanks to all of you. 
hey suzy, when im talking about geographical location in the influence i just find it sometimes incredibly hard to agree with the author when i see words stating a jdm flavor but the bumpers i see look like Porsche items. now more than likely its because i am a Porsche guy, but to me there truly is the German influence in the Japanese bumpers that rotiform decided to use so how can they be JDM. i know its a semantics thing in the end but it was just something that id like to see SH travel away from as it can be confusing to some enthusiasts and even more confusing to newbies who are just getting into the car world through your publication. 
Maybe SH could bring a bit more of the magazine feature into its postings, or maybe to offset the multitude of wonderful pictures you guys include you could include an interview with the driver? bring a little more of the human element into it? after all the build is for him/her, it could help bring a deeper understanding to the reader.


Speedhunters_Bryn JoySevens Haha, if I was drinking milk it would have come out of my nose.


@Mike Vilko SuzyWallace Mike Garrett Well that escalated quickly.


saw a stanced VW up! yesterday. can't remember what wheels it had on it though. something big and chrome. couldn't say it was for me, but each to their own.


@sifrits That's subjective though, isn't it?


Luka024 i thumb down STANCE  vw in traffic.


SpoolinBoost i appreciate the hard work.  just seems pointless.  its just for looks.  on a classic ameri car i can enjoy it cuz the cares are rare and dying off.  On japan VIP i can support it because its a big comfortable car, usually has functional stuff like vip table, screens.  On vw i cant enjoy it cuz its a econo.  its just done for internet cred.


Speedhunters_Bryn kphillips9936 Nice car, but not a fan of the tucking and camber.


Absolutely love it! The fact people hate it so much astonishes me, best looking new beetle ive seen to date!


Speedhunters_Bryn JoySevens LOL! Its mostly hate with a smile though Bryn. Call me a shallow but I like super manly, aggressive looking cars. Cars which Jeff Capes might drive. Jeff Capes wouldn't drive this awful shit. He'd tear it in half and maybe get one of his fancy assistants to throw up on it a little bit. He might be tempted to then grind the assistant into the mangled metal and then go eat some rhino steaks filled with the blood of 17 angry panthers.


Taryn Croucher I like the paint too. But that's pretty much where the liking stops :)


beetles are so dam sexy i seriously dont like the old model one have no idea why ..


Taryn Croucher I want one dropped on 17" BRMs! Nothing more.


Luka024 Ford Windstar - a great song.


Larry Chen Speedhunters_Bryn JoySevens .. A  Typhoon  kills thousands , Tornado wipes out a town ... we fight  a war we should not be fighting in .. things that are REALLY wrong in this world  and you use a sentance like that to descibe a car ... go and pray for you soul as you are lost  my freind behind your keyboard of hate ..


It's not quite as matte white now though...


The reason why the "Stance" scene is detested so much is mostly because of the people that are a part of it. The stereotype is that of loud, annoying, snap-back wearing kids, that are more concerned about looking cool than anything else. They'll cut into their car's frame and do shoddy work just to make it sit lower and have trouble going over a speed bump. 
Then there is the opinionated attitudes that comes along with them, everything has to sit low or it sucks etc. 
I for one have never come across a car community more hateful than VW, other than perhaps the die hard domestic scene, which often suffer from slapdash work and terrible attitudes. Both are capable of great builds though.
There's your answer as to why they get hated on.


I think (many) stanced cars look great... So I look at them. Then I go away dream about cars with great acceleration and handling.


wheatgod You do realize that SEMA builds have to be able to PERFORM, right? There was an article about that a couple scrolls down.


SpoolinBoost Because it's dumb.


Spaghetti Well, we ARE giving them attention by calling them out, which is exactly what they want. But the best part is when they first try to play it off like they don't care, and then slowly you see them respond to more subtle trolls, and before you know it it's a full blown all caps battle and the "builder" self destructs and we all laugh.


KyleKruchok Not really. In the sticker of stancetards everywhere, this Beetle = SEENIT!


TomKimmell You clearly haven't seen the VWVortex Super Beetle then.


This is the automotive equivalent of dragging your Rolex across the concrete. Great work though!


Speedhunters_Bryn Simple_Logic he has a big phallus on the hood of his car makes it real macho.


Tried to like it. Bumper covers are decent, but don't look like they fit well. Wheels look terrible, I'm one of the stance haters..


Speedhunters_Bryn Jordan_Burgess the more I see of these the more I like them and am tempted to buy one and build one.  When people say these cars aren't manly or tough looking I laugh to myself because how something looks is personal.  I can appreciate all styles of cars when executed properly.


@turbo BEAMS ae86 SpoolinBoost First I want to say that originally yes VW was considered more of an econo car but these days they are a lot nicer than most economy cars. They have the baseline Jetta and Golf that are defiantly econo cars but i wouldn't label all VW as Econo cars. 

Secondly even if it was considered an econo car wouldn't it be better to cut up a cheap less performance oriented car rather than a really expensive sports car or luxury car for the sake of looks and cruising rather than speed.

And finally I think most cars are built for more than just internet credibility.  Maybe the owner even likes the look of it and enjoys driving it himself, I think I would.

P.S. by the way I love your name and the car it represents @ turbo BEAMS ae86