Diecast Dreaming: 1:8 Scale Tyrrell P34 In Tokyo

Today’s news story on the possibility of Honda returning to Formula 1 got me thinking a little bit about F1’s “good old days”. It also got my thinking about an absolutely mind-blowing diecast model I came across in Tokyo a couple weeks ago and I thought you guys might want to check it out. This is the historic Tyrrell P34 F1 machine recreated as a stunning one eighth scale replica.

I stumbled across this beauty when I was in the gift shop at Toyota’s Mega Web in Odaiba. Along with lots of car books and magazines, the store also has a sizable diecast selection and this masterpiece stopped me in my tracks. It’s made by True Scale Miniatures and is one of just 50 produced for the world.

The P34 really needs no introduction. It’s quite simply one of the most iconic racing cars of all time – it’s six-wheeled chassis recognizable to gearheads across the planet. This particular replica is based on the #3 car that Jody Scheckter drove to victory in the 1976 Swedish Grand Prix.

Being done at such a large scale, the detail on the model is absolutely staggering. Just look at the engine and gearbox for example. The suspension, the chassis, the tires, the cockpit – it’s all there in perfect detail.

In fact, I’m not sure if there’s a single part of the real car that hasn’t been meticulously recreated on the model. You can almost smell the racing fuel…

Needless to say, this baby doesn’t come cheap. It was priced at 357,000 yen – or about $3,800 US at the current exchange rate. Pricey yes, but then you consider both the detail and the exclusivity.

There’s certainly something fascinating about a model car that’s worth more than most of the real cars I’ve purchased in my life time. Then again, this piece is nicer and more complete than a lot of those cars anyway…

It’s never too early to start thinking about those holiday stocking suffers, right?




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I will post it he as I did in the Honda returning? Story. Mclaren have flat out denied it.
On the other hand that tyrell is huge! 3800 bucks is well cheap for that model!


Hmm... Sell the winter beater and pick up Tyrell F1 car?


Its worth more than my daily!


That is stunning. I am lucky to have one of the Tamiya 1/12th version of this. I must say looking at it never gets old.


what a price tag :) same level of detail can be achieved with tamiya 1/12 I believe, but yes exclusivity is expensive


Hi Mike, do u happen to remember the name of the store and/or address of the place that had this masterpiece for sale?

Careless Stranger

If you really want to see amazingly detailed scale models, check out this site gdist43.com
As the name suggests, it's mostly 1/43 scale models and there are even some builds documented.


@Jezza k no they didn't. Witmarsh said he is looking at options and no one knows yet what will happen. Take the paddy Lowe story... "Lowe not leaving" 3 months later "Lowe is leaving" and before that: "Lewis isn't leaving" 3 months later "Lewis is leaving" - nothing is as cut and dry in F1 as you are making out... We can go more historical if you would like?... "No infighting in our garage- we are a TEAM" ... Which we all know was utter bollocks now.


Awesome. I'd love one in my collection =]


Wow, just wow. The level of detail is amazing


there has an error, the 4 front wheels are balanced on the same place :D


SPEEDHUNTERS that is excellent.


jglucker SPEEDHUNTERS They always find the best stuff.


I bet the nuts and bolts even have threads and can be removed.
I met a guy who had a 1:5 scale chevy V8 machined and built. ran and everything. too bad making a gearbox that small would have cost so much, i would have loved to see it put into an RC car.


@JorgeCabrera Haha! There had to be something!


@weasel Wow, that sounds wild!


@dkly007 It's the shop called "Grease" inside the Toyota History Garage at Venus Fort, Tokyo.


@Sam I could have bought my Toyota Crown three times for that price!


@Phishy Decisions decisions...


I gotta say aside from the great cars and photography I am finding this place to be a fascinating travel blog. I had to google "Venus Fort" just out of curiosity from the name alone. Here is the "Lonely Planet" description for the LOL's.
" Lonely Planet review for Venus Fort:
Venus Fort embodies a Japanese vision of a young woman's shopping paradise, in a building that mimics 17th-century Venice with ceilings that simulate the sky (it even shifts from day to night). With around 170 boutiques and restaurants all aimed at young ladies, this kitschy shopping centre also boasts the distinction of having Japan's biggest lavatory (64 stalls)."
Which begs the the question of what else you guys were looking at besides toy cars? LOL. Sounds like a wild place...


Absolutely amazing model car. It actually looks real in some of the photos.


@Phishy In reality, other then the cars, its kinda boring. They have a pretty cool and big petstore though.


I recently seen it at the Historic Toyota Garage, the price was astronomic!