#featurethis: The Perfect Mr2?

Would you agree with me when I say that the first generation Toyota MR2 is one of the more under-appreciated Japanese sports cars of the 1980s? When the car was first released in 1984 it was a pretty big deal – an affordable mid-engined Toyota sports car with a high revving twin cam motor, but in modern times the AW11 has taken a backseat to its front-engined cousin the AE86 in terms of popularity.

It’s hard to say why, but clean, inspiring examples of the early MR2 are few and far between these days. That’s why I had a big smile on my face when I saw this particular AW11 pop up in the #FeatureThis inbox.

This 1987 MR2 is owned by Ross from Melbourne, Australia and he’s been continually upgrading the car since he took ownership at age 18 back in 2006. The mid-engined Toyota has been his daily driver to school and work –  and it now has over 400,000 kilometers on it.

You couldn’t tell by looking at the car though. In Ross’ own words he loves the MR2 “just a little too much”. He also says that every modification on the car was done with the simple goal of making him smile.

Yet with all the work Ross has done to the car, he’s added nothing that detracts from those original MR2 qualities that won him over six years ago. The engine for example is still the original 16-valve 4AGE, but it’s been rebuilt and balanced with high compression pistons and Tomei cams. He’s also added a T3 intake manifold with AE101 throttles and a Haltech Sprint 500 ECU, among other things.

Other upgrades Ross has done on the car over the years include a Quaife helical LSD, Quaife steering rack, BC BR coilovers, and polyurethane bushings throughout.

The wheels are Work Meister CR01s, 15×7.5 in the front and 15×8.5 in the rear with +29 offset all around. Bridgestone Potenza RE002s add the right amount of grip at each corner.

Inside, the factory seats have been replaced with a pair of period correct Recaro LX-Cs with custom plaid upholstery.

For a street-going MR2 I have to say that it really doesn’t get better.

Thanks for sharing your pride and joy with us, Ross.

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Wow... Really nice job on that. I really like it, I've not been too much a fan of the super-boxy shape of the first-gen mister 2's, but this one might be changing my mind. Thing must sound great too.


Go Ross! I'll have to give you one of my spare speedhunters stickers to put on your dash (if there isn't one already) Top stuff man, long live the adub!


 @FaizAsim perfect? omg your perception of cars needs to book and appointment with the doctors for a health check !


You did smart things with the car indeed and though MR2 1st gen is a little TOO boxy to my taste, I pretty much enjoy looking at it. I mean, yours is so complete from any angle. =) Thanks for sharing this rare car.


Fap Fap Fap Fap..... And I'm not even sorry....


always love seeing pics of this car.  clean as usual!


I've lusted over this car for a while and hope to see it in the flesh one day soon!
Nice one Ross. Hope I contributed to the suggestion to submit to #FeatureThis


Totally rad and pure JDM....gr8 Mister2 Ross...I own a Supercharged 86 MR2...Hope one day im featured on speedhunters..dont mind the Haters!...your ride makes you happy and thats what building a car is suppose to do....its in the details!


this gives me some inspiration for tuning my mom's AW11 :D


why do clean, single-stage red, late 80's sportboxes make me all warm and fuzzy inside...and what a beautifully maintained example this is.
i'm going to hug my rx7 when i get home!


Great example of a MK1...Awesome job man, brings back memories.


Great example of a MK1...Awesome job man, brings back memories.


 @FaizAsim Relax, man. They're both cool builds and nice cars.


Nice to see a fellow MR2OC'er featured. Looks great as usual!


Clean & Simple AW11....LOVE IT!!


man those seats were a factory option back then great stuff hope my AW11 looks as clean as this one day


@FaizAsim did he just cast his own turbo housing?!


Nice! Thar car looks like its in better than new condition. I've wondered too why these aren't as popular. Especially when the lines are so clean. I like the visor in the back that reflects "Toyota" on the rear windscreen on these cars...genius.


Simply gorgeous.
And to think that I have one of these in my garage, sitting on jacks because of some electrical problems, and that I don't even have to time to fix it...
I guess I will try to spare some time now, this awesome build pumped me up.


Those first gen MR2s were built purely for fun. You can tell by the original TV commercial that Toyota didn't take them too seriously.


dammmmmm  this car man like brand new


First mr2 was rough sketch, second one was much better, but the third ............ Why they made it ?


Jesus dood, i mean really? Cant get much better than that.


While styling is subjective, the quality and thoughtful care taken on the mods is applaudable. This was a great feature guys. Hope to see more cars of this caliber.


Lovin the seats, wouldn't thought of those colors. Gotta love a good AW11!


@SPEEDHUNTERS photos peugeot 206 cc


@SPEEDHUNTERS that MR2 is simply fantastic! I particularly love the interior!


@JDMAttire ditto!


 @FaizAsim  that's some engine hoist!


My aw11 was by far the most fun/favorite car i ever owned... It was just fun to drive ALL the time.. even though it was rusted to shit, falling apart.. i loved it dearly.. :(


The MK1 still looks modern on today's roads! ^GB RT @jdmattire: That. Is. Gorgeous. http://t.co/fMPO64w0 @DannyFChen @ToyotaPR @ToyotaTuner


@BurrowsToyota @jdmattire @dannyfchen @toyotapr Indeed. Becoming a rare sight, would like to buy one if it came along...


@ToyotaTuner there's a dark blue one I regularly & it tempts me ... Can't beat a screaming 4A-FE ...


@BurrowsToyota keep an eye out for one for me ;)


@jdmattire I sure will. :) ^GB


Love this MR2!!!
@Mike Garrett, just you wait til my AW11 gets done with it's LSD install; I've got a flared body with 20v blacktop swap and a whole host of other goodies to show off pretty soon! Here's a sample:


Pure badass


Daaaamn son!


That is sweet! I've always wanted a first gen MR2, makes me want to go shopping.


That is sweet! I've always wanted a first gen MR2, makes me want to go shopping.


Looks awesome :-) Love the representation! Here's mine: http://www.toymods.org.au/forums/showthread.php?t=33736


I love that interior, talk about unique! I bet the car drives wonderfully too!


Wow! Looks perfect! Mine is almost ready, but there´s still some work to do in the interior :)
Some more pics:


I forgot to comment at the time, but thanks a heap for posting this - i really appreciate it!
Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments too..!


LOVE that license plate! This fella needs a shirt:http://gearheadshirts.com/products/368432-toyota-mr2-aw11-shirt


How do you install those titanium shift knobs on a aw11 mr2?


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HoangCongLe same as installing literally any shift knob...


Its really an amazing car. I have been visiting for the beautiful vehicles with amazing features, and i have found yet. Actually i have worked as an Intern at BMW, that why its really a good car for me.