Aasbo And Mcnamara Back For More

Speedhunters is excited to announce that international drifting stars Fredric Aasbø and Darren McNamara will be returning to the UK and Ireland in 2012 for back-to-back weekends as part of the Speedhunters Drift Tour 2012.

Fredric and Darren will be back to challenge Europe’s top drift teams at the British Drift Championship’s round at Trax, Silverstone, on Sunday September 2nd and at ProDrift’s event at JapFest Mondello Park on Sunday September 9th.

In 2011, drift and modified car fans in the UK and Ireland were treated to an amazing display of car control skills as the pair took time out from their Formula Drift schedules in the US to hit up the same two events. In the UK, Fredric saw off the cream of Britain’s drifting talent to win the event, edging out Phil Morrison in one of the craziest battles the UK has seen in years, and in Ireland Darren took the number one qualifying spot in his AE86’s second competition outing, only losing out in the final to James Deane.

Since then Darren has gone back to the drawing board and is completely rebuilding the Speedhunters DMac86 from the ground up.

Darren says, “We have been working hard on the DMac86 and have made some major improvements in both spec and set-up. We were strong out of the box in Silverstone last year and I can’t wait to get the improved car back to the UK. We’ve learned a lot about the car and plan to be significantly faster in 2012, but I’m sure everyone will have upped their game and we will probably see a larger Irish contingent travel over to compete.”

Fredric is also hard at work on his own completely new car, the Speedhunters Toyota 86-X, which will make its worldwide tandem battle debut at Trax Silverstone.

The GT-86 has now been stripped down to a bare shell and is currently undergoing a 2JZ test fitting.

Fredric: “Part of what we do as Speedhunters is to learn from other car scenes throughout the world. We do our part to help unite the automotive cultures, and I am really looking forward to hitting the road again. Our 2012 UK-Ireland tour is a milestone for us, as it will mark the tandem drifting debut of the new Speedhunters Toyota 86-X and our collaboration with Toyota Norway. This is where we will see what the car, and we as a team, are really made of. After winning at Silverstone as newcomers last year I know we have a price on our head. Completing a new race car build in less than a month is definitely a demanding task, but holding our own against a field of some of the best European drifters is going to take a whole lot more. Bring on September!”

Fredric, Darren and the Speedhunters crew thoroughly enjoyed coming out to the British Drift Championship  at Trax Silverstone and Prodrift at Japfest Mondello Park last year and are looking forward to seeing all the UK and Irish Speedhunters community once again.

The battle of the 86s is coming!


Japfest Mondello Park

British Drift Championship




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Cant wait!!!!!! I hope there is some way to watch this live in America. That corolla looks soooooo good and so does the new 86. Good luck Darren, Fredric, and all in formula D! Oh and go Japspeed!


would prefer something more along the lines of a 2AR or similar like in the tc, rather than that boat anchor 2j in the 86, its just not right at all


Reminds me of Initial D haha


Reminds me of Initial D haha


Really looking forward to seeing the guys on UK soil and tearing it up!


Really looking forward to seeing the guys on UK soil and tearing it up!


why is the mad bull not going on tour with them 


why is the mad bull not going on tour with them 


Switching from a flat-four to a 2JZ? Doesn't that kill the whole "lower center of gravity" advantage of the GT86?


Try and get a hold on a reliable, 2,5L Flat Four , with Gearbox, that withstands 700bhp..... Its just not possible.Thats why you 2JZ it, and use the well proven V160 transmission.... Gravity is one thing, Weight is another, but Sound and Show factors are just as important in drifting.... Not to mention the Driver-performance. Fredric is very familiar with the 2JZ and its powerband, and we (the crowd) just loves the sound of it, so just DO it! :D


 @MattAtDoyle We will be running a lower ride height than stock (and we will eventually raise the roll centers back up), and center of gravity shouldn't be any worse than other 2JZ powered drift cars that are doing well. The 2JZ has been a great companion of ours and as we are already developing the chassis, we can't take on engine development also with such a short time frame.


 @FredricAasbo That makes sense. Why start from square one? Thanks for the response!


interesting.. can't wait to see the car when its finished, quuite a few important factors to take into consideration, keep us posted!


What about there whole rear-end Fredric while it be replaced or has there been development in making better and stronger components for it?