The madness continues. Watch as the AMS crew takes their violently fast GT-R out for a couple days of drag testing at TX2K and sets a new best ET of 8.62 at 173.8mph.

If that wasn’t enough, they brought the car to the Texas Mile the following weekend where it recorded a top speed of 233.1 mph.

Gotta love what AMS is doing in their continued to quest to put American tuning on the global map.

-Mike Garrett



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I personally am not a fan of the GTR because its huge and looks and sounds kinda boring, but man I never cease to be amazed by its performance. Drag, Drift, Circuit, HP Wars, Luxury; it has a good foot on all those bases. Well done.


Thats one badass gtr!


WOW!!! The launch off the line is pure insanity! The exhaust sounds like a barrage of cannon fire!


Best and fast GT-R that i know yet so far


I agree that what these guys do with these cars is impressive, but I'm not into taking a car that was built to do it all and making it straight line single purpose machine. Same with all the JZA80 Supras out there that are built to drag race or highway race. Waste of a capable car to me. I guess I should just make more money so that I can buy one and turn it into what I think it should be.


Amazing! and i agree with Yotafan


This thing is SAAA LOOWWWWW


I think I complained once that I don't see enough of shops like COBB and AMS on this site, and I'm glad to see that has changed. But then again, who can ignore a car that impressive. Keep up the pursuit of speed guys!!! :D


anyone else notice the mirror was blown back on the low boost pass?


I want to see what Twins Turbo can do to a GT-R....


This post is very good, I like it, thanks for sharing!