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It’s March 2nd, and that means it’s time to celebrate the good old R32 Skyline.

For this year we decided we’d let the readers take control of the festivities. We’ve assembled a range of important R32s that have popped up over the years and now it’s your turn to select your favorite.

We’ve included everything from historic race cars and shop demo cars to drift cars. Take a look through the choices and make your pick in the poll below.

Abou Moon Drift Sedans

Auto Gallery Yokohama GT-R

Bee R R32 D1GP car

Calsonic Group A GT-R

Garage Saurus Carbon GT-R

Garage Saurus Drag-R

Heat Treatments Drag GT-R


Kawasaki-san’s GT-R Drift Car

Taff Tune R32-4

Top Secret NA R32

Veilside GT-R (Wide body)

Winfield Racing GT-R



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the Bee*R D1GP Car is my first closely follwed by the Calsonic Group A GT-R.. Thanks


The Winfield destroyed Bathurst and they had to ban it. Winfield for the Win(field)!


No love for the Veilside R1 Street Drag R32, which did 0-186 in ~13 seconds all those years back. There's not much info on it but it's definitely legendary.


winfield racing... the original godzilla


Calsonic is just so legendary


I was Going to pick the historic HKS Drag car as Ferver105 put it ....but ahhh the Glory Days of Veilside. Take me back to highschool.


It's a shame to see such legendary cars being put in with drifters that barely made a historical R32 mark in the world.


Historis GTR's

A group and HSK drag


The Calsonic is the one that earned the nickname Godzilla... so i'm pickin' it :)


Garage Saurus Drag-R all the way, ill never forget the sound of the wastegate when they were blastin down the s turn at Tsukuba. . .


Winfeild Racing GTR was so fast Nizmo asked Gibson Motorsport not to bring it to Japan as it would have hammered the Japanese teams at there own game


Winfield GTR got the Godzilla tag from "Wheels" Magazine.

Ps Godzilla Motorsports GTR is not in the list 2nd fastest gtr in the world.


What, no XS Engineering BNR32? That was my first introduction to the BNR32 and actually made my wife willing to import or find one(and that says a lot)!


Calsonic. It's the first R32 I ever remember seeing, next would be the HKS and Winfield.


HKS Drag GT-R from Gran Turismo!!!


An impossible choice when all of them are absolutely perfect in their own way.


Skyline <3


Shame Justin Fox's R32 isn't on here, I would've voted for that.


for me at least


is amazing


of this list.. the most legendary.. has to go to the calsonic.. with the hks car a distant second.. but the garage saurus carbon gtr, kawasaki-san's, an the tuff tune are my personal fav's for different uses.. this was a hard one to pick..

anyone remember an aussie r32 with a hks t51r kai.. drag car.. plates said obhave i think.. i remember watching videos of that thing for hours..


Gibson Motorsport R32 (Winfield Racing) re-wrote the rules of our entire touring car formula (ATCC - Australian Touring Car Championship) as it was so dominant. Remember them screaming around Mt. Panorama destroying the Cossie Sierra RS500's, Group A Commodores, M3's & anything else stupid enough to get in their way...

Gets my vote!


Calsonic gtr iconic...


I personally think HKS' Group A R32 was a bigger achievement than the drag car. It took the series win ahead of the Works NISMO team that year...



I hope there is a Z33 day tomorrow!


Calsonic GTR is legend.


Calsonic GT-R is OP as fuck!


HKS machine was my second choice.

(A pre-internet beast).


Noticed that the hyperlink for the Top Secret N/A BNR32 is partially broken because you left the part /controlpanel/ in the link, giving an error message. Simple enough to delete that bit, but annoying nonetheless. Out of the BNR32s shown, I like the Garage Saurus Drag-R the most because it can does both fast straight line and brutal track performance.


Really hard to pick just one...


Wingfield GTR... Completely changed racing in Australia forever (and unfortunately Australian motor racing has never recovered since the rule makes made sure it, or cars like it, could not compete).


Wingfield GTR... Completely changed racing in Australia forever (and unfortunately Australian motor racing has never recovered since the rule makes made sure it, or cars like it, could not compete).


obviously the Saurus Carbon!


The garage saurus carbon R32 is so cool but... i had to choose the HKS drag R32 its such an epic one....




Garage Saurus Drag-R

In that order


Group A all the way


You forgot the 0-300 kmh Veilside R-32


pffff calsonic


i voted for the Winfield gtr , because if you know your JDM History you would know that the Winfield car set the bench mark and set the standard for all gtrs to follow, if you want a good read please copy and past this link http://www.thegodzilla.com/race-history-of-the-godzilla.php


Calsonic is my hero


Fastest GTR in the world Second least votes - maybe it would get more votes if they exposed more of the carbon for the school kids


Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the Godzilla nickname/tag came from the Australian press, and the calsonic car ran in the Japanese touring car championship?? I was under the impression that the car during its first full year of racing, 91, driven by jim richards and mark skaife, didnt go down well with the aussie fans and press, to the point they were booed on the podium. The dominance of the car in OZ gained it the godzilla name, but this car isnt represented above?


I wanted to vote for the Calsonic Skyline however I was VERY surprised to see a Veilside Wide body on there. How Could I not vote for that which I rock myself?


GARAGE SAURUS Carbon! No.1 Worldwide , second is Steve Fox :)

But I like Carbon32 looks WAYYY better with TAS Wheels! Those BBS are too flat...


heat treatments is the fasest so its the best


Must be the Winfield GT-R. The car that earned the title 'Godzilla' which is now used the world over and a car so dominant that after successive attempts of adding ballast and air restrictors to slow it, it had to be banned. Most definitely the ultimate and greatest R32.


Winfield all the way, the car that got the name Godzilla!


All of them are so tempting... but the Calsonic is the winner for sure.


Auto Yokohama Gallery GT-R for me!


+1 for the (unlisted) veilside R1 street drag. That thing was a monster and made me truly love R32s.


you forgot the xs engineering r32 time attack car. ran low 10's on an easy pass and spent some time as america's fastest time attack car. thats my pick.


Kawasaki-san's GT-R is my favorite, followed by the Calsonic GT-R, that i know from Gran Turismo 4


That was easy, The pics didn't even have time to load. Winfield car, followed closely by the Calsonic.


when i hear r32 i immediately think calsonic. hands down legend


Can't believe you guys forgot to add the Autech ATTKD R32 GTR.

That car is one of the fastest R32 time attack cars in the world.....should be on this list.


suprised the SUMO drag 32 wasnt on there!! great list though so soo hard to choose!!


The 91 atcc GTR is on the list as the Winfield GTR is the same car . It was the same car with different paint job each season for the 3 1/2 seasons it was run, each year it was update to fit the rule that they keep changing to try and make it fair on everyone else.They were booed every year they won but i think it was 92 when they got booed the loadest and had beer&rubbish thrown at them and Jim richards called the crowd a pack of assholes.


@ Jarred: Really good read that, thanks!

Gibson Motorsport (Winfield) GTR was my choice.


difference between "nice" and "legendary".

Only the Calsonic and Winfield cars were legendary.


Just saw this.. Calsonic Group A car hands down. The other examples are nice, but the Calsonic car is an icon.


as an Australian, the Winfield get's my vote. Skaife and Richards have etched themselves in my memory piloting the original "Godzilla" (the name godzilla was coined by motor magazine while describing this very car) in the early 90's.


Gotta Love the Internet, how can the Calsonic car be more legendary than the Winfeild Gibson Motorsportcar? Gibson motorsport were racing the GTR before anyone else, there car was so fast they were asked not to bring it to Japan as it would have spanked the Japanese at there own game, like spanked, it would have been a slaughter

To me this show to may people are learning about cars from GT games and not actually watching motorsport and doing real research


It was a toss up between HKS and Calsonic, both leading me into the whole scene one Gran Turismo 2 race at a time. In the end, I went with the nostalgia inducing photograph scan. Can't beat that.


Auto Gallery Yokohama GT-R all the way for me. its all function


The Calsonic Group A car is what made me buy my R32, Garage Saurus tuned my car so i have a ton of love for the Garage Saurus Carbon GT-R but there isn't a single GTR r32,r33,r34 that i can think of that left such a foot print on the racing world!


I really enjoy all of choices offered but I cant help but feel the STP ADVAN Gr.A GTR is on that should of made the list I mean its similar to the Calsonic in a different livery but still it has to be my favorite hands down.


The HKS Drag car is one that I will never forget


the sedans don't get much love, i think they are awesome


the winfield GTR was my pick because so many ideas were used from that one to bring back the GTR as the R35, a car that brought the name back into the car scene has to be the most legendary one for me


Huge fan of the R32 driven by Skaifey and Gentleman Jim but that Garage Saurus Carbon 32 takes the cake.


Well thanks, at least it´s not another S chassis month. A lot of other cars in the world, but keeping up with the "mighty" nissan gt r hein? A car that was only available in japan and australia and that is impossible to import to most occidental countries. Tired of always seing the same cars over and over again. Just erased the speedhunters bookmark on my browser. Thank´s for the waisted time. As always.


Got to be the winfield GTR this car even showed the nismo boys what a gtr can do!!! And the car was banned due to being unstoppable!!!


@philv: U mad bro? You're jelly because Skidlines are only available to good countries.


FYI - The heat treatments GTR is the Fastest drag GTR in the world and the RIPS front end dragster is the fastest RB powered drag car in the world.


Calsonic and Winfield GT-R's started it all... gotta give credit where credit is due!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********WHAT ABOUT JUN FROM CRD**********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Winfield GTR. No other GTR compares as an iconic representative of racing of its era. Plus it's insured just over 2 million dollars.

Love it!


winfeild all the way, too fast they had to ban it thats awsome,

very close second goes 2 heat treatments fastest skyline in the world NZ REP!!!!


Winfield car easily. Fastest Group A Gtrs in the world. Only Japanese car to win the Bathurst 1000 & do it twice. Real motorsport racing history.


Ummm.... what about the XS engineering R32? It won the GTR Challenge years back and is being rebuilt for Redline Time Attack right now by a mostly Cosworth team and Mike Kojima.. Check out Motoiq.....


Jerricks r32 from meister suspension in the u.k should be in there its EPIC


It really is so hard to choose, most of these GTR's are all legends in their own time and in different fields. like the HKS Drag 32 made history way back when, and now heat treatments has made their mark in the present. is there a way to vote for more than just one lol.


Most of the racing improvements you see in the R32 were born from the Winfield R32 Team. So they HAVE to win!