Midwinter Meeting>> First Look

After my visit to the 10th edition of the
Midwinter meeting organized by Team VW Speed I noticed that going low is still a big
thing. The event attracted almost 1100 cars and 2000 visitors. For lots of
people, this is the first event to show off their cars after the winter period. But I
also missed a lot of the familiar faces and the cars. Afterwards, I spoke to some friends and it became apparent that a lot of cars were still hibernating or were in the
middle of new builds.

But there were enough new faces like this
awesome MKII on BBS wheels.

I also spotted this familiar face that I
spotlighted last year. It still attracts loads of attention with its awesome
attention to detail.

Zero-lip anyone? The owner made sure that
there aren’t any mistakes about the type of this BBS wheel.

The MKI came in all shapes and sizes, some
owners went with the old school feel while some went with a more modern

This car attracted my attention right away,
especially because there was a crowd gathering around it. But the crowd wasn’t
there for the stance or how low it was, or were they?

It seemed that the owner misjudged one of the
bumps on the parking lot and destroyed his sump in the process. The end result
was that the oil started to seep from under the car and had to be brought
home on a trailer.

This MKII looked even lower than the brown
MKIII but he drove away unscathed. The wheels on this car came from a Renault
although I’m not sure which model.

Volkswagens really do come in all shapes
and sizes.

This latest generation Golf had a set of
Schmidt wheels. I wasn’t completely sold on the overall look but I still wanted
to share it with you guys.

The Alphards are still a popular choice on
the newer generation Golfs. This particular Golf had some nice blue accents
that really added to the look.

It even had this small pinstripe design on the
door pillar.

This was my favorite MKV at the event. It
just looked very clean and nothing looked out of place.

Airbags allow the car to lowered to its lowest, allowing the audi wheels to tuck into the arches.

Half way through the day, a friend of mine dropped
by with his V10 powered Audi R8 Spyder. He just recently swapped the original
wheels for these ultra lightweight 20″ OZ wheels.

I was amazed at the amount of MKI’s that
showed up, none of them were alike. This cool red one had a set of original
Pirelli P slot wheels.

The best stance belonged to this Golf MKIV.

The arches were perfectly filled by these
old school Porsche C2 wheels.

Another familiar face was this MKI that I drove and spotlighted back in October last year.

In a corner at the parking lot I found this
little gem.

The Volkswagen Beetle still attracts me, especially when it is as immaculate as this one.

I still have part two coming and two
spotlights so if you like your Volkswagens than you’re in for a treat this

-Jeroen Willemsen

Team VW Speed



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Wheels on the red Mk2 are from a Renault Twingo Mk2


Those Amaroks, so big so much attitude. But so weak. 4 cylinders... of shit....


Love me some VW coverage! And I feel for the guy with Brown MK3... I'm at work and my MK3 GTI is outside leaking oil as well...


"Airbags allow the car to lowered to lits lowest, allowing the audi wheels to tuck into the arches"


The OZ's look so tack on that R8.. Should've kept the standard wheels or gone for something a bit more 'upmarket'....


"Zero-lip anyone?" I thought we had clarified that already...


Lol at moron with busted oil pan. Is he low enough now ?


the black weels from the red MKII are from a Menault Megane RS


The only one I really like is the truck. That thing is mean looking.


Zero lip just looks sooo dam wrong cant even say its growing on me cos i still dislike it as much as wen i first seen it


they are no porsche c2's


Yawn. Wolkswagen. Yawn, Stance. Yawn, BBS. Yawn.


spotlight on the new Golf with Schmidt wheels maybe?



It's hopeless... whatever you do to a Golf: it stays boring mainstream dullness.


its not leaking oil. its marking its territory. Love the VWs. cant wait to finish building mine to this quality.


Beetle attracts me too if it is in good condition


If you don't like the stuff, don't click, and why bother commenting, just hit "back" and carrying on elsewhere.....oh and, yawn using a 5 instead of an S, get an new idea "Deadmau5" *rolls eyes*

Love that crisp white MK1 on black BBS, but I think the Renault wheeled MK2's tyres are way too small(don't think they're Megane RS wheels Jsaenz). I also agree with Smidt on the R8 wheels.....however I love the Beetle and the MK5 on Alphards, just clean and simple with subtle touches.


Personally I believe that the motive of the SpeedHunters movement is to appreciate our RAPIDLY growing culture. There's nothing wrong with anything that anyone does with their vehicles. Hell, I personally think that (even though its not my style) that the VW guys have awesome test. Yes, not all are perfect, but that's the point. its an expression that should be well recognized. We all need to stop bashing and YAWNING and all this nonsense. You just make yourself look very close minded. I have been coming to this site since 2009 because it was FINALLY a site for people of all different styles to band together and discuss our favorite hobbies. From FIA to Formula D to Le mans. This takes so much effort and money to create. If you don't enjoy it go to those single manufacture focused sites.

PLUS BBS wheels are beautiful my dads got them on his E39 and they look awesome.

Moral is people. Just stop the negativity and grow up haha.


hard to beat a really nicely done VW, especially a Golf or a sweet looking Corrado - pity about the sump on that Brown beauty! - really like the Beige coloured Beetle.. lets make sure we get some of the "few & far between" Corrado pics if there was any.. Thanks


hold on hold on. Best Stance on a car that had 1" of poke in the rear and 1" of inset gap in the front?


That's really the best there?



The wheels on the red Mk2 Golf GTI are from a Renault Laguna 2, they are 17" and are known as Luxor or GT wheels, quite a leftfield choice for a Dub. As for Zero Lip, not really feelin it, the orange Mk1 though is gorgeous


Time for part two of the Midwinter event coverage. I'll start right away with this Golf MKIV on Porsche


i think that MK6 looks quite nice with the schmit wheels, something different from the usual vag and bbs!

any chance of some more pictures?!


That dude should really change his oil more often, then again he drives a VW so he probably has jiffy lube do it.