Random Snap>> Tra Kyoto S13

It's always hard to choose a favorite car because there are so many that fit the bill. The problem is that I do not a have a fixed perception of the perfect car. But I do know that once I see a car I can instantly fall in love with it. That's what happened when I saw the Tra Kyoto S13.

I love it for several reasons, one of them being how it changed my view on S13s. It was so different to what I was used to seeing. The Tra Kyoto Silvia is a real game changer and I love it for that.

-Jeroen Willemsen

S Chassis festival 2012

Tra Kyoto S13



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It's so hot that I can even remember that original post head some thing saying about how the look of this silvia is influenced by nascar ... I dont like nascar much and consider it as boring as drag racing but this silvia is just HOT )


those rims are for bro-dozers...NOT s13!!!!!! everything else I'm totally feeling


If I was to build an S-chassis this is how it would be. LOVE IT! Super clean bodykit, Wicked wheels (though they probably weigh a tonne)


I don't really think the rims are for a bro-dozer. I really like them. Overall the whole car is gorgeous.


I don't really think the rims are for a bro-dozer. I really like them. Overall the whole car is gorgeous.


Truck rims? Alright, something new. I like.


Innovation means not being static in what we think or do.

Creativity does not mean asking yourself simply "why?", but "why not?"

The fact this Silvia sits on Nascar rims it's just what makes it so original in a world of good but boring TE37s and CE28Ns.

Originality and style are something very very rare these days, but then someone thinks out of the standards, and voilà.

This car is perfection.


Very masculine feel to this car. Like a 240sx and a Muscle car got it on. I kinda like this one too.


Need a desktop of that.


A quintessential Japanese sports coupe, that is (Style Wise) influenced by American GoodOlBoy Racing. Its soo off the wall that just works so well for the entire globe.

Being Open Minded to the All Things is the only way for things like this to be possible