Car Feature>> Evo Ix On Sydney’s Streets

As soon as I think of Mitsubishi EVOs, I think about all the different styles and ways people modify them. From time attack, drifting, drag racing and circuit racing to clean, appropriate street cars such as this. In the hands of modifiers, the EVO is a truly versatile platform. For this month's Street Cars & Sleepers theme, I uncovered this gem that prowls the streets of Sydney, Australia.

Being a street car, this EVO IX isn't built to crush opponents on the track. But that doesn't mean it isn't extensively modified either. Its spec list shows just how much has gone into this car, with a who's who of Japanese brands represented. 

The EVO is owned by Sydneysider Wei and was built by IS Motor Racing, who have forged a strong reputation amongst Australia's east coast EVO enthusiasts.

From the rear you'll spot a genuine carbon Voltex Street Vision II diffuser…

…Along with a Voltex 1500mm Type-5V carbon wing.

When IS Motor Racing's owner, Indy So, handed they keys to Charles for our photoshoot, the first thing that caught my attention was the EVO's ominous bark. The IX runs a Tomei manifold, front pipe, down pipe and titanium Fujitsubo RM-01A Ti exhaust. 

If you take a closer look, you'll notice that Wei's EVO is now wide-body, thanks to a full complement of Voltex aero that includes Cyber Street Vision front and rear over fenders…

…Side skirts… 

…And front bar, which also includes Voltex canards.

The mirrors have been swapped for Ganadors.

Like the Cyber EVO, which influenced Wei's build, the IX runs 18-inch AME TM-02 rims that are made through Enkei's MAT process. Behind them you'll find AP Racing 6-piston brakes and 365mm rotors.

The rear brakes have also been converted to AP Racing 4pots. Some quality rubber was also chosen in the form of ADVAN AD08 265/35 tyres.

The 4G63 features 272 degree Tomei camshafts, adjustable pulleys, retainers and valvesprings. The rocker cover and spark plug cover are carbon pieces from HKS Kansai.

The boost controller, earthing kit and timing belt are HKS items…

…Along with the blow-off valve. 

Cooling is handled by an HKS oil cooler, KOYO 53mm radiator and Blitz Type-LM intercooler.

A Colt Speed intake shroud surrounds the Monster Sport suction kit.

The original shocks have been swapped in favour of Tein Mono Flex coilovers. These are supported by a host of Cusco components that include: front member brace, three floor braces, rear trunk brace and a pair of swaybars.

Giving the front some more support is the chunky HKS Kansai front tower bar.

The front seats have been replaced with Brides.

In front of the driver is a MOMO wheel and the HKS EVC5 boost controller…

…Along with three Defi gauges for oil temp, water temp and oil pressure. 

At first glance, Wei's EVO IX flies under the radar thanks to its plain white exterior. But as you can see, looks can be deceiving as this EVO IX features numerous top-shelf improvements from the Japanese aftermarket. I certainly wouldn't mind having this as my daily driver!


IS Motor Racing

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Lovin' It...Very well executed!!


Probably not 1st!


Someday, when I'm older, I want to get up one day, enter into my garage and see a car like this. Maybe with more "sleeper" styling, but not much.


IMO this car doesnt really fall into the 'sleeper" category. It looks more like a full on time attack car with a full interior.

5 expense spared! Very sexy, I would happily own that!


If that's a sleeper, I'll go it for chasey!


I love it except that the massive canards kind of spoil the sleeper look.


agreed with lazlo.


LOL at the "drifting" wheel. Cant beat cheap and i bet it works just fine.


Thanks to SH i've started to kinda like EVO's...geez SH thanks alot! Dope ride...


Cool looking car, my only gripe is why is there canards on a street car with a full interior?!


Is that steering wheel street legal? I thought taking out an airbag was illegal?


While this is a sweet modded EVO IX,there is better EVO out there to be featured and more matching to the theme "Street Car & Sleeper" like David Buschur Bad Bish which run 9.0's,did reasonable well in autocross and that car IMO represent the pinnacle of how street car can be built.


Sleeper? hahahahahaha


for a street car, this thing is MENTAL


i dont konw if my eyes are playing games but if you look at the cluster

its auto?? and white faced dials .. its an evo 7 GTA


could we have desktops of the 2nd and 3rd shots? please!


where do you buy theses cars?

SO NICE. I WANT TO BUY ONE that is Tuned like these!!!!!

Does anybody know where I CAN BUY THESES KINDS OF CARS?


nicely modified car..

is this car an automatic though? looks like it has the evo 7 GT-A dash..

correct me if im wrong though


IMO,this is not a sleeper.Look at David Buschur's Bad Bish EVO VIII RS.Now,that is a sleeper.Full stock exterior without wing and run 9.0's quarter mile.Not just that,it could autocross reasonably well as well.


Looks fantastic.

Would like to see some shots of this on the track!


@Paul,this is not GT-A for sure.The gauge cluster is Ralliart 300km/h unit.


It's an automatic evo, the GT-A, the dash and engine compartment confirm it.

Nice car, but in my book it's not an sleeper with that exterior.


gt wing, wideboy, canards everywhere

not flying under my radar


Awesome! but not a sleeper


I agree, David Buschur's evo is more of a sleeper and all around beast. Since most of you guys are in socal you could also check out James Reese' evo. Won the RTA street class and is very similar to Buschur's car being that reeese tuning is sponsored by Buschur.


Pretty sure that's a evo 7 gta cluster unit lol


Awesome build,but can be better.Asia have so much better built cars.


how can you replace an airbag steering wheel with one like that and still pass WOF. I did that in my converted holden V6 Holden astra and they said it couldn't be done legally