Car Builder>> Singapore’s Hks Garage R – Part 1

The island country of Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, but something it's not so famous for is its car culture. With incredibly high registration costs and strict regulations on vehicle modifications, you'd think Singaporean car enthusiasts would be few and far between. But you'd be wrong. In spite of car ownership costing up to five times more than in North America, Singapore's car scene is thriving. During my short visit, Speedhunters guest blogger Cheryl Tay suggested I visit Garage R, the Singapore-based HKS Technical Factory. In a custom built facility spanning a staggering 25,000sq ft, I certainly wasn't disappointed.

To begin our two part feature, we'll first take a look at Garage R's enormous showroom. For those that have been parts shopping in Japan, it's similar in size to what you'd find at Autobacs or Cystal Auto.

Singapore is a famous shopping destination for tourists. So perhaps you can leave your partner at Orchard Road while you run wild here like a kid in a candy store. 

At the far end of the showroom were a variety of carbon hoods on display…

…Along with plenty of different seating options, including a couple of limited edition Brides. 

 One aisle was dedicated to Ganador mirrors, Voltex wings and mufflers.    

VR38 Cosworth forged pistons with their signature green skirts. 

Rather than place individual orders for each customer, Garage R prefers to keep stock of the more popular items, such as strut and floor braces…

…As well as plenty of coilover options.  

I spent a few minutes browsing the various wheels on display. The TE37SL seemed to be quite popular in Singapore. 

Need brakes? Here Brembos rub shoulders with P.Mu and Endless calipers.

Aftermarket brake pads for most Japanese car models.

Like many Japanese parts stores, Garage R's showroom incorporates a dedicated section for you to place orders for any parts they don't have in their inventory.   

As the official HKS Technical Factory for this region, it didn't come as a surprise to see aisle after aisle dedicated to HKS products…

…Ranging from coilovers…

…To turbochargers… 

…To endless shelves of HKS fluids.

 This aisle was for engine oil and Hybrid filters.

Garage R is run by Lawrence and Lester, two diehard motor racing junkies. As one of Singapore's largest tuners, they compete regularly in endurance, circuit racing, time attack, drifting and drag racing.

Their significant trophy haul is proudly displayed in the showroom.

When Garage R relocated to their custom built facility they installed 8 hoists with enough space to work on over a dozen cars at a time.

This meant they required large waiting areas for their customers.

A second waiting room allows owners to see their cars being worked on in the garage.

The second floor houses their new car showroom and offices.

More HKS suspension on display.

This is an iconic car in Singapore: the Garage R/HKS EVO drag car that runs in the 8s. 

Under the hood is a serious twin 'gated 4G63 motor. 

The dash features the autograph of Tetsuya Kawasaki, the HKS drag racing driver. I met Kawasaki back in 2002, when he raced the HKS R33 GT-R at Drag Combat.

Garage R also stock a variety of racing gear and have a close affiliation with Stand 21.

However I don't think this particular helmet is for sale.

The second floor is filled with a variety of cars that are for sale, ranging from stock RX-8s…

…To one-offs like this Garage R edition EVO IX. 

I shudder to think how much this Porsche 911 GT3RS would cost to own in Singapore. Anyone willing to take a guess?

When I visited, there were nearly 40 cars within their compound. So for Part 2 we'll take a look at the best of their demo and customer cars.

- Charles Kha

HKS Garage R



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Sweet place! I could run through there and grab everything for my car I ever needed!


Um, that yellow Evo on advans is confusing me -

I'm somewhat impartial to Evos, dislike three spokes, and hate yellow.. But that thing somehow has me magnetized


plenty of stock in here.. i wonder if they would have coilovers for my car? by the looks of things Yes! - it looks very clean and full to the rafters of plenty of quality goodies - nice intro.. so there's a Part 2 then?


Finally Singapore made it to speedhunter!!!!!!


That GT3 RS is approx. $600,000 (second hand) x $0.80 = $480,000 in America!


No wonder Singapore is one of the most popular touring spots in Asia look at this place!!!!!! This place looks great would never expect that to be in Singapore.


Now thats what I call a candy store


Awesome. But a wallpaper of that sweet red tail of that R35 GT-R is necessary.


man.. thats like the Holy Grail for a lot people, myself included - i'd love to pay it a visit!


I have no idea what a GT3 would cost to own in Singapore - hope you find out


thumbs up to lester.. nice chap and always happy to bring you around his garage.. :)


my God!!!!!! thats the paradaise for me..... i cant speek right now :-0


Certain cars simply don't deserve Advans Three Spoke.

Now we know that Evo IX's are built for them!


Singapore represent! Thank you one again Charles!


That store seems like a death trap, once you go in, it's impossible to leave!


This is heaven in Singapore! I will put it on the list for when I visit!


wow... nice place. would like to live in there :)


Did you guys have a good look a the prices on the shelf? I'm heading to singapore next year.. would it be cheaper buying new stuff from japan or garage R?


oh i'm from NZ too so 1 sgd is pretty much 1nzd whereas i think we're quite weak on the YEN atm.


500-600K for a GT3RS in Singapore.. which is ridiculous but there are some filthy rich people there, theres been spottings of some Zondas and Bugattis around there @_@ imagine the price they pay for those


Dont forget Mr. Wong. Lester's brother.


A GT3RS in Singapore is roughly SGD 600K. US 480K then.


items should be cheaper in Singapore compared to Japan..

@paul: when are u coming over next year?


Amazing. Singapore seems to have a rich car culture.


Awesome place. Just had a tour of there this morning =)


This is ridiculously cool!

So many quality genuine parts : O



I'm coming around late feburary for 7 nights. Why's that? Are you offering free accomodation? lol


That evo 6 dragster is doing 8sec for 300m in Changi. Its actual time for 1/4 mile is 9++. I,ve saw once the car battle in Sepang, Malaysia, it runs 9sec but lose to the pink 180sx from thailand.


Corrupt CF cards. They're the bane of our lives here at Speedhunters. Unfortunately with the high


Corrupt CF cards. They're the bane of our lives here at Speedhunters. Unfortunately with the high


Hello, can i get your address at singapore?
Next week i'm going to singapore, and i want to visit your shops.
I'm looking for a turbochargers bolt on kit for honda fit GE 2008.
Can you email me to for the address and how much it cost for the turbochargers kit.
I'm really appreciate it.
Thanks you


Nice information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us.


Judging from the photos, I did think that this car parts place was huge, and the blog post verifies it. It must be the Walmart of car parts in Singapore.


buddy i want to open a workshop in could u help me for parts


he he