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Besides offering a much more affordable way to own your favorite cars, scale models can allow you to build stuff that might not be feasible in real life. Take this scale Evo X for example, which has been outfitted with the front end  (and rear end) from a Golf 5 GTi. This custom creation comes from the same talented builder that did the EK9 Civic I posted a few months ago.

If someone were to build this in real life it would spark plenty of heated "discussion". Is the same true for its scale counterpart?

-Mike Garrett



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But why would you put in all the effort? It just looks like a Jetta. It's not like the sides/roof of any modern sedans differ much.


doesnt look that bad of a car imo

id have to see it from the back to make a proper judgement


@john....because its awd evo drivetrain yo!

i dont think there would be a heated discussion about this, just a toy no harm to an actual evo no foul


I might make a body like this for my RC drift car :D


i dig it it probaby came about as him not being able to find a vw jetta ( no not golf ) scale model but even in real life i wouldnt flame him , if he wants something and can execute it nicely why be hating ?


It would be so rad to see this done full scale i would have never thought it would look so good.


<3 the HI plate. 808 represent


Yes, it's the same for its scale counterpart. It shows how much this lame fad has evolved. I don't know why so much people drool at slow cars that touch the ground, equipped with big wheels and ridiculous camber, and not to mention the silly amount of tasteless stickers on roof racks that have random bikes on it.

Kudos to the guy, though. He has lots of skills and patience for this scale model stuff.


Nice build, looks OEM.

When you can do that, you can build anything.

Many great builders started in scale models, and many still build scale models.


Nicce touch with the Hawaii license plate.


Get this garbage off speedhunters please.


Might be better if it wasn't Hellash*t


Excellent modelling skills, but stupid camber is stupid, even to scale...




GTI or GLI ???


As a scale model: YES! As a real life car: NO!


I wouldn't even call it an evo golf, more like a lancer golf. Most of the aesthetics on the evo's are on the outside and inside. Most people watching that drive on the streets if it were real, would just assume it's a golf. It's a pretty tame looking car. Put an evo wing and some other bits and it might start to look sillier and show it's real colors.


Props on dudes skills, but it looks like a Hellastup!d jetta. Why won't this fad die already?