It’s strange to think just how quickly the year has gone. As of today, there are only two more rounds left in the 2011 Formula D season and not one driver has a cinch on the championship. Like last year, it can really boil down to the last event at Irwindale Speedway.

The guys from ASD Motorsports have released a video of their campaign at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle. Manning the camera has been a new face to the Formula D media circuit, Zak Kerbelis. And from the looks of things, Zak has quite a bit of talent under his fingertips.


Speedhunters FD Seattle 2011 Coverage 



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1:39 of nothing before you even see a car drift, out of a 3:05 movie. I guess commercial. I love the footage you guys all get, but really wishing I could see something, oh, 15 minutes? 20 minutes? I'm starting to be over the 3-minute ADD-style collages.


I admit the v8 is good to drift with.... but it's almost getting so boring with a lot of people running v8's. It used to be so cool when you could distinguish what car was what just by the sound of the motor. Also the sounds of turbo's spooling and BOV's blowing off.


Stopped watching halfway because of those horrible V8's... There ruining D1 for me.


I wish they would highlight some more cars other then Falken or/and team NFS cars.


Awesome video. Eventhough a little slow at the beginning.


All Star Dash? haha


I was like :O the whole Video.


@ Carnage

this video is for ASD who builds and preps the 4 Falken cars in the video. if it wasnt an ASD car or a race in which an ASD car was running then why would they show it?


It's good, but it still beats the hell outta me why Speedhunters posts this video on the main site and not other people's. Simply because of sponsorship deals or something? It's not exactly hella entertaining...kinda slow really. And doesn't really actually give me any idea of what the hell happened. D1RGE is right, the whole clipclipclip vid style is getting played out. True editing skill is when someone can cut together a piece longer than 3 minutes and keep you hooked into it.

I also find the whole "epic" movie soundtrack music thing a little much.