Random Snap>> Tec-arts Ae86 N2 Project

When Charles asked me what my favorite AE86 was I immediately said the Tec-Arts Ae86 N2. The car started its life in 2001 and I remember seeing it in Turbo Magazine the same year. After that it was sold. The car hasn't stopped evolving after that and still raced in 2010. For me this car is still one of the best built AE86's in the world. You can see the progress of how the car evolved on the Tec-Arts website right here.

-Jeroen Willemsen

AE86 day 2011

The original story shot by Dino



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sick looking from the outside. but if you check out the "original story" you will see that this is built quite poorly. The harness and fuel cell are mounted most dangerously, and there is almost no attention to detail....things like hoses running through the firewall with no grommets or a bolt in cage with no X-bracing!!!!

Also they lowered the engine by using a dry sump setup, but then mount the fuel cell at least a foot higher than usual so as to make room for the insanely sized diffuser.

Still, the engine is pretty sick and it looks pretty cool :)


truly one of my all time favorite 86's along with CBY's !!!


Haven't seen this pop up in along time


Its my favourite '86 too! So Radical yet it retains all its"'86ness"


i remember this one.. extreme!


this corolla gets down to business