Random Snap>> Do We Have Your Attention Now?

Why yes. Yes you do. Speedhunters readers in Sydney may have seen this giant billboard near the airport of the Toyota FT-86 II. I believe the version here is the concept that was shown earlier in the Geneva Motor Show. Anyone else getting excited?

- Charles Kha



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you would be correct to believe its the FT-86 II concept, cause it says so on the billobard bottom left :)


I hope Up Garage gets one when they come out, to campaign in D1GP.


it's certainly not the ugliest car in the pipelines...

I wonder what running gear they'll end up with?


there's one in Melbourne too. I love that billboard because it's Toyota publicly admitting that the cars they make at the moment are boring as bat poo.


sooooooo damn excited!!!!!!


I for one cannot wait. I'm curious to see if Nissan will have a response to this. I'd love to get my hands on a more compact dieted g.


Less concept, more reality.

$hit or get off the pot. Everyone is getting really tired of being jerked around by Toyota.

If it isn't a production model, sitting on the showroom floor, with a price sticker on the window, then it it's just more PR BS.


i drive past this sign twice everyday...and everyday im more inspired by toyota "doing it right" again finally


Why yes Toyota - after years the cold felling of abandonment may be thawing and you have my attention. Don't F* it up.


If it's still supposed to be a competitive reasonably priced car, i'm probably going to buy one after the first batch is made and the kinks are out


Toyota FT-86 II x Mazda 16X Rotary = Automotive perfection


it kinda looks like a new nissan 350z or 370z!


Only if that is the production version. If so Toyota went straight for the throat and in the consumers case the heart!!! Damn!


Somebody please stop me drooling...


I own a 93 MR2 and no other Toyota has captured my attention more than this... I think its time for an upgrade :)


Nope, It ain't an exotic!!!


Why not use the FR-S?

Is the FT-86 II closer to the production version, I wonder.....


definitely, men this is everyone's waiting for,.. Be Glad Takumi Fujiwara.. Hahah! (^^,)


I dunno if I like this.... looks like they took the FT-86 and fused it with a DB9 and a 370Z. Doesn't look too good imo. It's like they ran out of ideas and started stealing from already successful cars.


yep am all ears.. well i got eyes too! - Plese tell me that the UK market is going to see this car(?)


I do not get the fascination you guys have for the FT-86 on this site?

By the time the car finally makes production, after years of concepts, the car will be too expensive for most of the fan boys who would admittedly love to own one and won't feel that fresh as everyone is already used to it....

....oh, a bit like the Lexus LF-A and Toyota are having a nightmare shifting those.


lol @ flyingfridge's comment.


The original FT-86 concept was just right, now I see fender grilles and stupid led strips in the bumper- they ruined it.


Nope..Cuz it prob won't look that awesome.


any bet says that the car will never make it to the market looking the way it does.

personally i love it, saw it at the Motor Show in Melbourne, but so many cars that have been shown in concepts at car shows and have gone on into production have lacked the 'spark' that the concept version had


"Do we have your attention now?"

Er... that's mean, Toyota just realized the fact that ; They are a boring-to-death designed car manufacturer before. lol


Yes, Yes you do. SMASH.. Crap.


drive past this billboard every night on my way home from work ... touch wood , toyota gets their finger out of the ass and actually put it into production!!!


any bet says that the car will never make it to the market looking the way it does.

personally i love it, saw it at the Motor Show in Melbourne, but so many cars that have been shown in concepts at car shows and have gone on into production have lacked the 'spark' that the concept version had




Sorry not excited.

it's ashame that the numer 86 is in it.

it's nothing like the ae 86 nog love in the car just the idea of making money of it.


It would be news if Toyota had a _production car_ to put on a billboard.


Welcome to your local Toyota dealership. Please ignore the cars we have for sale on the showroom floor, and divert your full attention to these glossy pictures of our concept cars. We will never actually make any of them, but they are essential in keeping you from realizing how bad our real product line is.


hype........it should win a marketing award of some kind.


Then Nissan suddenly Surprises us all.

"Surprise! The New Silvia. Now we have your attention"

It would be awesome if it ends somthing like that. haha.


There is no way in which this is not awesome. I can't wait to see the projects!


Is anyone else thinking the same thing i am. Toyota/Scion always come out with beautiful concepts that have concept like 19" wheels and thin cocktail like head/tail lights, and glittery this and that. But then we get the showroom version, and it has quaint 16" wheels and headlights they pulled off a camery and within a few years time that car which you spent $25k on is now $6K. Get ready for a dissapointment :(


They are supposed to answer an important question - Will they actually sell this car, or not? If they rip off everything when it comes to the production then no thanks I dont need it. Right now it's not that bad, not unique at all, i see Lexus and Nissan in this car, but thats just how modern cars are been made, you can't change that.


will never see production


While it is an exciting car, Toyota should have kept quiet on it. We have been waiting for it for a couple of years now and it still isn't out yet. This certainly does not have the spirit of the AE86. The original was a RWD coupe based on an economy car. This concept is designed to be sporty RWD coupe that most likely be in a price range too high for most economy car buyers.


I was excited about this car three years ago. Not so much anymore. Someone should inform Toyota that you can only play the "teaser" so many times before the world stops caring.