Event>> Time Attack Series – Cadwell Park Pt.ii

Picking up where we left off in part one of our Time Attack Series, the cars were about to embark on their qualifying session followed by the day's final. 

Umar Masood's FD RX7 sounded glorious echoing off the trees as it passed through the Hall Bends.

Cadwell is such an amazingly balanced race circuit – it's one of those places that has a little something for everyone. 

The straight between Barn and Coppice corners sees the faster cars clocked at over 125MPH whilst the Park Straight sees them exceed 140MPH.

Whilst the Hall Bends which lead into the Hairpin provide some fast, flowing and off camber corners that reward bravery and punish mistakes…

… as Marcus Webster found out during qualifying. This however was not the end of his day.

The Seat Leon Supercopa of Gerry Atkinson finished third overall in club and second overall in the FFI sub-class.

Jon Mather's Pro R Impreza STI lapped the Cadwell course in 1:39.862 for second in club and first in the 4FI sub-class.

Taking top honours in club and the FFI class …

… was Romain Levesque in his front wheel drive and turbocharged B20 Honda CRX. I'll be sure to grab you all a spotlight on this car at Snetterton at the end of the year. Romain's fastest time of 1:39.654 would have put him into serious contention in the Pro class !

In Club Pro, Warren Kelly's bonkers fast Escort Cosworth was third in class with a 1:39.120

It was the other Escort Cosworth of David Jackson which took second in Club Pro with a 1:39.066

Topping the podium in Club Pro was Walter Morris and his R32 GT-R Skyline. He navigated hisway around Cadwell in 1:38.971. However, it's the Pro class that seems to grab all the headlines so let's run through the top three pro cars of the day …

… starting with third place. Setting his fastest time in the final on his first hot lap, Paul Doyle brought the K Sport Impreza around in 1:38.290

Despite his off in qualifying, Marcus Webster managed to bring his R32 GT-R home in second place with a laptime of 1:37.576.

Seemingly unstoppable on the day was Gavin Renshaw. 

First to hit the track in the final session, followed by setting the fastest lap of the day on his first flying lap, Renshaw's dominance in his Lancer Evolution was evident. A 1:36.856 was his reward.

Renshaw now leads the Pro class championship with only two rounds of the 2011 Time Attack Series left to run. We'll be catching up with them once more at the final in Snetterton at the end of September.


Paddy McGrath



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Answer this for me- I want to love Subaru's I TRY to....despite all the duchebags who buy one as their first sports car, slap on all the rally-pig stickers and proclaim it is the most advanced unbeatable sports car on the road then oversteer off a cliff....where was I going? O yea, I've driven many Imbreza's and loved them, won a rallycross event in a friend's (1st gen). The balance of the low mounted flat 4 and awd SHOULD be unbeatable- But why do they get spanked in every shootout/ test against EVO's which are by and large front-end heavy? Indeed a question as old as the cars. I liked driving my 1.5G DSM more than a new STi I recently tested...while it was only dyno'd at 220hp it had fighter-pilot seating and LEATHER which I'm pretty sure is why I miss it. Plus better acceleration.


Wow, what a nice mix of cars...love to see the Cossies mixing it up with its newer GrpA friends!!!

Good work wit hthe photos especially the onesd in pt ! showing off the track, I am now in love and will be looking up alot more info about Caldwell. Seems like a real drivers tracks.

Wonder if we can get this in a racing game like Forza Motorsport 4 :)


badass. that cozzy from the rear looked like an e36 at first glance.

the journalism is always great, but how hard would it be to at least upload some sound bites every now and then? exhaust notes can be classified as car porn too, ya know,,,


The first photo is incredible! Great shot man.


Go Romain!


I thought Romain was running a K24 in his CRX now?

Either way it's bad ass! Can't wait to have him map my DC2.


@ rumplestrip the 4g63 is just so much easier and less work to make power and have it last than the EJ motor.


it's not running a K24. It's a K20 that is very close to my heart :) Marginally increase size to lower the comp ratio.


Hey, thats me in the CRX ^_^

I'm actually running a K20 Rotrex supercharged, the plate is just as a reminder of my old built !

Paddy, be sure to feel more than welcome to come and have a word with me or the team at Snetterton (Or Anglesey if you're going) regarding the CRX, we'll be a pleasure !



Ahh it's a supercharged K20.


@Rumple: I'm sure it has slipped your mind but... youtube "gobstopper" and watch some Subie dominance. Roger Clark Motorsports isn't competing this year if I'm not mistaken in the Time Attack series in the UK, and I'm sure if they were they would be #1 as they were with the Gobstopper. They've retired the GC chassis beast but they're building a GRB chassis new version gobstopper which I can't wait for--and that will most likely dominate once again with Olly behind the wheel.