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If there's one topic of conversation that is the talked about more than the weekend's drift proceedings at Las Vegas Motorspeedway, is the topic of the weather. It's hot. And when you're standing out in the sun, its an inferno. Even when the sun is down, the temperatures barely dip down as the heat soaked tarmac radiates upwards. But its Vegas and the desert heat is just as big of a character as the drifting itself in this 6th round of Formula D.

And so here are a few desktop selections from Thursday's evening practice.

Las Vegas, Nevada –a man-made oasis in the middle of the desert. It's a place where dreams can be made, pleasured or broken. 

If there's one thing we photographers appreciate on a night drift event are a set of properly aimed down headlights. Cameras don't quite like it when a set of headlamps blind them….

Luckily for us, there are a few drivers that look out for us humble photographers and aim their headlights downward. Rhys Millen is one of those. 

What's a desktop set at Las Vegas without a bit of neon? Especially when it's provided by Charles Ng and his Evasive Motorsports FC RX-7.

Head on over to the desktops section and grab your Thursday practice desktop selections. 


Speedhunters 2011 Formula D Las Vegas Coverage



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Can't wait to see you guys out there tomorrow! Matt layed down a killer run, and i'm sure Aasbo is saving up something fierce. Thanks to Larry Chen for the stickers :DD


"humble photographers" ??? You Linhbergh ! Especially you, always trying your hardest to sound like a poet. Get a life.


its 98 degrees at night


I'm really liking that FC now.


@ JDMized...LOL... You get a life you fool. Nothing better to do then whine at a photographer for his work, seriously you must be the scum of the earth and a huge sally that really needs a life.... what a tool...


@JDMizedisaTool: Hi Linhbergh's mom, I'm free next week on Monday, you wanna come over and suck my ice cream ?


O M G; O M G! Look, the youtube crowd has landed on with their pointless, dumb, insulting and inconsiderate comments! You people need hobbies, pick up a sport or something, heck pick up on drifting, but stop hatting and picking up on people you don't even know!

Did the people you insult hurt you directly or your families? Then what's the point!?

Humans..... and Linhbregh, you guys keep up the good work and enjoy:)