Did you guys watch this week's episode of Top Gear? If you did then you might know why I've fallen in love with the R35 GT-R again. To add more fuel to the fire, here's a new clip of the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R lighting up the dyno to the modest tune of 1300 wheel horsepower, followed by a drag strip session of consistent low nine second quarter mile passes. The best run of the day was an astonishing 9.05 ET at 166.66 miles per hour.

I'm not sure what else to say other than "wow".

-Mike Garrett



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Astonishing launch, imagine that turning up at the lights next to your ferrari


So much win!


woooowwwwww too gooddd...........


I still don't care about V6's in Nissans no matter how much you make it look like Gundam Wing.


9.0 from 1300 horsepower is not that special at all, must be extremely heavy.


omg....thats insane, i wonder how this would compare to one of the UR TT Gallardo's


Veyron can't win of something lik this ... :-)


great to see two new zealand companies (dodson motorsport and Kelford cams) at the forefront of GTR development


using a dodson performance box?


Where do you guys watch new episodes? Because BBC America doesn't show new episodes till augest 22nd? O_o


@marty, that is so true, other cars run it with half that amount. barring a little weight shedding and such. there are cars running 10s with around 500 HP or so as well. case in point subbies tend to run lower times with less HP than most other cars, from my limited knowledge of course


Marty, this is a full/true street car, on street radials (still had wheel spin in 3rd-4th gear), running in the dead middle of the summer, with nationwide record heat waves, putting down those times and your not even alittle impressed?? Tough crowd on the internet!


Exactly, this isn't a tubbed out drag car, its a street car with drag radials. You can buy this package from AMS for your personal GTR, that what makes it so special in my books.

Show me another car that can do that time with its original powerplant still intact.


Super X, I am at least a little impressed, don't get me wrong! I guess I'm just not a fan of late model cars with their extreme weight and gadgets. In fairness this R35 doesn't appear to be setup as a drag car. If I could get 1300hp into my car id be running low 7s, but I wouldn't be trying to corner hard in it so it all evens out I suppose.


Nice. Any other track besides 41 and that would of been 8sec pass. Add that into the fact 1 of these kits is going into some of the wta cars in australia and I am dam happy...

Oh and yes this was done in record heat and humidity that chi town is know for...