I was casually browsing the interwebs earlier when I came across news that Renault has claimed a new lap record for a production specification FWD car around the Nordschleife. A lap time of 8:07.79 was more than good enough to beat the record which, incidentally, they already held. The car used was the new Renault Sport Megane 265 Trophy and with just 265BHP on tap, it puts into perspective just how much of an acheivment this is. This 'grocery getter' lapped the infamous circuit quicker than a host of other so-called supercars …


Paddy McGrath



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Faster than NSX-R?! Wow. How is that possible :S It looks easy to drive too!


F1 drivers make F1 cars look easy to drive too.


you are mistaken with NSX-R the last version of the R did it under 8 min with Gan San Driving.

= 7:56 for the NSX-R" target="_new" rel="nofollow">

please correct your article.


Production Specification Honda NSX-R, August 2002 - 8:09.xx Sport Auto Magazine - Source -, Wikipedia - PMcG


Thats incredible. It looked a little squirmy under hard breaking but definatly easire than tring fo rthat time in a nsx or a m6


epic effort! sounds like someone is eating a bag of crisps on the front seat tho...


Since when was the NSX-R front wheel drive?


Well can we get a Nissan badged one here in the U.S. plz?!


On should also note that the record was held during only the car's second lap out on the Nordschleife.

Moreover, tires were worn and the road was still damp under the trees.

I wonder how many sec could be shaved of the record with perfect conditions.

The story will be featured in a future EVO magazine issue.


Here you can see production car lap times.

I Mean Look what's behind this Renault: RS4, Viper GTS and IS-F just to name a few. :o


I don't think that is exactly true

V8 Impreza Spec C 8:06

Thanks for pointing that out, ammended. I believe I might have been looking at the time for the Cosworth variant? - PMcG


Big ups to this guy. Bravo, bravo.


sounds like someone is eating a bag of chips ("crisps" if your from the UK) in the back seat..


Why did you pick sports auto source as primary mark? Gan San ran that under a Honda sponsored event with TV and mag journalists around to make it official. Maybe you're only aloud to pic english publications? Regardless I would like to know the reasoning.



Maybe its The Stig...


It´s revving over the red line. Ant what´s the red light on the dashboard?


NSX's are RWD


Renault Sport Technology powaaa!!!


I was once taken around Spa-Francorchamps in a Megane RS with a professional driver behind the wheel and I was amazed at it's performance.


Renault really knows how to make a hot hatch! Only French cars I would ever like to have, Clio RS and this one. This is actually very quick if you look at the other laptimes, a lot of cars embarrassed by this one hehe.



It's not, that's the whole point of what he is saying, that a FWD Renault beat a RWD NSX-R


Tyres used are RE050A...incredible


beat all of these, its still really ugly tho -_-

Audi RS4 – 8:09

Porsche Boxster S – 8:10

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX – 8:11

BMW M5 E60 – 8:13

Mercedes E63 AMG – 8:13

BMW M3 E46 – 8:22

Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 – 8:22

Ford Focus RS – 8:26

Honda S2000 – 8:39

MazdaSpeed3 (2007) – 8:39


they should sell those cars in the US... ;)


Very entertaining run. The driver knows how to control his car, and the Renault yielded great results.


Compare a FWD car with a RWD one!? FF with Mid-engined!? That's like comparing a crane and a truck! Anyways... Big ups to this guy with the Renault.

As far as the track record for Nurburg' isn't the Pagani Zonda R the current record holder with its 6:47 lap time?


Fuck I hate how people call that a "LAP" when it doesn't even mean the simple definition of the word.

They omit one of the straights from the lap time because they're carrying over convenience (no out/in lap) habits from testing. Without omitting that, by my rough count is around an 8:20 lap.

Still a fucking quick hot hatch though.


We need a new thats actually fast.


omission of a straight???

I dont think so. He starts in the pit lane, and if you notice, crosses a white line in front of said pit area...did you not notice him driving flatout down the massive straight?? lol, then diving into the first 4 corners before stopping...making it a full lap. ;)

there was more time to be had in that lap i think! crazy performance from such a car! he clipped the apex in quite a few spots where its quicker not to! and still ran a crazy time!

do want.


Thumbs up to Renault Sport for turning a dull car as the Megane into an awesome sports car, keeping alive the spirit of the "pocket rocket"


Man that's one fast hatch! I remember like 5 years ago if you mentioned record breaking FWD, there was only one brand that came to mind: Honda. Next to amazing motors, amazing FWD cars is just what they did. Nowadays though, if you mention record breaking FWD, I think of Ford, VW, and Renault, (and Mazda if you give me another moment's thought) and for good reason. All those companies make stunning cars. Honda... well, they're still stuck in 2005. And as far as I can gauge, it's not gonna change any time soon.


Judging by the yellow tach, I'm guessing that this is as close as it gets to being a Ferrari produced in France..


The "Ring" is about the balance between speed, handling and driver ability.

(And yes we do need a new CTR).


Given a few more laps and a fresh set of rubber, I'd say the car is capable of a sub 8 lap. Don't see why they didn't go for that when they're that close.

No idea who the driver is or how well he knows the track, but he does loose some valuable speed by entering some of the fast corners a bit too wide and slow. Also seems to be wrestling the car too much, scrubbing off speed several places. Maybe I should rent one and have a go? :P