Event>> Wörthersee Tour Part 5

Here is our last look at the show we know as the Wörthersee Tour before we start showing you some of the Spotlights from the event. I’ll start with this VW Polo that has been built in a typical German fashion. A flashy color, low ride height, small wheels and a chromed engine bay.

How about this Audi 50 that greatly resembles the VW Polo. They were even made on the same assembly line as the Polo. I really liked the overall appearance and polished moon discs.

I loved the Corvette wheels on this four door Golf. The owner also shaved the handles off the rear doors.

A typical Europcar haha. This Corrado was a bit over the top for me with all its gold but I still wanted to share it with you guys.

I found more gold in this engine bay that belonged to a Passat if I recall correctly. The owner even gold plated the driveshafts and the suspension arms.

This engine was more to my liking. I found it in a MKI on a street in Reifnitz.

The perfect Corrado in my opinion. Too bad I couldn’t get a clear shot of the front. It had a set of yellow headlights that worked nicely with the white exterior.

It takes some guts to roll on pink wheels but in this instance the owner gets away with it. Or maybe the car belonged to a woman who knows?

I expected to see more people from the UK but I only saw a handful of cars that made the journey. This MKIV sat very low on Schmidt wheels and had a two liter FSI turbo swap.

Another MKIV this time from Italy with a different style.

Hard to see but there is a side exit exhaust just in front of the chrome wheel on this Golf MK3.

Seat had their own pavilion and brought this Ibiza SC Trophy with them. It has 1.4 liter TSI engine with 180PS.

This cool caddy also made the trip from the UK.

Baby blue and red never looked better. I wouldn’t even consider bringing those two colors together but I’m glad somebody did.

Big chrome wheels really suit the Passat CC especially when those wheels are from Bentley.

It looks so simple but it is in fact very hard to get it just right.

A tried and tested formula on this MKII. Like I always say, never change a winning team!

This Audi B7 was on airbags and had a nice set of OEM S4 wheels.

Being low has a price as this front lip shows. The owner told me had several lips at home to replace this one. So he didn’t mind.

I think we’ve seen this extremely low Audi TT previously on Speedhunters.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos and stories just as much as I enjoyed making them. It really is a one of a kind event and I’m already looking forward to returning next year. In case you want to book your visit to Wörthersee, the 2012 dates are May 16-19. Hope to see you guys there!

-Jeroen Willemsen

Wörthersee Tour

Wörthersee Treffen



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Nice photo's, amazing golf with the two liter FSI turbo swap btw. Simple but nice


That MK.II Golf with the pink BBS rims is from SLOVAKIA !! :D That;'s the first car from my country that i've seen here (: , , all these car look good tho; owners must have put a lot of work into them


were there no sciroccos or did I miss them all?


You seem to get chrome and polished mixed up a fair bit, the Audi 50 moons are most likely chrome and the MK3 with the side exit exhaust's wheels are polished.....just me being picky ;)

Anyway, love the old school stuff, we need more.....we also need more engine bays, especially super clean ones!!!!

Bring on PT6!


so many nice looking cars. I wish I could make it to such an event like this. One thing im not a fan of, is the bentley rims. Each to their own i guess


love the 1st pic.. Derby i think. love the colour of the Corrado on Gold wheels but don't like the finished look, silly front bumper. The white Corrado is just right. - The Seat looks mean too, some wonderfully detailed MK1 Golfs seemed to have attended. - Great coverage and photos in all Parts, thank-you for the overdose as promised.


The owner is a guy btw ,,


Excellent stuff Jeroen! can't wait for next year!


Great photos! Thanks for that! Just one thing: The turquise Polo on the first picture is a VW Derby which is based on the Polo. ;)


Wait, on that shot with the gold plated engine in the Passat... Why is it turned around? Was it RWD?? o.O That purple and gold Corrado really is a bit too much, but I'm not gonna lie, I like the color combo. Otherwise, the Audi 50 and VW caddy from UK are amazing. Great coverage!


i think the first car is opel kadett c, not VW polo


i think the first one is opel kadett C ,not VW Polo


feature on the Audi 50!!!!!!!!!!!


Ultimately, it comes down to preference, but I say the Audi TT is the sharpest of the bunch. By that I mean these pics, NOT the entire Worthersee show ;)


Come on, to get the right feeling brought to us you should have showed some more pics of the hords of drunk white trash guys and the evening shows ''gummmmmmiiiii'' burnout stuff is missing.


The B7 is an RS4 and the wheels are chromed MTM Bimotos.


Do we really need 5 parts to this feature? A lot of these cars can be ignored.


first pic is VW Derby MKI; the Derby MKII was also known and sold as Polo CL ( Classic) - notchback... number of units Derby MKIII : 500 ... then there was...but thats another story...


I am waiting for desktops! Great coverage


First car is a Derby NOT a Kadett


Desktops, yes please! Great stuff, never get tired of seeing how people go low over in Europe.