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The 89th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb came to a close. 2011 will forever be known as the last year of the dirt and the year where a Monster came, conquered and left. With the ten minute barrier was finally broken, we can finally our fond farewells to the gravel.

Since next year’s hill climb, the 90th running, will be a whole different ballgame, Larry and I have a collection of desktop wallpapers which highlight key spots throughout the mountain.

This shot from Larry takes place at the bottom of the mountain. This is the area acts as the pit lane during race day. From this point on, at 9,390 feet, there’s only one way to the mountain…

…up. This shot of Monster Tajima was taken at Gilly’s Corner which is sits at the altitude of 10,900 feet.

Not too long after Gilly’s corner, you enter the mid-section of the mountain. Here’s Rhys Millen climbing up the W’s…

…which continue for quite a while…

…and a while.

The W’s end at the 16 mile marker which is the start of the upper section of the course as demonstrated by the visually amazing Dacia Duster. 12,780 feet and climbing….

Here’s Rhys Millen cresting over the Upper Gravel Pit. 13,060 feet in elevation.

Entering Mile Marker 18, 13,380 feet.

And of course, what’s a desktop set from this year’s Pikes Peak without a desktop of one of the coolest cars up on the mountain: this SEAT Leon Supercopa. Not too far from this point is the summit and the finish line, 14,110 feet.

So head on over to the desktops section and grab your selections.


Speedhunters 2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Coverage



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Oh come on! Just one with the Duster?


Can we have more Duster wallpapers please? XD


Great shots,

I wish I could have been there. I dont usually like EU vehicles but that supercopa is hot!


please please stop going on about the ten minute record being broken, hardly relevant considering there's less dirt


Those are sick! Thanx a lot.


awesome pics as always ! I would also like some more desktops with the Dacia Duster if it's possible ;) cheers mate


impressive sir


where is rod millen's?!?!!!


Thanks a lot! tho i'm sure you guys have many more impressive desktops for us!


SWWWEEEETTTT!!!! what an awesome collection of desktops! thanks guys for the great coverage and pictures!




awesome pics as always ! I would also like some more desktops with the Dacia Duster if it's possible ;) cheers mate


Yes I have to echo the sentiment, more Dacia Duster Pics please!!! Lets make James May Happy!!!


Seconding the comment about less dirt. The ten minute barrier was for a different course. If this was Gran Turismo, you'd have Pikes Peak, Pikes Peak Reverse, Autumn Ring, and Pikes Peak 2011, and none of the best times would be interchangeable.


We really need the side shot of the Crawford Performance STI from the day 2 post!

And please some more Seat love.


OH-MY-GOD, this is why i love speedhunters!


when i first saw a seat leon in south america i fell in love. that is one of my favorite ff hatchbacks. i wish we could get them in north america. that dacia looks like a beast!


love those desktops!!


BEAUTIFUL work!!! That early morning light for the practice sessions is amazing.

Race day was in full daylight (like the shots on my site). Not as photogenic, but sooooo faaaaaast!!!