Behind The Scenes>> Inside Cyber Evo’s Shakedown Test

On Monday the Cyber EVO completed a shakedown test at Fuji Speedway in Japan before it's loaded into a Sydney-bound container for WTAC.

Tomei's Allen Lorenzo was on hand as the Cyber EVO's new setup runs a host of Tomei hardware. Allen was kind enough to bring his camera to cover the behind the scenes for Speedhunters, and also wrote this intriguing report. It's not often that you get this sort of access in the lead up to a team's major race. 

The shakedown itself didn't go exactly to plan, as bad traffic delays heading to Fuji Speedway meant they lost some valuable track time.

You may remember that at last year's WTAC, the Cyber EVO team experienced terminal engine failure after one of their camshafts broke. The car's owner, Takizawa-san, had to urgently source new engine parts – which isn't easy when you're in a foreign country! The whole team then worked around the clock to completely rebuild the engine, install it and tune it at Haltech HQ on their 4WD Dyno Dynamics before making it back onto the track for the final day's racing.

Despite the problems, the Cyber EVO team smashed the Eastern Creek lap record (along with the 11 year V8 Supercar lap record) to take the WTAC 2010 crown.

The team are working tirelessly on the Cyber EVO, with a looming deadline for the car's shipping to Australia. The team had to install the new turbo too.

This year, it is sporting a fresh new engine with a Tomei 2.2L stroker kit and Tomei Procam camshafts. The cylinder head work was also done at Tomei, along with Tomei Berry Ring seat rings, Tomei valve guides, intake and exhaust port corrections as well as the revised, slightly larger, turbo. 

The all-new dry carbon roof for more weight reduction and to lower the centre of gravity.

Here you can see the new front fenders that the Cyber EVO will be using when it returns to Australia.

There have been some noticeable changes in the aerodynamics department. Nakajima-san of VOLTEX has spent a lot of his spare time taking this car's aero to the next level.

Here's a look at the new side-skirt design. This is just the top half…

But where the real magic lies, is under the car. The VOLTEX and Unlimited teams spent a lot of time tweaking the floor. The wood you can see will not remain; it was used to gauge Tarzan Yamada's feedback before a final decision is made.

Those who were at WTAC will remember the rear wing tore off going into Eastern Creek's fast Turn One. The old C-West trunk lid is gone, and in its place is a new dry carbon lid with reinforced wing supports. The Unlimited Works team nicknamed the rear trunk 'the Guillotine'.

This photo was taken by Rod at WTAC. As the team were 5000 miles away from their home, they used whatever they could get their hands on to improve the flow of air beneath the car and around the skirts. It's actually roll-cage protection foam.

For this year, they have created a new skirt design that will contribute more in conjunction with the front fenders.

The components tested were prototype parts before the team fabricate the final components for competition. 

It's certainly an intricate design.

Here's a closer look at the skirt and floor extension. 

While the VOLTEX team were working on the EVO…

…Tarzan was locked in discussions with Takizawa-san.  

This is what the front diffuser looks like, which combines with the flat floor and rear diffuser to create downforce.

It certainly is carbon art! On the left you will see the carbon ducting…

…Which draws air from the front bar straight to the oil cooler.

WTAC has similar tyre regulations to the Japanese time attacks, so there are greater restrictions than in the United States competitions. The Cyber EVO runs ADVAN semis.

Without giving too much away, Cyber EVO diehard fans will notice that there are slight additions to the front diffuser…

…Which you can see the team working on here.

The VOLTEX crew were using Tarzan Yamada's feedback regarding the benefits of the new end plates.

As you can see, the Cyber EVO team take aero very seriously.

Here Nakajima-san works on the diffuser.

His tools of the trade.

Compared to the old design, the new ones are much more complex.

Owner Takizawa-san was on site to manage the team.

This will give you a good idea of how low the EVO is. 

Tarzan waited patiently…

…As the team completed the final checks.

After a lap, Tarzan returned to the pits to provide feedback…

…So adjustments to the throttle and ECU could be made.

There are still a few more things that need attention before the car is packed in the container to head Down Under. With so many new cars debuting for this year's event, it will be very interesting to see if the Cyber EVO can defend its crown. Although the car has been 'retired', this inside look at their shakedown shows they are very serious about winning this year's WTAC.

- Allen Lorenzo and Charles Kha

Photos by Allen Lorenzo, Tomei Powered Inc

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Thanks for the comprehensive writeup Allen, I love technical stuff like this!


Excellent write up guys, thanks a lot. I think I'll go work on my car now ha.


Saw this car about a moth ago. It was covered in dust and stuck in the back of the garage at Unlimited Works.


Beautiful aerodynamic work. I'd hate to see that nose dip into the dirt.


daymn VOLTEX.... on of the most aggersive kits ive seen on a Evo!


I see a Cyber Evo and I want to paint it colors anymore I want it to turn black.


Awesome post ! Thanks for sharing Allen and Charles.


What an incredible machine!!


this car is far from "retired""


Should be interesting to see what the competition has in store for Team Cyber.

Best of luck to all.


great article. this is exactly why you should NEVER run knock off crap on your car!! VOLTEX putting in work!


Front splitter*


Wow! Badass!!

It has a number plate?!!! :b


Awesome report Allen, very inspiring! Bring on WTAC at Eastern Creek in Australia!


Front arms pointing downward, isn't that supposed to be a bad thing for handling ?


What happen with Subaru TOMEI CUSCO It will race again?


Quite an impressive effort for a car that's been 'retired'! Thanks for the insight and the shots!

43 days to go! (Yes, I'm counting them down, WTAC is Sydney's BEST car event)


Love this car and team !! Good luck at this years WTAC


Thank you for the Behind the Scenes article Allen. I've been a huge fan of the Cyber Evo (HRS) car for the longest time. I'm kind of confused as the car is being "retired" yet they're still developing plenty of parts. Looks like this years WTAC is going to be a DOGFIGHT!!!!!


Super lapper king CT9A overdozzed


Great article. I'mn surprised they're going to so much effort on a 'retired' car though. Seems like a lot of expense for one even here in Aus...


Proper speedhunting. Feature of the year?


Soooo sick. I wish I can daily drive an evo with aero this aggressive. ha


Tony240Z & JDMized: You're welcome, thank you for the compliments

Jay Taylor : It's a retired hobby car that only comes out to play once or twice a year. Tomei is around the corner on Route 246.

Rondogg: Tarzan only drives clean with this car and ours. Not the rest.

Steve G: thanks! See you there!

Subatfun: that's one of the reasons why the car is retired. ;)


Nice, the attention to detail remind me of F1, why don't they run a Rear diffuser tho?


Nice to see them getting serious about the aero. That's the part where time attack cars lack the most compared to real factory-prepped GT cars.


Great post, I enjoyed all those details on the aero parts.


1. Legendary car;

2. This thing is slowly but surely morphing into a DTM racer I can just about see more wings on the rear fenders and cutouts;

3. Need insane skill to drive this car freackin' fast and without damaging it.

4. Who said that low is no go?


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