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Hey guys I hope all is well with you! I’ve been pretty busy as of late, getting my new life in Stockholm set up. I’m not nearly as focused on writing articles for Speedhunters as I once was, especially now that our Editor-In-Chief Charles Kha is running the show. Most of the time, I just get to enjoy reading Speedhunters as a hardcore car fanboy… it’s certainly my fav web destination on the internet and I likely spend more time on this site than any one else on the planet!

Two nights ago as I was reading through the latest batch of articles and I made some observations which got me thinking. As I scanned all of the amazing event coverage, photographs and features on Speedhunters, I noticed two trends. Firstly, it seems like we’ve recently been running a heavy number of stories devoted to sliding, and secondly there is a very strong dominance of Japanese car content on the site right now.

This slight imbalance isn’t any one’s fault of course, it’s more a case of how our event coverage has lined up for the past few weeks.

So with this in mind, I woke up this morning with a strong motivation to whip up a quick blog post to pull the story balance ever so slightly in a different direction.

And so ladies and gents let me present to you a quick spotlight on the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. This is a car which is new to the 2011 GT racing season and certainly had our full attention at the recent FIA GT3 European Championship event in Portugal.

I’ve seen the Pininfarina designed 458 Italia street car a few times in London, but this was the first sighting of the GT3 racer and what a car it is!

The 458 has a sleek, lightweight, almost feminine look to it, which bucks the trend towards the bulbous, inflated designs we’ve been seeing from most car manufacturers in recent years.

The racing body kit, add-on wheel arches and aero flip-ups add extra purpose and aggression to what is otherwise a very pretty machine. Also notice the unique spoke designs on the Motegi Racing wheels.

Ahh Italy, there is something about this country that gives such a unique understanding of style. The rest of us can only watch… and drool.

I’ve noticed that many proponents of the Stance scene like to declare that Form>Function. I can see their point and enjoy a good slammed, chassis-dragging car as much as any one. However, other people in car scenes around the world are more bought into the premise that Function>Form. That is, what ever makes a car go faster has to take priority over style.

However the Ferrari 458 Italia has acheived something that so many cars before have failed to do.

It perfectly blends together Form and Function…  These two elements are perfectly balanced out.

And with a pole position and second place result from GT3 Portugal, it’s pretty obvious this car is extremely quick, right out of the box.

But it’s the fact that the 458 GT3 achieves its speed with so much style and flare which makes it truly special.

It’s a machine that a lot of racing teams are starting to fear in GT3, but at the same time, I’m sure all people can’t help but love this car just a little bit.

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Yeah.. the drift content was getting out of control.


Uuuh! Ferrari is on fire with this one!


great write-up.. love the rims on No. 50 & 21.. the perfect balance of Form & Function.


totally agree with the comments on the recent content, there is a wealth of amazing stories to be told rather than the same ol! The rear of the 458 doesnt sit too easy on the eye for me, seems a little wrong.


The Stance scene obviously doesn't know much about racing cars are always as much function as they can, and the worldwide tuning scene was born to emulate Stance fellas will agree that they're pretty dumb...

Oh and this car is pure sex, and it's not because I'm italian, but cause if you look at supercar scene there are very little examples of the same brutal violence of the 458.


I love it, I'm working on my own rendition of it in FM3. Its an absolutely amazing machine, and I can't get enough of it.


I hate drifting. there i said it

Love this article!


Why was there no coverage of the 1000km of Spa this year? The first race for the new Audi R18 and Lotus Evora GTE and there has been almost nothing on it. No qualifying no warm up no race. Sort it out! Not everyone is JUST interested in FIA GT3 because you are sponsoring cars there. More motorsports!


Who cares about the function and form malarkey when all that matters is driving to the limits,? Also only when people can have a closer look at the cars at the grid and pits, and on the track, it's only a red streak of lightning. Anyways, things do have their purposes.


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nada mas que decir.


Best post yet!


yea i gotta say it too. drifitng is long boarding, anyone can get the hang of it and be some what good. but real racing is like skateboarding, technical, a right and wrong, a clear winner and losers


great post! could you guys start covering the Rolex Sport Car series? The Daytona Prototypes and Contenintal Sports Car Series are great and I would love to see a larger following in those!


Nice Ferrari post. I'm not a drifting fan either and if I never see another S chassis again for the rest of my life, it would be fine. You guys gotta start covering other events. I was hoping we'd get some more Rallycross coverage, US or Europe. And I second the Grand Am coverage too.


Nice car.....and you can never go over-board with drifting...its an amazing and very technical sport...much much harder than anything else u'll do in a car


Why is there no spotlight on the SLS AMG GT3 yet?!


Function>Form forever!!


those wheels looked like BBS's....


Easily one of the best looking race cars ever made, and I'm not a big fan of Ferrari either.


I love reading comments.

Readers Bashing other scenes or motorsports is very ignorant..

And confirms my beliefs:

There is little or no respect within car enthusiasts, or lack of REAL car enthusaists for that matter.

Like the dbag saying if he never saw another S-chassis again in His life hed be fine.


Next Gen. Fewwawi!

Shrink wrap body... no excess phat!

The undercut at both fenders is becoming the new standard.

Michelotto did a fine job btw.


"there is a very strong dominance of Japanese car content on the site right now"'s always been that way. Thanks for the change-up though, this is far more my thing.


Love sports cars, but where is the substance in this story?? Form follows function, your got the aright. You don't tell us ANYTHING about the car other than it looks cool (Yes) and you are more interested in it stance (Its a race car!). Tell us about the car!

Please ask others like John Brooks, Jonathan or Andy to do Car Spotlights in future, Much more info.

Ralph - I do not think Michelotto did the GT3, they developed the GT2 version