Car Feature>> Tatsuya Fukui’s C35 Laurel

Amongst all the turbo charged vehicles I came across at Meihan Sportsland, this mismatched C35 Laurel was one of the cars that really caught my eye. It's owned by a young fellow by the name of Tatsuya Fukui, who is the Subsection Chief in the Manufacturing Department for RS*R. 

One of the reasons why I was so hooked on shooting this particular car was that there aren't many new Laurels that get driven at drift events these days; they tend to be the older C33 models. This current one is a 1998 C35 Club S which has been resprayed Mitsubishi Airtrek brown… well parts of it anyway.

Obviously wheels play an important role in a car's appearance, and Tatsuya decided that his Laurel show have a set of Work shoes. Up front are the gloss black XT7s, measuring 18×9.5-inch with 235/40 Advan rubber.

The rear wheels will look no doubt be familiar to you: CR Kais that share the same width, offset and tyre size as the front pair. 

Of course, being a grassroots drifter means the car has a few marks and dents. But hey, that's part of the learning process right? 

The C35's rear bumper remains standard while the front and rear aero have been changed to a Big Win body-kit and D-MAX front fenders.

Speaking of the interior the insides don't quite look as clean as what you'd expect a four-door sedan to be. What would a drift car without a 360mm Nardi Classic steering wheel?

Let alone a full set of Defi gauges to keep an eye on all the important things. 

The Laurel's factory engine has been retired and taken over by this Nissan RB25 with a single turbo conversion. I bet you weren't expecting this!

Thanks to a Trust TD-06 25G, the 2.5 litre pushes out an aggressive 460ps. Of course the turbo doesn't magically pull that kind of power figure from nowhere, and the RB25 also features Tomei camshafts, Nismo 555cc injectors and A'PEXi Power FC. As for the cooling, a Trust oil cooler and intercooler have been installed. 

Suspension-wise Tatsuya has made himself some custom coilovers from RS*R.

Not forgetting the RS*R strut brace which helps this big car be a little more precise on the track.

The front brakes have been upgraded to VFactory calipers and rotors. 

The car may be mismatched but I'm sure it will look good once all the aftermarket aero gets a fresh splash of paint, but for now the car still looks mighty tough on the track. And nothing beats a 4 wheel lockup!

Finally a shot of Tatsuya Fukui, a true drifter at heart, standing by his trusty Laurel. I'd like to thank Tatsuya for his time and effort and allowing me to shoot his car.

-Casey Dhnaram

RS*R Japan

K-Tours 2011



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So good!!


Ok, the big 4door drifter style is really catching on to me, and the addition of the Tamiya sticker on the rear window wins me over. I love this car!


meeean! i love laurels its nice to see a more street looking one


Dope car. I find it funny that it still has the wood trim in the dashboard.


'RB25 with a single turbo conversion' - From what? All RB25's are single turbo from the factory. Only the RB26's are twins.

The car looks raw and well used, pretty darn cool!


like whats going on under the bonnet - would like to see it when its all done and dusted tho'.


^ There was a twin turbo Rb25? this is news to me and most probably to Nissan also .... Sexy car though!


doesnt quite look like an rb26, but the car looks great


i am an actual real housecat. after taking a bong-hit i SWEAR i can type in english for 60 secmeow meow meow meow meow


Seriously?.. What is so special about this car? Common, banged up, mismatched panels, exposed wiring. I get that it gets driven but... seriously? Is there nothing else?


where can i get an RS*R crewneck? lol

too bad we dont have laurels here..would be a really sick platform for some crazy swaps (titan motor?!)


cool, love grassroots


Graet car :)


Another broken car.... This is NOT cool -.-


Haha If a Nardi classic makes a drift car than my buddy's honda civic must win FD events. Lol I have one on my S13 too. Awesome car and shots. Also though, the RB25 came single turbo. The RB26 was the one that came twin turbo. You made it sound that way with "single turbo conversion." Either or awesome C35! Definately the coolest one I've ever seen!


"Speaking of the interior the insides don't quite look as clean as what you'd expect a four-door sedan to be. What would a drift car without a 360mm Nardi Classic steering wheel?"

Maybe a drift car without a nardi wheel?

Meh, nothing special, you always cover cars like this. Why not try and cover something thats not mismatched with different coloured panels.


@ K.C.C. the reason this car is special is be cause their are not many 35's that get drifted.

i think it is very nice.

and is he seriously that short or is her on his knees? lol


I love big sedans.....i wish to own a jzx90 or chaser one day 4 sure


NiceTamiya sticker, I bet this dude runs a mean counter-steer rc car too.


To all the people above that think they know everything, if you take a close look at the cam covers you will notice this motor does not have the notches at the back of the cam cover which normaly indicate an rb25det, so this motor would be an rb25de non turbo with a single turbo conversion


where can i get info on how to do a single turbo? thanks


This website is about car culture. Why the hell do all the cars here have to be picture-perfect show cars or million dollar race cars? Fuck you guys


Some people here are not liking this mans car thinking this guy is trying to be like everyone else. This guys from the motherland, Japan pioneered this style-- not to mention, the sport. Car tuning is something Japan will always have on lock. It's uniqueness is often imitated, but never duplicated. This car is nice.