Gallery>> Fredric Aasbo’s Shakedown Test

“This car is fun to drive!” That was the first thing Fredric Aasbo said when he pulled his helmet off, having just completed the TNFS Scion tC’s shakedown test.

The location for today’s test was Willow Springs International Raceway. This was the first time the new Scion – which was a ground-up build by the Papadakis Racing team – has turned a wheel in anger. Although tensions were high, Stephan was surprisingly calm…

…While Fredric was champing at the bit to get behind the wheel.

Fredric’s been heavily involved in the Scion’s build, with his focus on making the transition from his Supra to the Scion as seamless as possible. One area he spent a lot of time learning was how the Scion’s clutch and transmission behaved.

A lot of feedback was exchanged between Fredric and Stephan. A new driver and a new car is a huge hill to climb, but the team made some really positive progress during the session.

There were some minor gremlins that were addressed, but the Scion was able to hit the track regularly to give Fredric as much seat-time as possible.

The crew had all the necessary tools on hand, but thankfully there were no major issues that required their use!

After a few shakedown laps to make sure everything on the car was running right, it was time to kick the Scion sideways. From the sidelines Fredric looked very comfortable in the driver’s seat.

Racing first, food second. The team made the most of the track time, meaning that lunch was relegated in favour of dialling the car in.

Both Stephan and Fredric agreed that this was a successful shakedown. The team is already back in the garage working on some improvements from what they learnt today, before the cars are brought down to Long Beach tomorrow afternoon.

Fredric’s all smiles!

– Charles Kha

Photos by Larry Chen and Charles Kha



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ehhh.. great build but I rather see a Supra then a tC.


I'm sorry but that tc... not so good looking. missing the old supra


Lovin it!

I said last season that I would like to see Fredric in Foust's car, and this is almost as close as it gets!

Lightweight, car ftw!

Good luck Fredric! Skal følge med i helja! Kan du ringe å vekke meg så jeg kommer meg på jobb? :P


supra was waaaaaaaay better


Any of you guys know what helmet is that?


OMG get all these TC's outta here! >:(

What motor is that? Looks like a turbo 4 banger...


Simpson helmet? Lykke til i helga fredric!


Nice car, Hope there's one day,you can play in China


It's a 2AR-FE. Turbo four-banger with variable valve timing


Cristi: It's a Simpson Bandit

I actually really like the TC. The Supra was übercool, but not really as competitive as the driver. This car should be a lot more reliable, allowing Fredric to focus 100% on the driving. Really looking forward to this weekend!


LooOOoks good!=) Gleder meg til og følge med i helgen!!!! Lykke til med ny bil og løp Fredric!


yeah I have to admit it looks cool, but the supra was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BETTER


Damn that subway looks good!


what engine are they running?


what engine is it running O_O


Papadakis is a bamf, have to agree on liking the supra style a little more, but nevertheless this scion is sick and 100% mean


Glad to see Frederic getting used to the new platform. Although I am with everyone missing "Chucky" I couldn't be happier for Frederic getting his opportunity this season instead of being plagued by low resources and budgeting. Chucky will be back someday...


kinda wish he was still rocking the Supra since their don't see to be that many out their at the pro level.... but then I guess a built to order FR scion is frankly too good an opportunity to pass on... actually I'm more shocked its not V8 powered so kudos to them for going against the trend.


I just struggle to like rwd swapped cars. It looks cool no doubt, but I've got a feeling that the majority would prefer to see a Supra smoke machine killing giants. Is it a Scion motor or a V8 swap?


I just struggle to like rwd swapped cars. It looks cool no doubt, but I've got a feeling that the majority would prefer to see a Supra smoke machine killing giants. Is it a Scion motor or a V8 swap?


Nice Ride buddy!

Men du trenger spindler i fra indre siggerud ;)



That Scion looks awesome! Good luck to Fredric, he's so talented driver and so nice guy he deserves all that he's got and is getting! And the right place for the Supra is some every-mans-class, it was so beaten up in dozens of competitions Fredric made in it :)


Love it! Great pictures! =D


I would like to have the first photos as wallpaper please!! =D


Chomping at the bit


Looks like everyone prefers the Supra! I agree.


Seeing as this is the ONLY Big $$ 4 Cyl in the Comp and their downgrading from a Nascar Engine... Can We get an In-Depth Look at the build. I would love to see what this car is made of, from Oil Pan to ValveCover, P/S Pulley to Diff Cooler...?


a rwd scion now theres a recipe for infantile street fail


This looks great!! Good luck this weekend Fredric and Steffen!!!.. Fy faen d er såå kult!!


"This car is fun to drive!"

First time anyone has ever said that about a Scion tC


FUCK SCION!!!! Fredric! Please. Supra come back :(


Norwegian power!! viking!!


Glad to see Fredric with a proper team and solid backing this year. Its going to be a great year.


He will hopefully do even better this year with this new beast!. But i did like the supra alot more. But hey hes got a ride for 2011 that could bring him the championship title so its full steam ahead for this car. They might have had found it har to find sponsors for the supra as its no longer a new car, would have been nice though :).


Preferred the Supra.


no one wants to see a scion drift car, this is so lame




Rad. I'm feelin this


TC is cool and all but im tired of seeing scions being swapped to RWD, Bring the Supra back!!! 2JZ FTW!


i really like the car and it's livery. and the lip on the rear wheels is boss!


No front bumper in the second last photo. haha. Very cool car, just wish the street Tc was FR as well.


looks nice... but where's the supra :'( ... it looks prettier


you guys also don't seem to understand that if scion is sponsoring him then they want him to run a new scion. That's how it works. it would be silly of scion to fund a whole season and not get any brand recognition out of it.


So, imagine the scenatrio....

a)You want to run in Formula D. Scion, Papadakis, Team Need for Speed and Hankook come along and offer you an all new full-season ride, take over from one of the top drivers, one of the top teams and with a chance of the championship.

b)The alternative, using your old tried, tested, but tired car , having to fund it yourself, which might net the odd Top 8, but not really win....

What would you take? Be truthful....

How many of you are in competition?


liking this tC overall - the Supra 'was' "big things", but you gotta move on sometimes! seems like the shakedown went well at least!


BorgWarner EFR turbo!! Nice!


aasbo no dude ok the tc is nice n all but daym dude bring back the supra its waaaaaaaaaaay betta than the tc


hey lets all change up our driving platform every year...also wheres the LS7?


great photos!


Dang. When a V8 swapped Formula D car is posted everyone complains its a V8. A Borg Warner turbocharged 4 cylinder engine/car is built to order for Aasbo everyone complains its a TC. Hey, at least its not a V8, right? Loved the Supra but would also love to see the progression of turbo engines back in Formula D.



Will all of you stop crying about a broken Supra, and at least say congrats for driving his ass off last year and getting a factory Works ride?

Jesus you haters not only prove yourselves very infantile with your comments and manners, but look and sound like complete loser a$$#oles too.

Congrats Frederic, you absolutely deserve everything. The car looks better than Tanner's, now go tear Formula Drift apart!


I'd like to know how many of you are horrified at all the AWD converted cars currently running in the WRC right now.


its seems the the engine is has a direct injection, there's no injector and fuel rail on the plenum intake

GO fredric!! shows all of us the four banger can beat the v8 invasion in fd


i hope all this RWD conversion fuckery has been serving as a test bed for toyota and how they should build the suspension on the FT-86.

they have no excuse to build a shit car now.

Let's go Aasbo!


what's Need For Speed's obsession with the Scion about anyway? it's a front-wheel-drive "sport" coupe, now it's been turned into a RWD drifter, and an AWD time-attack monster, both as far from their factory counterparts as possible.... it's turning into NASCAR


The Stig painted his helmet to match his car. What the hell!

@ Rod

I am. They should really ban AWD converted cars. If it didn't come from the factory that way, it shouldn't race. WRC is becoming the new NASCAR!


Lykke til kompis!

Dette klarer dere! skulle ønske jeg var der og så på:) Følger med ikveld :)


Yeah supra was cooler.

However cool don't win championships!

And we all want to see Aasbo destroy that bloody Mustang. Last JR couldn't beat Dai now there will be Aasbo added to that list.


this guy is insane,a great driver !!!

i'm very happy to see his talent opening the doors of a factory team

now, beiing a supra lover, i think it's sad he's not in a supra anymore...a new one should have been built


This base should be the engine of the FT 86


yeah im still happy fredric didnt go v8. but like many i did love the supra.




yep, it's the Simpson Bandit, i race with a guy that has one, although it's not as cool as Fredrics.