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Our good friends at Classic Ford magazine seem to operating on the same wavelength as us recently. Back in January they asked could I pop along with one of their staff writers to a run event organised by the Irish Escort Club. Happily this just happened to coincide with our March theme of 'meets'.

The idea behind the event is simple, everyone gathers at a pre-arranged location before setting off en-masse on a journey taking in the best roads in the area. We left the Speedhunters Ireland HQ at around 8am last Saturday morning to rendezvous with the IEC who were meeting at a hotel in the West of Ireland. The route was top secret and little did we know of the route ahead … 

Setting out from the hotel, the thirty-plus convoy of Ford Escorts skirted around the small town of Ennis before venturing into the mountains and crossing the Burren region, a limestone landscape that really is like being on another planet. I was raised a Ford man, so chasing this convoy and listening to the sound of Pinto engines echoing across the landscape was just pure bliss. 

The majority of the cars present were of the MKII variety but every car had something special that made it stand out from the crowd. You can obviously see how rallying has influenced the majority of these builds, each car containing some sort of a reference to an era where Ford dominated the World Rally stages. 

Even this Series 1 Escort RS Turbo was able to join in the fun. 

Having crossed the Burren and reached the west coast, it was time for a brief pit stop to allow people to refuel and share their experiences of the previous hours driving. 

The next stage of the route would run south along west coast of Ireland … 

… where the scenic roads became narrower, faster and smoother. This route would take us past the infamous surfing destination of Lahinch before passing over the tops of the Cliffs of Moher before reaching our final destination at Spanish Point. 

The pace of the convoy was considerable, even driving a car some thirty years newer than some of this flock of Escorts, it was a major effort to keep in touch with them, let alone to get in front to capture them as they passed by. 

My colleague at Classic Ford was finally introduced to the old Irish saying of 'If the crossroad's empty, give 'er plenty' … 

After a long, long day's driving we eventually reached our finish point where the hotel had kindly sectioned off their car park to allow this convoy the opportunity to cool off together in evening sea breeze.

Simon was keen to capture the details of some of the cars that caught our attention during the day by asking the owner to talk him through the build of the car. 

With the sun just dropping below the horizon, it was our time to hit the road and retrace our route home under the cover of darkness.

You can check out the full feature on this event in the upcoming June issue of Classic Ford magazine, in shops on May 4th.

Oh and before I forget, Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh ! (Happy St. Patrick's Day !)


Paddy McGrath

Classic Ford 

Irish Escort club



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great pic of the rs2k getting its slide on, looks proper.

any chance of some wallpapers?


La Fheile Padraig shona dhuit freisin Paddy, bainim ana sult as do chuid phiosai ar an suiomh seo


Would love to see these cars over here!!


Man, I love these classic Fords. I wish they would've been sold here.


i have seen some ford escorts around here, they all gather at this one place

called the SALVAGE YARD


So much WIN!


It was a good weekend, managed to see a fair bit of Ireland too!




Paddy McGrath? LOL! Great post, great name all on St Paddy's day!



Whats that gas station called???


YES this is exactly what I needed today. So many great cars here, small RWD cars FTW!


The yellow Escort got the right stance!!!


wicked.. even spotted my mate's old Mexico there.. nothing better than a Escort MK1 or MK2 going sideways.. - thanks for a good quality post!


" Keep Her diffin till the tires are missin' " great write up paddy


" Keep Her diffin till the tires are missin' " great write up paddy


I wish someone at Ford USA was on this wavelength!

Only choices in America are:

1. Mustang

2. Rolling toasters


I get so disgusted when I look at these sweet lil cars we never even had the chance at.


decent escorts? NONE FOR YOU

AWD fiesta? HA!


Sweet rides! remind me of the older ra celicas in some shots. TOYOTA <3


Great cars. Great pics.


Why oh Why did I sel my red 2 door MK1 Eski to buy car parts for another car!!!...........!!!

I will never get over this.

Awesome read, beautiful cars and roads!


British Fords are so cool!


Nice gathering of classics. I'm really missin' my Mk. 2 Escort!!


That looks like awesome fun... Makes me want to move there and get an Escort just to participate!


A wallpaper of the white Escort sliding would be perfect for the weekend :-)

Great cars ! :-)


Lovely stuff as always Paddy, looks like ye got in the Corkscrew and a good bit of the coast road in as well!


Nice! Any American classic Ford mag would be full of Mustangs and such. Nice to see people restoring and enjoying what in America would be considered a lowly econo-box.


New driving mantra : if the crossroads empty...