Event>> Hks Premium Day 2011 – Pt2

You know you are in Japan when the selection of cars in the parking lots can rival the actual car line up of the event itself. This was precisely the case at this year's HKS Premium Day, which is why I just had to spend quite some time taking a closer look.

As soon as the 2011 (or 2012 if you are in the US) GT-R hit the dealers, sales of Japan's supercar considerably picked up, everyone waiting for the improvements that would make it so much better than the 2007~ car. I think I counted 8 new cars, easy to spot thanks to the new front bumper with wider grille and LED DRL's and of course the new design forged wheels made by Rays.

On the other side of the scale, the CR-Z has also been a runaway success for Honda!

You may remember this one! I did a spotlight on this car last year and it was good to finally see it out in the daylight rather than at Daikoku every time! Surely one of the hottest NSX's around!

Among so many R35 in all states of tune it was…

…this one that I had to check out in detail…

…the 2011 Egoist version, a car that will set you back $182,000! Performance wise the car gets some additions from the SpecV like the titanium exhaust system as well as the carbon rear spoiler and lightweight Rays wheels…

…but it's the special leather trimmed interior that differentiates this GT-R from other R35. There are 20 color options and this one had light pink seats against a dark red dashboard. This is as far as I dared go.

There was so many that I really did lose count!

If you are wondering why tuners and parts makers can't seem to get enough of the CR-Z…this is why!

The car has been selling so well it has created a growing market for tuning products…

…and even if the majority of CR-Zs in the parking lot were pretty much stock, there were a few that had been fettled with.

A little bit further down I hit the all-wheel-drive club with a nice line up of Imprezas.

The STI R205, the most memorable drive of 2010! If you look closely you will notice that it's running TE37SL.

A few GVBs in there too!

And on to the Lancers.

TE37SLs again!

This owner must either race this car in the Super Taikyu series or take his sticking very seriously! Loving the silver RE30s!

And how can we not give some love to the older generations, like this 5! This and the 6 still continue to define what an Evo is all about for me. 

Club CT9W, where "W" stands for Wagon…

…and the line up was impressive…

…to say the least! Seriously Mitsubishi, what on earth are you waiting for, give us the Evo X Wagon!! Am I the only one that is surprised at the lack of this omission from the CZ4A?

The Legacy and Outback has its own massive following in Japan and I was surprised to see so many new-gen cars.

Audi grille anyone?

I don't know what to look at in this picture, the three pimped out LSs or the GT-Rs on the higher level of the parking lot!

This is the Fujimura Auto Z34 demo car. Not sure what it was doing in the car park but it sure looked nice just sitting there!

I have no idea what kind of aero kit that is but I spotted this car on the highway down to Fuji in the morning, certainly has presence!

I'll end this stroll through the parking lot with an image of this first-gen XP10 Toyota Vitz. It looks like it's ready to enter a Vitz Cup race!

Next up some on-track action!

HKS Premium Day 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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i agree, the Evo 5 and 6 were the best


Another pointless feature.

We've all seen by now those cars (modded and non).

HKS events have been around for a while now.

Tell what exactly what are your "insight" in this feature?

I'm appaled they pay you to do this kind of coverage!


Love this reports :D


Alex your an idiot, this is speedhunting at it's best. I found it utmost entertaining seeing some awesomly presented, well tuned street cars.


Alex quit being a dick. If you don't like it then don't comment. And thank you very much for the post! I enjoyed it :)


maybe one of the best posts :D POST MORE !



If u were livin in Japan, these events would be ur daily bread. After a while u'd get sick of eating bread.


Can you please make photo one available as a desktop?



But most of us don't live in Japan. So we're not sick of it. If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to read the stories...


I loved the feature.

As someone who has never visited Japan and doesnt get to go to these sort of events, it is great to see so many awesome cars in one place.

Love that Fujimura Auto Z34!


Lose,* not loose

And you used the same CR-Z pic twice, just a heads up though.

Oh, and the 911-killer finally has the same level of luxury as the entry level 911 in a $188k package. Hooray?


I don't live under a rock yet, I haven't seen these, so I'm very grateful for them.


That is awesome! Thank you!


Awesome Cars. And I agree with you, Mitsubishi, put finally a Evo X Wagon in the market ! And on that picture with the 3 Pimped LSs, I take the GTRs :D Skyline FTW!


Wagons are sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Please do a spotlight on that Star Wars Z33...it's massive!


so many sick cars!!!!

Oh and the 350z...is that the amuse 380rs supperleggera?! looks a bit more extreme though...but deffinately looks familiar!


That Z33 body kit is the Superleggera by Amuse


I love this story. Keep up the work on car park finds. It is a great reflection on the car culture for street machines. Street cars are just as important to cover as another other aspect in the car scene. Alex your comments are not appreciated, keep it to yourself next time.


?? ??? ??? ????????,???????????.


Alex is a douchebag!


I love the Z20 Soarer in the last shot, and the Pentroof NSX. And I noticed a couple of Z32s over there...


very cool pics!! and I think Alex needs a hug and some attention. It doesn't matter what the post is about, we are here to look at cars and maybe learn a thing or too and this post does just that. So great job to Dino and all of Speedhunters.com for taking the time to put this together and I'm looking forward to more.


Pointless feature? I think every single post in Speedhunters is a true definition of Car Culture At Large.

I salute all the Speedhunters staff for bringing in the latest on what's going on around the world.

They are actually doing a very big favor for people like me who live on a tiny island, where getting lucky means going to car shows and events or something along that avenue - Singapore.

Being a huge Japanese Automotive fan, I get so excited when I see events like these even behind the computer screen. The CR-Z for example. Look at those line-ups! Singapore only have a handful of these, for now. It's definitely growing. Honda FD2Rs, for example are TONS, down here. And still growing,

All I have to say is, Thank You Speedhunters. I appreciate everything that you guys have posted and did just to bring to us the latest scoop, alongside that some of you take hours and hours of flights to beating jet lags just to feed us hungry automotive enthusiasts.


I don't see how any Car Enthusiast could not enjoy stuff like this.

Great cars, great post!



and what's the need for you to comment if you don't like it??? Not everybody is from japan you know...


Thanks for the post


That last z... Amuse superlegerra? I know those fenders have to be it.


:D any more shots of that 350Z? tis be sexy



Better features on this than a random snap of another 'herrafrush' car right. I think it's great coverage on a great event!


plz show the 1-st one photo as a desktop!!))



"we are here to look at cars and maybe learn a thing or too and this post does just that"; so what did you learn?

You guys see a Japanese car with some Volk rims and wet your pants? Wow. Most of these cars pictured above are stock.


alex you need to shut the fuck up.....yeah he does get paid..and yeah we all like....so you go stick your dick in a blender


Isn't that the Novum bodykit on that z33?


In the background of the picture of the NSX, that Swift. Why are there not more pictures of it? Or the FD either!


The Z33 is definitly NOT a Nismo RS380 Supperleggera by amuse. that kit looks totlay different!!


hks usa should have a premium day at buttonwillow


i second alex being a douche


Funy, ive looked at every jdm posting and ive yet to see a.stock or modded skyline 350gt :(


alex, if cars like these seem so common to you living in japan, i don't know where on earth you'll be happy. as far as i'm concerned, you can't get much better than this. whether or not readers live in japan, if you are any kind of car culture fan, these types of posts are what speedhunting is all about. keep it up, dino.


i'd like to have a wallpaper of the 1st picture please! love that scoobies in a row, hihi :)


hey everyone, check out my blog for the video game Forza Motorsports 3!



we absolutely need more coverage of that wagon evo's


Alex, once again I thank you so much for your valuable criticism. I personally always look forward to your polite and well mannered comments, they have become as much a part of Speedhunters as all our talented contributers. Don't forget, we even nominated you for personality of the year!

However, as of late I feel your comments aren't as constructive and as offensive as they used to be. I'm sure that with a little more effort you can come up with much more stimulating inputs, words that will push me to do a better job. Come on, we all know you got it in you! ?????????!

Your greatest fan,



Closer look at s15 in the last pic pls?


Would love to see a crz front grille painted the body colour.


that red evo x is absolutely beautiful


Fantastic coverage Quality, quality quality.


@Alex: Its clear you dont know what speedhunting is all about!


do u guys have some more pics of that vitz? its tits <3


Thats not superlegerra kit on the z33. Not even close. It's a Novum "Fake Widebody" kit.


How drunk was the owner of that white GTR Spec V when he decided to ruin his car with a red dash and white seats? Or is he still waiting for his Coca-Cola paint job to be completed?


Im ashamed to have the same name as this "alex" character. This feature was amazing, my personal pic was the deep red Evo IX. The line up of the STI's was amazing as for the line for GTR's. to the Alex that discraced my name, you sir have no idea what speedhunting is about. please unplug you computer and leave it on the side walk near the trash...Good-Day.


Glad to see that you guys appreciated the look at the parking lots at Fuji but the truth is I could only


Nice photos man, keep up the great work.

If you don't like it Alex, I suggest you find another website to troll on.


in the last pic the car next to the vitz. isnt that the car Super Street did a feature on a while back?