Builds>>500hp Awd Mk1 Rabbit

What do you get when you cross an R32 Golf with a 1984 Rabbit GTI?

You get this incredible build sent to us by Mike from Eurowise in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is another one of those builds where the project didn't start off as an ugly shell of a car.

No, the customer's Rabbit went under the knife as as a fully functioning street machine, complete with this turbocharged 16 valve engine.

The Rabbit would be transformed from a quick, fun little Volkswagen into a truly unique beast of an automobile.

The idea was pretty straightforward. Take the entire engine and drivetrain from a wrecked R32 and drop in the lightweight Mk1.

The VR6 on its way out of the totaled R32.

Dropping the big VR6 into the Rabbit's engine bay was just one the challenges. The entire running gear would be transferred over – subframe, floors, rear differential and all.

Even the interior of the R32 would make its way over.

As you can see, there isn't much left of the donor car.

Ah yes, wiring. The funnest part of any engine swap.

Here's the motor dropped in with the turbo setup in the works. With over 500hp in the featherlight chassis, this car should go well beyond the realm of "scary fast".

Just as mind boggling as the power to weight ratio is the amount of fabrication that's being put into this car.

This doesn't even scratch the surface of this build though. Head over to VW Vortex to check out the incredibly detailed build thread or this project.

Thanks for sharing with us Mike!

-Mike Garrett



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Seen this on the vortex, quite a crazy build! props from a fellow mk1 owner!


This should be fast.....


Although I respect the effort and amount of work needed to do this, I find the idea of a blown VR6 in that tiny old chassis somewhat irritating.


I love this work


Awesome Rabbit will be awesome. I had a '77, it was lots of fun the few times it ran right. 500HP and AWD in that flyweight contender? YOWZA!


awesome Rabbit..hope to hear more of this..truly unique..hey..btw,how cn we submit our builds?..


cant polish a turd... as they say


As an owner of a small hatchback .. I approve of this message !!! lol



As an owner of a small hatchback .. I approve of this message !!! lol



This project is MAD!!!

I like it.


so thats a build how long is the build??

its even better then a hayabusa in a mk1 LOL

keep up the good work

greetz from holland


I'm with Schmuhf, a NA vr in the golf would have been plenty. Its a sick build though either way. Props for keeping the oldies alive!


Blown VR6 = 500hp? Umm...How exactly? I seriously doubt that claim is true. Let's see a dyno when it's done!


LMAO at Monkey! A TT vr6 coming out of shop known for making incredible cars I seriously believe that claim is true and I can't wait to see the dyno numbers when done. Mike (owner of Eurowise) is a great friend of mine and his shop does incredible things. I wish everyone could really see how much work has been put into this project by eurowise


Schmuhf: I curious to hear why you think the build is irritating. Isn't this what everyone would want? An old chassis, light weight and a total sleeper with modern technology under the hood? Hot rodders do this all the time...


The overall weight of the rabbit with the VR6+turbo+tranny+front and rear diff is not gonna be much lighter than the actual R32.

A for effort though.


Zajebiste Kurwa!


love this!!!


LoL at Alex the car is at least 800 lbs lighter as it stands


it looks as a "Monster garage" car


@ Alex

You're smoking some sh!t aren't you?


Thank you for this project!!!! Been out of the dub scene for a while, but man; so awesome to see dreams comes to life w/ this!


These guys to amazing work and hopefully I'll get to see this at the WFC show held at euro wise.


Awesome build!

makes me think of this one:

Polo Mk1 R32

(right lane)


Just saw this Car after leaving school.


Awesome, kind of like my dream vw build of a mark III jetta coupe in blue, with the R32 driveline and a big turbo


my mk1 cabriolet could use the same treatment..


Woaah ! This thing gonna be a monster, thanks for this article.


its gonna surprise a lot of folks.. right out their seats this one.. would love to hear it crank over!!


I saw this thing on stance works this are more pics on stanceworks