Random Snap>> Red & Teal S2k

Inside the S2K movement are a few people that keep pushing the envelope of what can been done to their favorite platform. Some of them build their car's for trackdays and others are building them according to the latest fashion. These cars are beginning to look like the ultimate fashion statement just like this red S2K.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on msutai1's photostream



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This poor S2000 looks retarded. The car itself is very nice, but there's a point where negative camber starts to look unpleasant and stupid. I bet he threw the great handling of this car out the window.

And I'm waiting for the first idiot who goes asking "WaLLlpAper pLzzz!!!11!11" without noticing the Flickr link.


That is the EXACT color on i'm making my SF Winnings for my Z this year. Seeing them on another car just sealed the deal. Candy Teal FTW!



-Scenester Fatlace Sticker

-Stupid wheels that are too big with too much lip

-like 10 degrees of negative camber and lowered way too much so it'll handle like shit

-Fatlace sticker

I gotta say no, this looks like poser garbage.


old news. canibeat has tons of shots of this s2k there at their first class fitment event.


lol crazy mofo (no offense) !


Just because you can...

Pushing the limits? Doing what others have been doing for 10 years? Sitting on a fence? Is he on the edge of a cliff in this photo?


I thought this was speedhunters? Did i accidently log into hellaflush? i mean.. i get that its part of the scene and during shows and stuff the occasional scene car like this gets a picture.. but.. by itself? on speedhunters? no thanks.


This is stupid beyond belief, and I love it. Dopesauce.


Love this s2k, stance of the year at Canibeat...you meant teal not tial, right?


tial or teal?


Desktop please!!!!!!!


Really wondeful car especially this one, would love to buy one if i had the money but even if i did i wouldnt be able to drive it cause im too lazy to learn a manual haha.


That looks soo clean I'm really starting to like the color tial


fasion hunters


looks broken :)




Teal & too much camber for me


simply beautiful.


Poor little S2K.


Miroooo. damn this kids gettin exposure all over!


This looks terrible, I bet it handles even worse.


wow. hatehunters lol. certainly it wasn't the most original thing this website has seen, but who cares? his ride height and functionality is nobodys concern but his own. its made to grab looks, whether you like it or not you're still lookin.


this car is wiggitywigitywigitywgity wack!


Such a great handling car: RUINED!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^I bet if there was no such thing as hellaflush and all this internet trends and this photo was from japan despite its function everyone would have a different opinion.


This negative camber thing is wierd, to me it just looks like broken suspension.


yeah ok he might have ruined the handling but i'll give him his due for being a bit different. yes its a bit posey and impractical but each to their own. marmite???


yeah ok he might have ruined the handling but i'll give him his due for being a bit different. yes its a bit posey and impractical but each to their own. marmite???


Those rims are cool!


A waste of an S2000.


can haters shut their mouth and respect what other tuners with imagination and creativity are doin plz..

beside this car looks amazin


It's so easy to say the typical: ohh too much negative camber..ohh fatlace sticker...ohh teal rims... ohh thats the fucking point!!! its not a track car!!! get over it nazi car boys... why not critique it for what it is.. execution, on point, stance on point, color scheme on point! I can't image how boring this scene would be with just the cars above commenters like...


Omg its dead.




looks crazy with that **** load of camber!!!!!


Why does everyone bag that they ruined the handling of the car? Obviously they know that. Maybe they have no interest in hitting the track trying to make the best time possible, or beat every car out there at the red light. They like the style. Just like rat rodders...Not the fastest, not the best handling, but they like it. what about all the slammed hot rods? why aren't those too low? If this guy likes the style, then let him be. I personally Like this car, though I would never go that extreme with my camber. But, I like the color combo, I like the wheels, and camber or not, the fitment is spot on.

This is like the muscle car vs import crap. We all love cars, but we have our own tastes in them. Thats why you drive what you drive, and others drive what they drive. Why can't we ever just complement each other in the work done to their car? anyone ever stop to think to complement on the hard work it must have took to get the wheels to fit? or get the car that low? It's all about the love of cars and modifying them to what we like. Everyone has different tastes, so why rag on them? I've never been to one, but these stance guys seem to have the funnest meets I've seen, they all love everything on wheels. They love muscle cars, they love low riders, they love imports, they love german engineering, they love gassers, they love rat rods, they love everything and appreciate the work put into them. Of coarse, there are the bad apple that get on the boards and smack talk everyone for the littlest things, but other those punks, that scene is a great group of people. Every culture has bad apples...They're are annoying stupid ignorant people on my forum for my conquest. there are annoying stupid ignorant people on the 240 forums. There are annoying stupid ignorant people on the mustang forums. On the VW forums. On the BMW forums. Everywhere.

why not just compliment people on their work? its not a ricer, its not slapped together. It was flawlessly executed whether you like the style or not.

I like stance, I like low cars, I don't like that much camber, but I still stay it looks great and this guy deserves a thumbs up.

Nice car, s2k man.






Jake4t, you just sound like a grumpy old man with his shotgun...look at all that frustration unleashed in that "desktop please" tease call...you're lameo!! RELAX, find a girl...


I love S2000's. As a matter of fact, my s2000 was fully functional and setup for racing. Sometimes I think about how extreme some folks go and it's really to each his own. 90% of you guys don't even race your cars on tracks (autox doesn't count) to know what the real definition of having a racecar is. So for these guys that love the low lifestyle, this is for them.

And the idiots that dont know, Fatlace has been pushing the scene way before most of you guys knew what style was and way before all the stance sites popped up in 2009/2010. Hell, most of you guys don't even have personal style so it's funny to see you haters hating.

I really wanna see all the hater cars.


@ mandingo, my thoughts exactly. if it were demon cambered or had itasha stickers everyone would be like... ooo its soo jdm and what a trend setter/follower.


i like it. you cant please everyone. 64 impala ss on daytons and hydros get crap all the time from hot rod guys.


yeap sure is the ultimate fashion statement...

lost all respect for this so called movement when i saw a thread where random people would submit pictures of their car for "hellaflush" approval by the admin of the hellaflush blog, just about begging for their car to be "approved" and getting rejected for not having enough "poke", needing moar low or moar camber

whatever happened to building a car for your own pleasure and enjoyment??


stupid asss with the camber he got there........


Great car. Ruined.

All these bandwagoners. Seriously. This hellaflush and demon camber cancer gotta die already.


You guys are fuckin retarts this car is all over the net........HOW many of u dip shits cars have won Trophies or are posted all over the net....???? But to each is own but u cant take shit away from this car its incredible clean n hes running these wheels on a stock body line N DRIVES IT DAILY no pulling NO cutting NO body work SO TAKE THA TO THE BANK....OOooo n P.S The car Handles like its on rails its called (FORM&FUNCTION) as use should no about.....


why did all the fagets that wear ascots start getting into cars


Who cares about this guys handling?? Not all cars are designed to go around corners fast! Stop hating... I really like the mags and the colour: only honda I would buy!


That is slick!


work vs-xx is the best mesh wheel EVER


well put justin.

I can see where all the hate comes from (track junky here), but just because he modded his s2k his own unique way, i dont see why u have to talk his sh1t down. if u got a problem with the car, constructively criticize instead of sounding like a classless ass.

not a huge fan of the hellaflush movement, but the meets are definitely fun as hell


VERY well said, Justin (NudeLobster)

Thank you.


Seriously, why do haters have to come on here and talk shit. Personally I think ths is nice, it's not meant to be a race car. Take your trash talking somewhere else, no one wants it here.


"can haters shut their mouth and respect what other tuners with imagination and creativity are doin plz..

beside this car looks amazin"

Imagination and creativity? Have you never been on the internet before?

I'm fine with a low stance and being hellaflush and all that but negative camber is a retarded trend, and is now getting overdone to the point of being boring and pointless. Also, don't say 'haters gonna hate' cause I would like the car if it was a bit less drastic and so cliche.

However that may be the point I guess.


i got a question for all you haters who fancy yourselves having better taste than the owner of this S2K: what makes you think that you actually matter? it's funny how many of you bitch and moan and talk shit every time a slammed, cambered-out, hellaflush, etc car shows up on speedhunters (or anywhere else for that matter), and yet more and more awesomely stanced cars show up in droves every month. the simple fact of the matter is that people love this look, and are willing to achieve it at the relatively small expense of performance and practicality. don't like camber? can't bear to see a "performance automobile" with less than optimal suspension geometry? cry about it. there's a million open-minded automotive enthusiasts (haters not included) who will appreciate it and judge it properly.



Who doesn't like buying a new sports car and then ruining it's engineered suspension setup just to be a hipster.


Looks retarded.

He's got it all wrong...

this thing is a performance car, it was built to handle...he has destroyed it.

Dude, mrrosado, who cares if he has the biggest rims fitted to a stock body??

That thing will not handle anywhere near as well as decent setup...you know this. so be quiet yeah??


Not what I'd do with an S2K, but still a great car. Only complaint would be to dial that camber back a bit (whatever about the handling, I'm just not a big fan of big camber as far as looks go).

On a side note: LOL at all the hate here! You kids need to get over it.

"The guy's a scenester/d-bag/whatever" Cool story bro, what do you got?


@George-RBcrombie I couldnt agree more. What a waste of a S2K


My god, it looks like it fell from heaven - by that I mean it looks like it hit the ground at terminal velocity.


"WaLLlpAper pLzzz!!!11!11


sad - what a terrible thing to do to such a great handling sports car


To All the Ani- Haters. I think you are missing the point (from most of us). Stance isnt the problem, the camber isnt the proble, hell even show cars arent the problem. Its the fact that THIS website is featuring it. I dont think most of mind when a stanced car shows up in a article about a show or something, its when the article on Speedhunters is ONLY about stanced cars. I love looking through canibeat, but this isnt canibeat. its SPEEDHUNTERS. These cars are not doing any speedhunting. And I dont like all the stupid VIP cimas from Japan on here either. Let vipscene, hellaflush, canibeat,stanceworks, stancenation, or the other 1000 websites devoted to stanced cars cover them. There are only a handful of sites that cover cars made for racing.. speedhunters, ra64freddy, cornerbalance.. etc. We dont want to lose another one to trends in show cars. Thats all. Its not about the car, its about where the car is shown. And when a stanced car shows up on what is supposed to be a race car site.. people are going to hate. IF i went to a football game, and they played baseball id be pissed. I mean sure, i might love baseball, just like the other 50 thousand people in the audience, but thats not what we come here to see. This is our way of telling speedhunters to be careful.


Kris and Justin put it very well.

To each their own, I would rather see scene develope into soemthing with many variations and different takes on things opposed to seeing everyone build one specific platform one specific way. It is fun to see what people are doing in different parts of the world and I think Speedhunters does and excellent job of that.


what a car this man knows style


Sad s2000 is sad. Hopefully once the shocks and tires and suspension joints and rear diff have gone someone can rescue it.

This car has no redeeming value other than a cautionary tale to mature individuals


SpeedHunters Recognizes every aspect of the car world. Wash your hands from the hate and peace be with you. Amen.


Yo why do people talk so much shit? Its up on the site for a reason, like everyone says its a show car and he is on point with everything that hes done to it, color scheme, fitment & stance. Personally this a one of a kind s2k and looks dope, mad props. Theres different catagories from track & show, obviously this a show car, if he wanted to make it faster and handle better he would of done it but he wants looks and thats that. Haters need to stop hating, if you dont like it look elsewhere.


haha hella dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck all the haters out there! rather its fast, slow, high, low, ugly, pretty, i dont give a ratsass. this website is an open minded website for anything with wheels that can propel, even your MOM! so all the haters can go ( F ) themselves because you know when you can't beat them your gunna have to join them. so long gay boyzzz!!!!!!



Reading these comments is actually quite entertaining. Never thought my car would bring out so much contraversy, gotta love it. Also the car is daily driven just the way you see it, 350 miles every single week


My apologies people, I was having a bad day and I made my comment as sarcastic as I could. This car isn't so bad, but then again, I would go for a track oriented setup if this S2000 was mine.


This thing is phat


I like what Paul Miller Said.

the name of this website is SPEEDHunters... it should be dedicated to the Speed aspect of autosport. Been to IA, and a couple other meets and they were fun and cool. but when I come on SpeedHunters I want to see cars dedicated to all forms of speed. I know the old (still here) moto is Car Culture at large. but leave this car to other sites where the milli and 1 photos already are...


How come I keep cording tires on the inside shoulder?


I think at the end of the day, someone can do whatever they want to their car and as long as they like it who cares? Not everyone likes the wheels and negative camber on my s2k but it doesnt stop me from loving it! Everyone needs to stop hating and talking so much crap. Its a beautiful car and just because its not what you would have done does not mean you need to crucify this person for it.


Dumbasses like this make the good case for laws requiring automobile modifiers to be licensed. Anyone who has actually experimented with camber settings on the track will point out that past 5 degrees, braking and acceleration suffer drastically. That car has about ten degrees, and is unable to stop from highway speed in under 1,000 feet, or more than five times the stock specs. Your freedom of expression ends at my nose, or in this case, my fender and bumper, which the idiot driving that car would destroy because he is unable to control his vehicle due to completely screwing up the suspension. After that numbskull kills someone in the car accident HE caused, I hope they charge him with murder. Kill yourself with your car if you want, but the rest of us don;t want to die just because you're a dumbass.