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HKS have once again proven that they really know how to put on a show. The HKS Premium Day started in 2008 as a way to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary but has since grown to become one of the best events of the year. Imagine all those great new demo cars that we have just seen under the lights of the Tokyo Auto Salon out in action through the challenging turns of Fuji Speedway…

…cars that we all know and love!

Over on the drift course at Fuji, amateur drifters where busy getting some practice in, but it all paused after lunch as Orido, Taniguchi and Ueno put on a short drift exhibition.

The Premium Day attracts enthusiasts from all over Japan and just like any other big event the parking lots were filled to the brim with all sorts of JDM goodness. I will be dedicating a whole post to the cars I found parked up!

The winter period might be a time to take cars off the roads, rebuild and fix them up over the cold months ready for the warmer months and new season to begin, but not in Japan. The crispy cold weather and almost uninterruptedly sunny skies (at least in the Kanto area) offer the perfect conditions for time attack challenges and there were two organized at this year's Premium Day, one the Option Speed Max time attack session which I'm not supposed to disclose any times and results on until the relevant Video Option DVD goes on sale…

…and the second, the R35 GT-R Time Attack Battle.  With all of this, plus the HKS Hyper Challenge soukoukai I'm really glad I got to Fuji nice and early to make sure I didn't miss anything! 

Walking through the pits and paddock was nothing short of distracting…

…with such a mouthwatering selection of tuned awesomeness.

We will take a look at the newest…

…and most impressive rides that I ran across…

…plus cars that we have been seeing quite a lot of over this month!

The best part of the Premium Day of course is seeing all of these amazing cars like the Top Secret R35…

…being driven to the limit out on track and witnessing, not to mention hearing, their true potential!

This is a new demo car Top Secret have recently built. It's good to see Nagata-san hasn't forgotten about those old GT-Rs!

Bozz Speed has not only reinvented itself but had a couple of new cars at Fuji. More on this to come.

For a lot of tuners like RS Pantera Fuji is the track that poses the biggest challenge, which is probably why we haven't seen them at a Lap Battle event in Tsukuba for many years. Their FD was one of the many cars using the Super Lap version of the TE37s.

This aggressive Auto Select customer car was parked right in front of the Yellow Shark R34, one of the most extreme GT-Rs ever built.

An image that perfectly portrays the openness of the Premium Day, as people walk around checking out the countless tuner display areas, legendary demo cars drive along next to them. That is Kobayashi-san in his MCR R35.

These kind of events are great places to check out how tuning shops and other enthusiasts modify their cars, a great to get a few ideas for one's future upgrades. A lot of people were checking out the wheel fitment on the Original Runduce GT-R, perfectly demonstrating how to obtain the ultimate stance.

See what I mean about the parking lots! Stay tuned for much more from the 2011 Premium Day!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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So many amazing cars! There's just no way you can't read the rest of the article after those first two pics. Hope there's a closer shot of that R32 in the 6th pic in the following posts.


More of the gunmetal BNR32 with the white TE's and Garagesaurus front lip!


Pure JDM porn! Beautiful machines...

Got any more pics of that white R33?


How lap times???


super awesome post. love that white NSX


Desktop of the Original Runduce GT-R please.


This is wicked, cars are imaculate!!!


Blessed be the Sun!


Wow... I want to go to Japan!




I love that!! owesome event!!

I'm an happy TE37 SL owner (on my S14a)!


awesome . can't wait for more coverage.


Nice collection of Racing cars i love it its amazing.

Thank you for post..


Why was i born in America? Japan's where it's at.


Geeze, you would think a company like HKS would have some more GTR's around for this event, I only counted 17 in the pictures. See any S13's... nope.


the top secret r34 is mouth watering and also their r35 ...i bet it was pure heaven at the event


WOW! Looking forward to much more Dino! Keep up the good work!


Lucky guys! that's an impressive selection of cars! I love that S15!


WOW I am pleased that You guys check out all these events and photo them.. Its above and beyond to photograph the car park, and that is what I love about speedhunters and thats also why it continues to be the first site I visit almost every morning and it also brings me happiness during times like today when im sick... Thank you guys really.. Cant wait for the parked cars feature post em' all and when you think youve posted enough put one more up there for me... a silvia?.. yes a silvia pref. S15



nice coverage


Can't wait!


thats a bad ass r34


i want features on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE RIDES PICTURED! except the group of GT-R's, you can cover those in a group post. the Evo's tho, i want individual features please. Are those all WAGONS!??!!?!?!?! Please and thank you, Dino.


Dino AWESOME !!! Can't wait to see more


Is that a stagea with an evo front end??

What ever it is it looks filthy clean.


want more on white r33 with dtm front lip and white lettering.tq


:O !

Please, I mean PLEASE, do a spotlight of the Garage Mak S15!


Desktop of the 1st pic please! (HKS GTR)


Desktop of the first pic please. Awesome post!!


Great cars!!!


Evo wagons! I want one!


Oh man, I'd love to be there, so jealous!


Sigh just give me a ticket straight to japan


was wondering, what are the wheels on the white S15? the white 7 spoke wheels??? they are way gorgeous!!!


I want one of those R35's from the 4th picture...

But I'd be happy with one of those wagons from the last one... damn, so many of them...


Desktop picture request for IMG_0328


the runduce R35 is spot on!


there isnt that to much people in the circuit .... very strange ... maybe is to cold?


That white R33 is HOTTT!!!!


O M F G J E S U S !!!


feature on white r33 with dtm frontlip please.


awww man thats freakin sweeeeeet! looking forward to see more on the autoselect r34! ><


Those RS-D's are sex!


OMGOMG Garage Mak S15 is amazing.