Builds>>the 2011 Papadakis Tc

With only two months and some change to go until the start of the 2011 Formula Drift season, builders and drivers are already busy gearing up for another year of competition. One the more anticipated builds coming for 2011 is the new Scion tC being built by Papadakis Racing.

There are going to be many differences between this new car and the old. For starters, this one is being built out of the new second generation tC body style.

The biggest change though comes under the hood, where the NASCAR V8 is being dropped in favor of fully built Scion 2AR four cylinder with a turbocharger. Stephan Papadakis says he wants to do something different in light of the V8 invasion of Formula D.

Naturally, there's quite a bit of work that goes into converting a front-drive tC into an FR drift machine. Here's a look at the custom transmission tunnel.

Another view of the interior looking forward from the trunk.

The previous Papadakis drift Scion was competitive from the start, and there's no reason that this one won't be. We'll continue to follow this build as it nears completion.

Thanks to Papdakis Racing for the photos and the scoop!

-Mike Garrett



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realy good papadakis



Major respect for fighting back against the V8 invasion. Looking forward to seeing this getting in the V8 powered car's faces.


Why not just build a car that's already RWD? I dont see the point in this.

It's not like the TC is a great looking car or anything. Is the build sponsored by Scion?


i wonder what transmission setup they are going to run????


sandwichman, sometimes it's about trying to do something that isn't practical, about challenging both the norms and yourself.


hopefully this thing will make some wicked power numbers, along the lines of what Chris Rado & Co. are able to get out of their motors ;)


And FD allow this.


Respect 2 goin bak 2 the 4 cylinder. V8's are ruining drifting!!!


I am sure the tranny will be a 4 speed g-force like before


wonderful work Stefane! greetings from Greece, good luck mate!


@sandwichman. Yes


looking forward to the finished product, i have to give stephan props for going away from the V8 trend and building the 4 cylinder i wish more drivers would follow suit.


wow people dont get how motorsports work do they? its all marketing. win on sunday sell on monday.


Rollcages FTW!


They need to have a different class for V8's! Otherwise this sport will turn into NASCAR!


I thought that FF cars converted to FR weren't allowed to compete, only cars born FR or converted from AWD were. When did that change?


definitely gonna keep an eye on this one!


The truth is, most V8's on cars that come with a 4 bangers will no longer be allowed (most of them). That's one of the many changes FD incorporated.

It is NOT as you said it Mike! Papadakis has no control over that.


Could someone explain why there are so many Scion tc's in Formula D. No disrespect intended, just curious. Wouldn't it be a lot easier/cheaper to use a RWD car?


simple answer sandwichman...

because they can !!

and props to the too, for banning the v8 in favor of a smaller lighter engine ... i hate this darn v8 invasion ...




Its refreshing to see changes like this. Big ups to them for coming out swinging, between the papadak build and tanner behind the wheel I have no doubt this car will be on par once its dialed in. Should be interesting to see how the competitors compensate for the new tire weight/size rules.


bravo, Stephen, bravo. we recognize and applaud your efforts. sincerely hope you do well against the V8 army that is Formula D

@sandwichman: yes they're sponsored by scion/TRD. they do it because they can.


Formula D rules say the harness bar is supposed to be broken into two, with the diagonal bar staying as one? There's def a couple cars in Formula D that don't apply, but why not just do it right?


i dont understand why they are building fwd cars into drift cars either... scion tc looks terrible... its like they are trying to make it harder for themselves to do well... pick a proper chassis and build off that, no sense in this..


If I'm not mistaken sandwichman, papadakis is a close teammate of tanner foust's as part of the rockstar drift team, and both are sponsored by scion racing. Plus I think papadakis has a bit of a love for fwd cars, given his history in fwd dragging.


You know...if the TC came RWD maybe they would sell some.


cant wait to see this car


Owe Fun. Another Super Scion Build...


Why does toyota see a need to put a tC into drift.

So tired of toyota building cars into something they are not...

Just wait a year for the 86 to come out and build a drift car outta that...

but big ups to Papadakis and his crazy builds.

Funny turn of events prob because their one of the most hated car in drift

with its Souless Driver, FWD Shell, NASCAR V8, and unlimited budget.


@ Your right about the cage.. A 2 year old could do a better job than that effort. No thought has been put into that cage at all!! Whats with all the bends in it.. fookin shit..


omg i luv dis kar


@BlueSlug. but why ANOTHER scion there are better looking FWD cars. a scirocco or a cr-z. would be awesome looking going sideways


Yeah I like the fact that they are going back to a 4cyl but I also think its lame to hack up a fwd car to make it rwd. I mean its kind of misleading to the public at least in my opinion. Its not like some kid thats trying to get into drifting can go out and buy a scion throw on some bolt-ons and go out and drift. Whats next a rwd converted drift civic?


Just because the car is converted from fwd doesn't make it a bad platform. The reason why the tC is used is because of it's platform. Rwd convert is like fixing what should've but wasn't done. And this is only the third tC in FD, chillout guys


So this is what Tanner's (he drives for Papadak) new car is gonna look like? I only have one question... WHERE IN THE HELL does Papadak and Tanner keep getting these NASCAR V8's from! WTF!


You can't modify the subframe of a RWD car, BUT you can create your own custom subframe for a FWD to RWD conversion. That rule makes no sense. Good luck with the 4 cylinder turbo motor (not sarcasm)! Maybe talk to Chris Rado about making a monster Scion engine?

Excited to see the build; just don't like that rule.


Can't say I understand Toyota's line of thought. Why market a car towards an audience that has no interest in it? Drifters and drift spectators aren't going to go out and buy a Scion only to convert it to RWD...


does toyota actually think this promotes scion sales? do they think the general public does not know the difference between fwd and rwd ...formula d should make them drift it with the fwd...and yes the thing is ugly...and wow he using a 4 cyl....and how does the rules allow for the car to be converted? totally lame i will boo this car and all the other rwd a scion, yeah right


What an utter failure. The only redeeming quality of this car is the decision to not use a stupid V8. V8's in drifting has to be prohibited or at the very least, put in its own separate class. Know your damn roots when you decide to drift professionally. This V8 nonsense is getting old fast.


Seriously fck formula d and these fwd converted cars.... the rwd converted scions no way represents the production car , misleading as an advertisement tool. But these big car manufacturers paying mad cash to formula d and these teams so everyone is happy.. I bet if Fleshlight sponsored formula d, they would put those on the side of the cars


Daaaaamnnnn there is so much hating going on in here. 4 cylinder Scion tC. Why can nobody see the beauty in that? Everyone complains about the whole V8 thing, yet flame Papadakis when he decides to be different. Would you rather them make it easy on themselves and go in the direction of Falken by throwing a V8 into their car? News flash: They did that for the last 2 years, time to move on and make it a challenge. A challenge; hence why they went with a FWD platform and made it RWD. Why make it easy on yourself? They're in it for fun anyway since the entire Papdakis Racing squad has their hands in just about every form of racing.


The 2011 tC is still using the same chassis from the first generation you idiots. Which was and still is an AWD chassis, used for theToyota Avensis, second generation I believe, and also the last Toyota Caldina that was AWD with the 3S-GTE motor. So essentially it really isn't hard, nor is it a FF platform, it's stil an AWD platform. Ken Gushi's tC used all the original chassis parts, with a couple additions from the Avensis AWD, and Tanner Floust's tC used rear parts from the Supra MKIV. The only "bump" I see here in the second generaion tC is whether or not the addition of chassis parts from the Auris/Yaris, need to be modified. For the RWD configuration. Other wise it's another cake walk for the tC to be converted.


If you don't think Chris Rado is in on this engine program, you need to pay attention more closely.