Random Snap>> Vip Modular 300c

While browsing through several forums I came across this Chrysler 300C. In Europe we are used to small cars so you can spot these cars very easily on the highway. I have always liked the original look of the 300C, but when you dip it in a VIP cocktail it can look like this. The wheels are VIP Modular VR10s in a massive 22" with a 5" lip in the front and a 6.5" lip in the rear. The owner is busy doing a complete makeover with a new set of wheels, so I can't wait to see what he has in store for 2011.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on the Stance:Nation forum



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Holy s*** those are some massive rims hahaha


Eh, I don't really care too much about 300c's, so I don't care if people do stuff like this to them.


too many 300's/chargers do this.


Wow, really nice. :)


id prefer them to look like this rather than raised in the air on 30 inch wheels.


lol keep the comments coming!!


that front bar and headlight covers look insane. first 300c ive ever liked. gangster.


Headlights remind me of Johnny 5.


Henry why comment if u dont like the car? Thats just a pointless comment.

All 300c should look like that, that is f**king awesome.


@ Henry

Well let's hope, as a car enthusiast, you are mature enough to appreciate other forms of car modification at it's finest.


I've never seen the hood/eyelids done like that on a 300... looks really good.


Same with me, I've always liked to look of these things, but this just takes to cake. Best looking 300C I've seen. Now I'd love to see the wagon VIP'd! Ha


Wow, that's just about the only 300 I've liked. Apart from a stock 300C SRT-8.


Henry, you care enough to let people know that you don't care? Get a life.

This 300C is rocking!


Not a big domestic fan....but I applaud this. Looks really good though the rims could be a tad smaller.


idk... just because is a 300c and american... the whole vip thing just.... isnt the same...



OMG, looks like the transformation is already done. Look on stancenation index, page 2&3. Wow, this is the best looking/cleanest 300c out there.. Love them wheels!


why are they so much haters on this site?? I own a true LS430 VIP car as well, and i give this guy mucho props. This 300c is a head turner at every show. Coulda be that his car is American, and killing it on the VIP scene? I just dont get it why people would just hate? Just like the black Charger on the fatlace/hellaflush forums before. People hate on that particular car for what? Car is nice, big props to the Domestics holding it down, and for VIP modular wheels for some sick ass wheels, and fitment. As for the comment about "too many 300's/chargers do this." Please show me or link me to any pic's that comes close to this?.. lol..enough of the rant...

can't wait to see the updates


Normally I would comment on how stupid any heavy VIP modded cars are, however in this particular case I don't mind. He hasn't really ruined anything beyond a four wheeled toilet so more power to him...


I am really feeling the headlights and the drop!


great job,nice stance


i want to say this car was featured in heavyhitters magazine a few months back


In the grand scheme of the automotive industry, 300's are not hard to come by, so you're going to see a lot of these, and a lot of styles played out. It's nice to see one done very slick and clean like this. Let alone, if it was in Europe on the hwy, I'm sure it looked even better with the rarity of them there.


Bombooclatttt, that car is siccckkkkkkkk!!! I love it!


This is great! Never seen anything like it before! True!


I despise however I have nothing but respect for this car, although it is rather like shining a turd!


Very sick ride. He was parked right across from me at HIN Pleasanton 2009. This was one of my favorite rides at that show, everything is on point. Owner is a cool dude too. Thanks for sharing the photo! :-)



this car has actually been out for a LONG while now, and was completed before 95% of the other domestics done up in this style.


LOL, if it were a GS 300 or a Q45, everyone would be slobbering over the pic. But since it's American, it automatically means it's garbage. Hahahaha. The people that comment on here never cease to amaze me.


not a fan of those smooth'd out doors


one word : WOW.


No doubt about it, It's the " Illest 300 in the World ".


Since the VIP/JDM scene is dominated by an Asian crowd, there tends to be bias against anything American, since most Asians drive Japanese cars (Toyotas and Hondas)...props when those within the diaspora do something against the norm (Is the owner of the 300C Filipino?). I personally love it when that JDM touch is applied to some American cars (ie TE37s on Camaros, Vettes, and Stangs).


I applaud you Jayson and got-rice... too many haters in the vip scene towards anything domestic. if your a true automotive nut then appreciate the many facets of the auto culture. i dont like all but i can appreciate it. im not a fan of Donks or Boso Vans but i can appreciate the work and creativity that goes into them... im not a Chrysler fan but the Chargers, Challengers, and 300 are sick rides... to all haters show us your ride lets see how you do yours.


I believe that Andys car was built to compete in the VIP car scene. I know him personally and he is a very good kid. He never said or fronted that his car was a VIP platform vehicle (even tho he probably could of bought like 3-4 VIP cars lol). He wanted to achieve the one off look that no other 300 had. All the parts on his car is legit. All auenthentic and OG. From the kit to the wheels, straight up quality. Btw,I think alot of people got confused when they seen this post. It would of have been better if they titled it VIP Modular Wheels 300c. Alot of people got confused and thought it was VIP 300c. Anyways great build that will go down in the books. His new look....wow... haters be ready, cuz we are..


@henry your stupid, and very inmature

love the eyelids on this one


still be far the best looking 300c in my opinion