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American car tuner Advance Auto was steeling much of the attention on the paddock at the Super Lap Battle with this outrageous looking C6. The massive rear wing and protruding carbon diffuser look something out of a FIA GT racer but seemed to do the job out at Tsukuba, keeping the massive rear semi-slick tires stuck to the ground. Best time for the Advance C6 was a 58"047 sec, a great result for the Yokohama-based shop.

The Seeker street-class demo car wasn't the fastest FD2 of the day but it was certainly the easiest to spot thanks to its pearl orange body color. Even the clear layer protecting carbon parts like the hood and roof was given a slight orange tint. Matte black RE30s completed the look perfectly. It only went out twice on track recording a 1'05"597 on radial tires.

Here is another quick look at Okachan's RPS13 that we saw in Part 2.

The GP Sports full aero seems to work well for both drift and grip applications and looks amazing in white against those black Yokohama RS-Ds.

Under the bonnet is a stroked SR20 developing around 500 HP thanks to the top-mounted HKS turbine.

Here is Ross from AVO filling up the tiny fuel tank in the Impreza's trunk.

A quick glance at the AVO-tuned Cosworth EJ25 capable of churning out over 600 HP! 

The interior is stripped down to bare essentials, what doesn't need to be in there has been thrown in the trash!

Looks pretty mean without the rear wing right? The trunk lid and attached spoiler are usually removed when the car is in the pits to give better access to the mechanics.

In one corner of the paddock the Rev Speed photographers set up a little area where all participating cars would have to stop by for a minute or tow to get a few shots taken for the big report that will follow in next month's issue.

Before heading to the shooting location each car which participated in the street class…

…has to first pass an emission check to make sure that a catalyst is fitted. Owners are also required to supply a shaken certificate to prove that they are still registered for use on regular roads. This is all done to keep competition fair and to avoid any cheating.

Here is the refreshed Reverse BNR32 that we first saw at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. The car suffered some mechanical trouble and was…

…unable to go out for the first two sessions. The mechanics frantically worked under it for most of the morning and thankfully they were able to solve the problem in time for the last session. 

It managed a 1'00"106, which is a decent time for a street tuned car running about 550 HP. They really wanted to break that sub-minute barrier but luck wasn't on their side.

Brightening usually run a Cosworth supercharger kit on their NC Roadster but this time it was fitted with a 2.3L stroked motor. Best time it managed was a 1'06"837.

Spotted this cool new-gen Legacy sedan parked on a quiet side of the paddock, dropped on a set of black Prodrive GC-05Ks. Not sure what grille conversion that is but it definitely works in improving the looks. 

The sublime sound of Revolution's RX-8 was only rivaled by the barely-silenced V8 snarl blaring out from the exhausts of this TK Square E92 M3.

I was very impressed by the quality of construction of the carbon hood it was running. Perfect fit along all fender and bumper lines.

Here it is with the tail hanging out a few degrees as it struggles for grip exiting turn 1. Fastest time it managed was a 1'01"269.

This CZ4A was one of the few Evo Xs present on the day…

…put together by the guys from Super Autobacs Kashiwa. The 4B11 is running bolt-on modifications from Colt Speed slightly boosting power and torque. It managed a best time of 1'03"480.

K's Project BNR32 was one of the few GT-Rs present on the day, running in the S-tire Street Class. With Tanaka-san behind the wheel it recorded a nice solid 58"786 sec lap. There were no R33 or R34 GT-Rs at this year's event, a little sad to see.

I took some time to look over the ASM Yokohama AP1…

…especially its highly tuned F20. Unlike previous years the four velocity stacks are now running some kind of filtering rather than the wire mesh we have seen in the past. I quite like the red lightweight pulley set. Anything to get more response!

1'01"585 was the best it could do.

Check out the air the rear inside wheel is getting as the Car Station Marché Spec C is flung into the Dunlop corner. Running street radials it got a 1'00"528 time which is a superb time for an Impreza in this state of tune.

Max Racing came all the way up from Osaka with their hybrid demo cars, this Insight and the CR-Z we saw in the Preview post. While the Insight didn't run the CR-Z lapped Tsukuba in 1'11"933. If Honda really will release a non-hybrid, turbocharged version of the CR-Z in the coming years then you can expect this kind of time to significantly drop.  Now that the Civic has no future in Japan the CR-Z seems to be the obvious candidate for the next series of Type-Rs from Honda. We can only hope!

Pro Shop Screen was out at the Super Lap Battle, as always trying to record a better time with their FD3S demo car. They were hoping to improve on last years 57"203 sec lap, something they achieved without any problems. They shaved well over a second off ending up with a 56"089, a great improvement from one year to the next.

And how can we forget the smaller cars of the spectrum like this Mitsubishi Colt Version R modified by Bozz Speed which managed a 1'07"645!

Honda recently announced the Fit hybrid, but if you really want to have fun behind the wheel, then the hot RS version is the one for you. The people at RST Competition Service have taken the little Honda and made it handle and perform better allowing it to lap Tsukuba in a best time of 1'10"538.

Taniguchi was hired to drive three cars at the event, the Varis/G-Force/Sunbeam Evo X, the Pro Stock Racing BNR32 and the G-Force street-tuned Evo X with SST dual clutch transmission. He was talking to the Yokohama guys to see if he would be interested in heading over to Australia for the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge. If Nob goes, things will get even more exciting than this year!

I'll be wrapping up the Super Lap Battle coverage in Part 3 where I'll concentrate on some of the cars you have all been waiting to see more of. I leave you with this rear shot of the 5Zigen turbo FD2, the fastest front wheel drive car in Japan!

2010 Super Lap Battle – Preview

2010 Super Lap Battle – Part 1

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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thank you for the extended coverage and the all the links in the text.


Ummmmm... I'll take the s13. 500HP from a mostly stock SR20? YES!!!!!!


loving the e92


I'd have the M-speed BNR34 (not featured) and have it resprayed for a more understated look...


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


The ASM S2000 pictured above is actually an AP2, and it is not their all-out time attack (car #1).

The AP2 pictured above is mildly tuned compare to the car #1. Car #1 is the one with mesh on the Toda ITB's.

The one above is the street-version (car #2). The infamous one ((car #1) is at the shop.

No feature on the Arvou S2000?


NOB goes to Aussie....NOB goes to Aussie....


more evo's please =)


Those emission check need to appeal to the U.S. street class as well to make it fair.


I agree with MrZuffenhausen, the links are a really nice addition. Great coverage!


old news, i know.. but i absolutely love the GP sports RPS13 body kit. Thats a good lookin $15K body kit hanging on that S chassis.


Wow! Very nice SpeedHunter Keep it up...

More Nissan Skyline and 370Z please...


Such wicked cars! Thanks Dino.


Nice coverage!


That Legacy's grille needs to be blacked out.


what happen to the other asm s2000 i got a long time i dont see it race..might be in the 56 sec already very fast car for 280 hp n/a


MrZuffenhausen i like your style. Black on black maybe?


awesome to see thelittle Colt there.. :D

great time for it too.


YEESS!!!! 5zigen FD2 Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is a "shaken" certificate?


Come to Australia NOB!


I'm very glad to see the BNR32 GT-R are still racing hard and not forgotten bout!!


Bugs & Daffy!!! That's awesome!


Got any more photos of the 5zigen FD2?


@Alex. Nope you got it wrong. It's their old AP1. The one that Kanayama-san has owned for a long time. It is their car no. 1. The car no. 2 is the crazy car you're referring to as car no. 1.


Inspiring race shots - thanks Dino & SH.


ASM no longer campaigns their no.1 T/A S2k because they believe that no more can be done for it development-wise in it's current form. Katoh-san couldn't achieve any lower lap times with it so they develop and campaign the no.2 car now.


Where is the CyberEvo, Cusco/Tomei Impreza, M-Speed GT-R? I miss them.


I'm very glad to see the BNR32 GT-R are still racing hard and not forgotten bout!!



black's good, perhaps with T37SLs?

@Mr. Kang

shaken=MOT=street legal certificate,

i guess...


Shaken is check you have to perform with the government before you can register your car. They do a check on all the parts of you car to ensure that it is safe to drive on the street.



When was the last time you visit ASM in Yokohama? What was the last time you talked to the ASM staff members?

ITBbroham is right. The AP2 pictured above is their car #2. Their full-out Time Attack S2000 is the car #1.


Time now for a final look at the 2010 Tsukuba Super Battle, an event that seems to always come to and


@Alex Oh come on Alex, stop pretending you know everything. Just accept that you are wrong. Again, car no. 1 is the car that Kanayama-san has owned for a long time. Car no. 2 is the full time-attack special. Car no. 3 is the topless convertible with orange wheels and wing endplates. http://www.bespokeventures.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/top.jpg


Where can i get more information on Okachan's 180?