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It's not a big stretch to say that a car is made by the wheels it sits upon.

When it comes to the vintage Japanese car scene in particular, the wheels are just as important as the cars themselves.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to put together a gallery of nothing but wheels from last Sunday's Japanese Classic Car Show.

It'd probably be wrong to start this off with anything but a set of RS Watanabes, so here you go.

While Wats might be an institution in Japan, here on US shores we salute to the classic slotted mag.

The person who says that three spoke wheels aren't cool has probably never seen the Advan A3A's on this Celica.

The people at Enkei Wheels are doing their part to support the retro car scene by bringing back some of their classic wheels.

First to make a comeback? The J-Speed. These seem like they'd be perfect for an NA-chassis Mazda Miata, and many other cars from the '80s and '90s.

Centerline style is never a bad choice.

Sakuras! This is the first time I can recall seeing a set of these in the United States. Awesome.

I actually saw a couple sets of CCW's on Sunday. The ones on the 510 seen here, and another on a 240Z in the parking lot.

Check the corner-eating 155/80/R12's on this Datsun 1200. Oh yeah.

Original Speed Star wheels will be cool forever. Whether they are Mk.II's on this AE86…

…or the "Heartbreaker Edition" Mk.III's on Yuta's Z.

Some more Watanabe love.

These 13" TRD Tosco's will surely the get the Toyota fans salivating.

As will these multi-piece Tom's Igetas…

Tires give a car lots of character as well, The Hoosiers on the BRE 240Z for example.

Or the fat M&H Racemaster slicks on this Corolla drag car.

Last but not least, Advan A048's tucked perfectly into ZG flares.

Can't forget about mesh wheels either. Here's a swingin' set of Epsilons.

Some classic car owners prefer to with larger, more modern wheel designs. Volk CE28N's here.

Or Work VS-XX's here. Big wheels on old Japanese cars might not be to everyone's taste, but they sure add some variety.

I'll finish with the aptly-named ATS Classics. Who would have thought these German-made 13×8's could look so at home on a Japanese car?

Hope you enjoyed the wheel overload, I'll be back soon to wrap up my look at JCCS.

-Mike Garrett



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I demand desktops of all these wheels. PLZ!!!!


Sakuras are great


Epsilons are so bangin.


Glad to see I'm not the only one that likes taking pics of wheels!

Hubcaps car be quite interesting too. ;-)


WHEELY good gallery, some great stuff here.


vs xx is the best "BBS" type wheel ever made :)


i love the ATS Classics on the AE71.


To answer your question, I would have thought those German-made 13x8 ATS Classics could look so at home on a Japanese car.


more pics of yutas Z!!! plus pics of sakuras looking directly at the wheel



Two things:

what car were the ATS 13x8 on? I missed those at the show...

And again, thanks for the coverage of my Z (and it's wheels) over the past month...

We should get together so I can buy you a beer...

Hit me up,



Wheels. Love 'em.


The Watanabes are looking really good in here!


What's the deal with the brake setup on the yellow... Datsun (I think)?


This was perfect, i enjoyed this post so much, gotta love the sakuras for shure, that's everyone's favorite. but u wrote this perfectly mike. perfect start with RS watanabes, perfect following of centerlines and ssr's + TRD , and a perfect finish with the awesome ATS classics.

this made my day, thanks


What are the wheels on the BRE 240Z, I know the ones on the 510 are American Racing Libre.


Sakuras are fakes

you can see the dif between the real and fakes with the flower design


love those rims... quite surprised that they haven't absorbed the BBS rims...


I noticed the quality of wheels has been improving from past shows where people would just show up with Konig RS Watanabe look-alikes. I would love to own a set of RS Watanabes with center caps. Another cool wheel at the show was the Work Equip 01's on the Run Free kitted AE86.


I <3 Tosco's!!!! Awesome post.... I think I need some more wheels now :)


Sick stuff! I just gave away a set of slotted mag wheels. God I just love CCW's... I'll even trade my Hamann PG3's for a set!


MORE OF THIS vary nice post


@Pumkin, who made those fake Sakuras? Closest Sakura knock-offs I've seen, but then again most of them are pretty bad.


Pumkin are you high? The Yayoi's are legit! You don't win JCCS awards with fake wheels!

(In case you're wondering they are 14x6.5 +10 offset and Advan 185/60/14 tires)

And is it just me or are halfthe bolts missing from those CCW's?


Speed Star MK III got me heart at first sight (no wonder why "heartbreaker")


Whats even more rear than vintage wheels is WHEEL CAPS!!!!


aweesome =) so nice they need these kinds of events in canada !!!