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The GTR from hell.

The last time I witnessed Reece McGregor's NZ based R32 GTR was back in 2006 when I first started taking photos. It hasn't changed very much on the exterior, but has come back to Australia with a load more power. Let's see if a new record is on the books.

This past Tuesday was quite a large day of testing for this weekend's Jamboree drag event; the most important Australian drag meeting of the year.

Reece McGregor ran an 8.3 @ 184mph pass on his second run, but the team wasn't too impressed with this time. The clutch was pulling the car down and wasn't setup correctly for the sticky track. Slowly and carefully adjusting the clutch, the next pass was an 8.22 @ 183mph. With testing ending at 4PM the end of the day was already upon us, they put in one more pass: a 7.73 @ 187 mph.

That's a huge improvement over a short period of a few hours, it will be exciting to see what times it can pull this weekend's Jamboree event.

For information on the event, be sure to check out the website. The Jamboree will also be streamed live to be seen all over the globe!

- Casey Dhnaram.



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Nice, heres hoping that the much stickier track in Australia lets him crack his current record and dip into the sub 7.5 second bracket. NZ represent!


This is a great car, and a true NZ drag racing icon, i commend him... BUT

Reece McGregor and God should fear the day GTR-700 returns to the track in anger, that is all


Reece McGregor 's 32 is a monster but as stated back when GTR700 was getting about it was doing 8.7s in street guise and still registered. The car has dropped off the map and is apparently under R&D work in Europe last I heard.

However there is a big black 1000hp 32 GTR down south in Australia which has recently just done an 8.9sec pass in what I think was full street trim. That car is well on its way to being stripped and snatching the record.

LOVE that first shot Casey, looking hell forward to watching him sliding down the track this weekend.


The JUN filled one? Wasnt that car was dismantled years ago? It disappeared after running low 8s and then nothing


love the first photo, its a keeper


NZ also has the world's fastest manually-shifted GTR driven by Glenn Suckling, has done a 7.99.


Lol at all the people saying "so&so" are going to steal Reece's record. Talks cheap ya know, look how long the outlaw HKS car held the fastest 4wd record for. I'll believe someone beating HTR's record when it happens ;)


The difference between a 7.7 and a 8.7 is by no means street trim.


Rory Jumping from an 8.9 to a sub 7 is no easy feet alot of drag gtr's hit the wall at low 8's . The stripped out GTR you speak is Mark Jacobsens GTR which has run a 7.70 . Reece's GTR has doen a Pb of 7.57 @ 192mph . Reece's GTR puts out over 1780hp at the WHEELS .


Oh sorry it's NOT available to those living within 150 km from the track.


does anyone know what happened to his other car he was building?some tube framed V6 turbo monster?The HKS GTR wouldn't race him either.....


go reece 7 flat here we come!!! nz hard


Still in the build, will be out by the end of the year. Its just getting the finishing touches going by the HTL website


NZ showin da world how its done :D


The fastest GTR ever is the HKS R33.


Something in the water down in NZ? All these great cars being built downunder. Mad Mikes RX7 and now this GTR.


this is the exvitermini gtr700, right?

Wow this car's been a LONG project.

Glad to see it's still breaking records.


from what I can tell the car has been in nz under r&d, also there has been a fair bit of work being done on the heat treatmet 350z in the build and its the new car to the team i guess its taken up alot of time for the guys while the r32 has been given a good tickel.

Heres a link for all there folowers and also take a look at there GTO manaro drag beast awesome.


The 1000 bhp GTR is in Sydney, running twin HKS 3037s. As of May this year it had done 8.94 @ 159.16 with NOS on C16, running radials.


Absolutely JUC.COM, it has been YEARS since HT lead the charge for HKS's record - and a few since they actually took it (they've had the new record almost as long as HKS had it) and people have been saying they'll take HT down any time now.

Well, it has been years and people have come and gone - and as those years go by the HT GTR turns into more of a beast and Reece gets no less able to steer it down the 1/4. Going by history I don't think the HTR crew need to worry about who is going to show up, so much as the record chasing hopefuls have to worry about how much more catching up they are going to have to do after this trip...


Didn't the Titan Supra run 7.66 @188mph?


GTR-700 is still in australia, currently being rebuilt by in my opinion and many others one of the best tuning house's in the world. and this car has been seen recently in the flesh in pieces in this workshop.

Gtr-700 was putting that kind of power out 3-4 years ago, and was running 8'70s at only 70% power potential, with a gearbox that skipped 3rd and went into 4th every single run (faulty air shifted box) at street weight.

Just saying is all...


It's not streaming all over the globe ,only 150km from the race track and it's a pay per view stream.


craig, it's the heat treatments 350z drag car you're talking about, iäm not sure if it's raced yet but it's by now means a ditched project.

GTR-700 was miles behind the HT GT-R and these days there are people running faster with sequentials and much less powerful setups than the GTR-700 which ran a pb of low 8 airshifted and with approx 1400 horses.

heat treatments showed a 1670hp dyno chart of the car earlier this year.


Who cares what the GTR700 "could" do. When it comes time to man up, and run it on the strip, where is it?

In the shop. The HT R32 is at the strip, running 7 second passes.

Talk is cheap.

Back it up with real numbers. The HT car is doing just that.


STJ, no the GTR in this post is...


This car just lost its title to a rwd gts-t from the uk, doing a 7.45@187mph. vid on site below




That record is for the fastest GTS-T, rwd. This is still the fastest GTR 4wd in the world and will take alot for any other to come close.


@Bam Bam, didn't lose it's title because the car you posted ISNT A GTR!!!Try reading next time....


hey Bam Bam, how can the worlds fastest GTR lose it's title to a GTS-t? That would make it the worlds fastest GTS-t, not GTR


Can we please get a wallpaper of the first picture? thats freakin cool


The above GTS-T is a RWD not 4WD GTR.

I remember the talk from th GTR700 crowd years ago. But its still all talk and yet to prove itself... Surprised the Aussies haven't claimed Reece as their own ;)

Heres some more photos and an old article

And Glenn Sucklings Manual shifted GTR


That is wicked. Hands down.


Its pretty amusing reading some of the comments other's are making about cars that are " going to take the heat treatments record "... The amount of dedication and knowledge required to run the times the the HT r32 does on a regular basis is insane.. The only other car that is " racing " on a " regualr basis " and imposes a threat is godzilla motorsports r32 gtr.. and even with all its years worth of development is it's still 0.002 off the pace, wich is night and day at those speeds.


The Heat Treatments team broke the output shaft of their transmission. The weekend is over for them. Next event is in November.


Hi guys, thanks for the support, the car has broken a custom main shaft, a part we dont have with us and will need to get it made in the usa. The GTR will stay here in Oz till next year if all goes well and we will be back in Nov to race again. The 350Z will be testing on Nz in Jan. Thanks again for following our effects. Cheers HTL Drag Racing


@Jackek, sure m8 will do a wallpaper very soon :)


thats a lot of power down very quick!! i love it!


OH NO WAY!!! Sorry to hear Reece and team. With 7.7 in testing you guys would have smashed 7.5 flat no sweat....

Far as all the shit talk over the exvitermini gtr it hasnt seen a track in over 8 years, drained 6 figures and never ran under 8 seconds. It was an awesome car but ultimately was a dyno queen because it never laid down the times this car has.


A Dyno Queen that runs 8.7, by far the silliest thing I have read in a long time. I have always said that Reece and the HT crew will stand on the top podium for a long time. But there are people chasing it, more so than when they took the record. Where the only competition was Mark Jacobson from Godzilla Motorsport.

GTR700 is MIA and probably won't come back, but with Mark running 7.7s it is only a matter of time before he starts nudging 7.4s. Pity he hit the wall on the weekend of Jamboree.

Anyone know if the RH( 34 GTR actually dipped into the 9's again?? Ran a 9.7 all those years ago but has never been able to do it again.


It was a pity to see the car break. I was wanting to see Reece and Mark run each other. 2 Godzilla's menacing their way down the track.

Nice pics Casey. I saw you takig pics on Saturday. Hurry up with ya Jambo coverage :)


A full wrap-up of the pre-Jamboree test meeting can be found here:

It includes photos, video, quotes and gossip on the event.


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Reece McGregor's R32 GT-R holds the world record as the fastest ever GT-R. Having snatched the long-held title from HKS, this New Zealander's GT-R is now the one that everyone has in their sights.


All of a sudden it's that time of the year again. The sounds of cars launching on 50+ pounds of boost