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After the positive feedback we received on last months RSOC meet, I took to the road and seas on Saturday morning once again. This time the destination was Silverstone in the Northampton countryside. The event was the annual Ford Fair show, a gathering of some 3,500+ Ford cars from all generations and styles. This was my maiden trip to Ford Fair, a show I had been urged to visit for years previously but never had the chance or means to make it over.

The show is a one day event and being on my todd, I made the decision early Sunday morning to cover what I could as best as I could rather than trying to shoot all 3,500+ cars on exhibit. This Anglia van was one of the first to catch my eye. Clean finish and Pinto powered.

This is surely one of the first times a Transit van has made it onto Speedhunters. However, there is a good reason for it …

In place of the usual assortment of tradesman's tools was this Cosworth V6. Supervan by name and nature.

The Fast Ford magazine stand was in the pit area as at one time or another, the cars on the stand were out on track. It's great to see them still being used for what they were intended.

The layout of the show was very good, with most models being grouped together as much as possible. Here is a lineup of Sierra RS Cosworths.

The attention to detail on some of these rebuilds was incredible, I've never seen an undercarraige so clean before !

For example check out this Sierra Cosworth in the Concours area.

It looked absolutely brand new, inside and out.

This MKI Escort was YB Cosworth powered.

This was one of the first of the new RS Focuses I've seen with aftermarket wheels, in this case a set of white BBSs. I'm looking forward to seeing what some of the established tuning houses manage with this platform.

Every UK car show I've attended always has a contingent of Dutch owners in attendance. This suitably orange Focus ST had covered some serious miles to make it to the event.

The original Focus RS MKI was very well represented. I love how on first look they all look identical but on closer examination they each have their own little quirks and modifications.

The MKVI Fiesta ST is a popular car with young drivers in the UK. A 2.0 Duratec engine and a capable FWD chassis makes it a great, fun car to drive.

BDC regular Declan Munnelly was present for a demonstration run in his Vauxhall powered MKII Escort.

This MKII Fiesta has taken some styling cues from the euroscene.

Disregard the badges, this is no 1.1L shopping car. This stripped, slammed and caged Fiesta has a 2.0 Zetec engine under the bonnet.

I'll be preparing a spotlight on this ST Fiesta later in the week …

I'll also have a spotlight on a special Ford – The above should be a clue as to what car it is …

I really liked the look of this new shape Ford Mondeo. An example of how even a mundane everyday car like the Mondeo can be transformed with some appropriate wheels and lowering.

This Fiesta in the concours area was disgustingly clean.

It made me want to go home and clean my van.

Now this was special …

According to the owner, it's the only RS200 that's never been fettled with. It's exactly as it was the day it left the factory. That's it's original paint. Insane. I later heard it had won the best car in the concours category and no surprise either.

I'll be back in the next post with more closeups on some of my favourite cars of show along with a look at the on track action.




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Bah, love it! Euro Ford coverage makes me giddy! Whoot!


more Fiesta pics please! As well as possible Granada pics!


Beautiful!!! Makes me want to go, and I can't wait for the article on the white fiesta.... That thing is bananas!


Love it! Just show some zetec love and all will right with the world.


Oh man, I hope Declan Munnelly didn't advertise the fact that his escort was powered by Ford's arch nemesis! In the nearest wood chipper he will go! :-D


wow drools~~ how i wish i can own that white sierra cosworth.... sweet... true blue rear wheel raw power....


Once again Paddy delivers!


More UK show and Ford coverage please

BTW Japfest 2 is at Rockingham next sunday (15th) if anyone is interested in covering it


oh, and if possible, could you post up some pics of Jamsport's white RS mk2


Very nice, but gosh the first picture is a fine demonstration of how many bird-brains we have in the UK. It should read, 'should have' as apposed to 'should of', but perhaps that's just me being picky lol, sweet coverage all the same.


no mustangs?


Supervan 3 used to be powered by a Cosworth HB V8 (ie an ex-Benetton F1 V8) and transaxle (http://www.seriouswheels.com/cars/top-Ford-Transit-Supervan-3.htm) Such a shame that the F1 V8 got pulled for a V6.


was an epic weekend and i was loving it out on track i killed a few more powerfull cars then mine

deff again next year


wow....sweet van...nice coverage.


Looking forward to that feature of the white ST Fiesta


I heart RS200 thank you


Not a single Ford Escort Cosworth RS?

That black MKII Fiesta looks awfully like a Toyota KP61 !


God! How the hell are they so clean?!

Also, I'd really love a spotlight on Declan Munnelly's MKII cause I'm really intrigued of how is he able to make it to the 1º spot in qualifying almost always, amazing if you ask me ;)


A mint RS200....i think that's about worth it's weight in gold of not diamonds....and harder to get.


I love the coverage of the concours area. Great work!


Love the bond/jone rs500 ,as it is old school month ,Maybe someone like casey in Oz could get some pics of the many Group C touring cars from the 70s & 80s that are still being raced in anger .


my uncle owns the newest Focus ST and he has same BBSs as th white RS,but his wheels are painted metallic grey and look outstanding:D when I find some time I will ttry to make a really nice session with that car;)


is that the WRC body kit on tht white fiesta ST?


i miss my fiesta st.....shouldn't have part ex'd it for a focus St


Great shots, Paddy!


lol @ "disgustingly clean".


im a massive ford fan, looking at these pics makes me now wanna go to the UK and see these rare cars 4 real, as we rarely see them over here in australia.


There is a rs200 at a dealer here in NZ, that im sure is completely original, has covered less than 1000 kms too.



Fiesta ST Represent! Mountune announced their Stage 3 kit at this show. It should push the little Fiesta to 200bhp ^_^


You'd think living in the U.S, we'd have access to some of the more respectable Fords, but no. Some of the best American-made cars reside in foreign countries!


Make some of these pictures desctops please!!!!


@ chu at MPG

american ford and european ford are totally different and its sad that the europeans do it better.

also loling at the person who said "no mustangs?" this isnt the south buddy.


*sigh* so many great cars we don't get to enjoy here in the US


who ever owns or knows anywhere with the alleycats to fit mk2 fiesta please would you email me as i want to get them for mine but cant seem to find the right fitting anywhere. cheers
email: jakerowlands65@gmail.com