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Earlier today, I headed over to Rhy's Millen's shop to conduct a shoot with Tanner Foust and his Rally Cross Ford Fiesta. When I pulled up to the shop, everything seemed to be normal and where things should be. Rhys' rig was up front and not too far away from it to it was Tanner's….

But when I walked into the shop I was greeted by a shop floor full of Fiestas getting prepped for this weekend's X Games!

At the entrance of the garage sat a car that needs no introduction really: Ken Block's #43 Fiesta. 

Ahh… the true mark of a rally car: dirt, mud and mangled parts!

Jack stands, tools, nuts, bolts, and bumpers littered the busy shop floor. 

Spare trunk lid anyone?

Near Ken's car sat Brian Deegan's car…

…with his spaceship interior. 

And neighboring just next to Deegan's car was Kenny Brack's race car. Brack's car was the most complete car at the shop seeing how body panels were actually on the car. 

In a quiet corner of the shop sat this older Rally Cross Fiesta. It looks amazing all white and without livery. 

The only sticker on the car was the OLSBERGS below the rear wing. Super cool.

A palette of rally x tires ready to be torn up. 

What's a fiesta without milk and cookies, right? The cookies were definitely popular. 

Tanner Foust was at the shop to oversee the last minute preparations of the car, talk to the team about the course, and also to get his soul stolen by me.

RMR was such a happy shop today with all these happy little Fiestas getting worked on.

Stay tuned for Mike Garrett's X Games coverage from this weekend and a full look at Tanner's Fiesta. 




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Fiesta Love!


Go FORD!!! Kick those Subarus' asses!!!!!!


Dumb question. . . What are the big Radiator looking fans in the trunk for?


Sorry, but Subaru's, Audi's and Mitsu's are my fav rally cars.

This is just to sell the new fiesta to America.


@ MJ. They are the radiators, cause in rallycross the cars bash into each other you dont want the radiators getting smashed up. And most of the cars including Blocks are is Rallycross based.


I wish i could give this post 4 thumbs up!!!


Awesome line-up! Too bad we'll never see a production version of a Fiesta w/ AWD and a Turbo in the states, unlike the Subies & Mitsus. But where's Rhys and his car?


if these cars are victorious over all the others, the states might see a turbo awd fiesta. still nothing like these cars, but id be more than happy with a watered down street version.


I love that last shot. Cool stuff.


MJ said:

Dumb question. . . What are the big Radiator looking fans in the trunk for?


The radiators.....


Who cares if it IS to sell those cars. That's how motorsports gets paid for! That being said, I love my Subie, but damn those Fords look good.


@Matt: I fully agree. Ford only has the Focus RS which is FWD. Show me one small production AWD car made by Ford. Mitsu ftw.


the older Fiesta 'non-liveried' looks ready for action with those side inlets and massive rear wing.. we need some action shots of these "pocket-rockets" when things get under way!!


Looking sweet. Nice to see a Mk 6 hanging around in the background.

When they bring the new ST or possible RS to the states you will get a turbo but I think the AWD system is not going to happen. Shame really but its just not cost effective.


Block's is a 5 door one and the rest 3 door??


We just need a good shop to step up and start producing limited runs of the AWD version for Ford, something similar to Shelby and Rousch... Fiesta RTR maybe? :P Might want to use a chassis code for a name or something instead of "Fiesta"


Form a real rally fan, how does anyone consider the X games a rally worth watching when the WRC is at Finland this weekend?


Because there is no other rally coverage other than the X-Games.




Those fiestas remind me of group b cars, all tiny and with agressive fenders and all that aerodynamic stuff


desktop of that last shot pls

p.s. in case u ever do that Q&A again from experience were is the best place on a car to apply logos


I saw Block's Fiesta at the New England Forest Rally a couple of weekends ago. It was switching between first and second with Travis Pastrana's Subaru until he hit a divot on a jump/yump-filled section of road and bounced off to the side. He came back the next day but DNF'd due to a different mechanical issue. Those rallycross-prepped Fiestas don't have enough rear suspension travel for stage rally, where there are more sharp elevation changes. YouTube of the off: