Once again Stephen Brooks has come up trumps with another top class video. The footage is round two of the 2010 Pro class BDC series at Silverstone, UK. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking !

– Paddy



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Amazing video brooksy your videos take it to the next level time and time again


The music ruined it. Just turned it off as soon as I heard it.


I like the video and music was good!What is name of the song?


WOW is this really the soundtrack they picked for this?????


nice event nice vidéo


I like the video but not the music.... better last time...


You missed out then Ryan.

Watch it with the sound off if if offends your ears that badly.

Awesome video, awesome driving.


Is that a KP61 Starlet i spy?


Video was pretty sweet but poor music choice :( this is the first time I have complained about music in a car related video


Brooks keeps killing it over and over again. Soundtrack was great...tired of the house/trance music with every drift video.


Couldn't pick a worse soundtrack, good job!


Hey guys ...

Ok ok .. The music ? It was a risk I know .. pretty dynamic track though and that was the sole reason for choosing it.



Music is awful.


sick video !


Little Mk2 Eski going hard,MEAN! Anyone got some specs on it??


Fantastic video, shows UK drifting in a great light.

The music was awesome, sick of dance and rock shiz in drift vids, and would appeal to the mainstream more.

Trouble is most drifters are pierced middleclass whiteboys so the music wont suit most of them.


Music is so subjective you'll never please everyone. Trying to bring drifting to the mainstream, I think the music was fine and suited the footage. Anything too niche and you'll alienate even more people!


nice video n music, wads the name of the soundtrack??


cool vid and was at this with gf but why no spectators this was sold as top class pro comp but was dead dead dead apart from people who came with BDC drivers it seems ??? lovin the freekin old escort makin fools out of supposed top pro high power jap drift cars as i thought nothin could touch these cars get escort in formulad lol


Like the music drums into your head, the video is full of WIN!


nice work as usual sir, not overly offended by the music, but v impressed by how you worked it in. top job


I LOVE RAP. its not the fact that its rap music, its the choice of rap music. if you're gonna use hip hop as a backdrop dont use the stuff that suburban high schoolers listen to in their mommys rides. DJ kali? T-Pain?? for REAL??? was this made in association with MTV????


gin-n-joose ... dude chill out ! .... I've been listening to hip hop since the early 80's (yes im that old) ... I know this is very very close to being 'pop' music. As i said it was a risk to use it, and the SOLE reason for using it was because of the track dynamics. The way it stops and starts was something i wanted to exploit.

The original track I had in mind for this film was something by Mos Def .. which will now be used for the next round.


You jdm tools really are judgmental of everything arnt you? The music was fine, I liked the video alot, great job. I am not a fan of rap, but I enjoy that song. Its awesome to be a rude and aarrogant on the internet while he is actually making something that alot of people enjoy.


i thought the video was great Brooks, really. song choice was perfect!! what is the name of the track?


rayn are you mad thats savage


well im looking forawrd to that.


i like everything about this video Brooks, great job. please keep it up, ignore all those haters. Shoot, for every 1 hater/shit talker on here there are ten supporters in Vimeo alone!! keep it UP!! what was the name of the song though?!?


Awesome video...RUINED by the music


Hey guys .. Sorry the track is All I do is Win by DJ Khaled


I don't know why everyone is complaining so much about the music... I thought it was quite refreshing to hear something that not many drift videos use and I loved the bits where the people put their hands up to the music. Also, it wasn't as if we couldn't hear the engines because of the music. He paused it here and there and they were tastefully done.


Brooksie try using some Gorillaz in one of your vids! Their music would go so well with drifting!

Awesome vid btw, I don't have a problem with the music!


Amazing video


good job on editing this vid with the song. i think it worked well a nice change of pace i get sick of rock/chill trax on EVERY drift vid.