In The Moment>> A Scorcher Of A Day @ Fd Atlanta

There's not much you can do when the mercury is high. The heat saps any bit of energy in your body and the humidity weighs you down even more so. Despite those things, a day at Road Atlanta for Formula D is worth losing those precious bodily fluids for. The teams, the drivers, the media and you are all fans here for good reason. The minute you smell race gas and the scents of all the different tires
in the air, all is forgotten because you're sitting in the birthplace
of Formula.

Head on over to the desktops section to grab this photo of Sam Hubinette during qualifying run.




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Oh, He did so much smoke! :D Monsta! :D


You couldn't have used a picture of a legitimate car? That challenger is everything that is wrong with drifting in america.


@jake possemato

There's a difference between legitimate drifting and just the sport of drifting....Go find a local spot, where the street drifters hang out...that's legitimate. Now the sport of drifting just involves the access to sponsors for parts and nearly limitless amounts of money. And just because an American car is sideways, doesn't make it wrong.

And awesome snap....I tried to make it to the ATL, disappointed I didn't.


Really?! Sam's car is by far the ugliest in FD right now IMO. Weak. I'd rather have a desktop of the Honda SUV drifting... At least that is funny...



I think the issue is the limitless amounts of money and big sponsors. Not that i dont appreciate everything that a sponsor does for the driver and the sport; its what the sponsors do to drifting. Its become a big horsepower game and making racecars that go sideways. There is also no variety in the cars. Not like D1 in Japan.

But honestly im just bitter cause Im tired of v8's and and my favorite drifter is in a stang (JTP).


Sam's car certainly lacks any poise or elegance that a lot(not all) of the other machines in Formula Drift have at the moment. It reminds me an awful lot of someone trying to use a hammer and chisel to perform surgery....its never gonna end well and it certainly won't look pretty!


oh dear.. i think i'm oujt on my own here then.. 'cos i like it.. i am a Brit but still... - i love the picture too, it looks like he's ripping up the tarmac on full throttle...



No variety? Go look at the pictures from the qualifiers - there are tons of different cars, most of which anyone in Japan is drifting.

I'm not saying it makes US drifting better, but there certainly is no problem with variety here.

I honestly just can't see what everyone's complaining about. You guys act like a car being slightly bigger than a Cressida is the end of drifting. I'm just glad to see one of the big brands recognizing our sport.


^ Totally meant "no one". Oops.


I thought this was about drifting?

The S13/240sx will always be the darling of drifting.

but grass roots drifting wil reflect the types of cars avialable in diferent regions.

Asia- AE86, 180's, S13, S14. S15, R32 GT-S, FD's, FC's, Supras.

Europe- M3's,Vulvos, S13. S14, FD's, and FC's.

USA- Mustangs, Comeros, Corvettes, Firebirds,S13, S14, AE86's

It reflects what you can get and afford to maintane.

C.I.P. I would love to drift a R34 GT-S, but they arn't legal in the USA.

So what is a JDm fan supposed to do?

LS1 240sx swap.

Now if someone would make a VK56 swap kit for a 240sx that is not a compleete rip off.

let me know.

Now on the Dodge charger beef:

My friend just got a challanger. I encouraged him to drift it. He wasn't feeling it.

Dodge sponsered a ride allong drift expirence. He went for a ride.

Now He wants to drift his challanger!!

What is Nissan doing for drifting in the USA? but we all like S13/S14/S15.

We buy tones of nissan parts and parade their cars arround?

Dodge has been in Formula Drift since the begining.


Rock what you Got!!