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As I'm writing this, the FD drivers are having practice under the lights at Road Atlanta, but as usual I headed back to the hotel early so I could post a run-down of qualifying.

It was a hot, humid day at the track, and the action was as good as ever.

Qualifying first overall was Tanner Foust, who had a blazing 92.8-point run in his Scion.

Right behind Tanner is Ryan Tuerck, who drove his Pontiac Solstice to second with a 91.7.

If there was one man who stole the spotlight though, it was Conrad Gruenwald. In just the second-ever event for his Camaro, he qualified third with a 89.5-point run. The Camaro looked incredible, with lots of speed, mega-aggressive entries, and more than enough tire smoke.

Qualifying fourth was Dai Yoshihara in the Discount Tire S13 with an 89.4 . Look at him three-wheeling as he crests the hill on Road Atlanta's famous loop.

The second-place finisher at Long Beach, Rhys Millen qualified fifth with a 87.6-point run.

Michael Essa didn't have the best luck at Rd.1 where his BMW met the wall rather hard. It's been a totally different story here in Atlanta though. Essa drove the M5-powered 3-series to sixth spot with an 87.1.

Meanwhile, Long Beach winner and current points leader Vaughn Gittin Jr. put his 2011 Mustang into seventh with an 86.9.

JR's Drift Alliance bro Chris Forsberg came right behind, taking eighth with an 84.4.

Taking the ninth spot was Samuel Hubinette, who navigated the big Challenger to the tune of 83.7-points.

Rounding out the top ten qualifiers is Joon Maeng. "Gentle Maeng" laid down an 83.5 in the Full Tilt/Bergenholtz RX8.

Another big story was Robbie Nishida. This was the debut event for the Hankook R35 GT-R, and Robbie got things off to a good start qualifying in the 11th spot. Nice!

As for Team NFS, I'm happy to report that both of the boys made into the show. Matt Powers qualified 22nd…

…while Mad Mike Whiddett qualified in the 29th spot.

Justin Pawlak had a big spin on his first qualifying run, meaning it was do or die for his second run. Luckily he brought his stuff and ended up qualifying 19th.

As I watched Ross Petty make his practice runs today, memories of Nikko Circuit in Japan filled my mind. Ross would end up qualifying 18th.

it didn't make Top 32, but it was quite fun watching this FR-converted Honda Element run the track. There were a few times when it looked as if it would roll right over.

There was also a regional Pro-Am competition running alongside the main show. Cool little E30 sedan right here.

And while on the subject of Pro-Am, here's Roland Gallagher in his badass-looking S13. Roland didn't make Top 32, but the guy's commitment is just incredible, coming from the opposite end of the country to compete in Atlanta as privateer.

Alright, time for some dinner and a shower to wash these rubber bits off me.

Here's the complete qualifying results from Formula Drift -

Driver: Car #: Score:
1 T. Foust #34 34 92.8
2 R. Tuerck #44 44 91.7
3 C. Grunewald #79 79 89.5
4 D. Yoshihara #9 9 89.4
5 R. Millen #6 6 87.6
6 M. Essa #101 101 87.1
7 V. Gittin #25 25 86.9
8 C. Forsberg #64 64 84.4
9 S. Hubinette #77 77 83.7
10 J. Maeng #51 51 83.5
11 R. Nishida #31 31 82.6
12 D. McNamara #8 8 82.4
13 P. Mordaunt #90 90 80.1
14 R. Miki #26 26 79
15 K. Mohan #99 99 78.6
16 C. Ng #84 84 76.3
17 K. Gushi #33 33 74.8
18 R. Petty #808 808 72.6
19 J. Pawlak #13 13 70.5
20 T. McQuarrie #17 17 69.6
21 T. Aono #86 86 69.6
22 M. Powers #665 665 69.3
23 D. Kearney #43 43 68.8
24 D. VanDenBrink #19 19 68.4
25 C. Martinez #951 951 68.4
26 M. Takatori #5 5 66.9
27 S. Verdier #12 12 65.8
28 C. Parkhouse #562 562 65.7
29 M. Whiddett #111 111 64.9
30 F. Wang #30 30 63.3
31 D. Mertzanis #323 323 62
32 M. Waldin #23 23 59.5

-Mike Garrett



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I saw myself in one of the pics!!!! whiooo


so no more phone app coverage for this one?

got stuck at work trying to watch it with fone internet.

not easy to do so i gave up.


Oh my god


GO Roland Galaghat!!!!!!!!!!!!pride of the NW!!!!!


dang wheres F Aasbp


...and I thought Hubinettes car looked like an suv! There really was one?!?! Wow. Now Sam doesn't have the worst ride! ROFL! Good luck to Taka Aono and JR!


WHAT?! No offence to the photo editors, but really, can you legally post a picture of Ross Petty's beautiful S15 in BLACK AND WHITE??? Those colours make his S15 one of the most amazing-looking drift machines on the planet!


I enjoyed watching your feint into the wall. sucks


Yoshihara's "new" car is great. Looks a billion times better than last season. The two Hankooks look amazing too and it good to see them breaking from the norm. Good to see Rhys and Joon also coming in strong as well as Essa... Ahh so many people and cars I like haha~


Whoa!! love the pictures man... fantastic.. looks like you were at the 'cutting edge'.. Damn!!


That Honda shows just how gay FD regulations are... an FF car converted to FR participating in a drifting championships just sucks big time!


@RotaryJDM: The Element was originally AWD, they just ripped the front driveshafts out.


RotaryJDM - What would you rather, let the FF cars drag ass around the track?


Wow, they finally got the one R35 out. Now lets see the Blitz R35 start doing it's business over in Japan.


Aasbo? hvor er du!? :(


love the littl contact patch on pic #4 and #5

I'd love them in WALLPAPER

love the TRA Kyoto rkt bnny body kit

and the 'maro low stance


More pics of that E30! Looks so awesome.


Roland from Garage Auto Hero???? Holy shit PNW reppin!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome to see Mad Mike represent, go hard Mike prove to them what Kiwis are made of


?? 19 comments and no recognition of the Hankook R35 GT-R. It so good to see a GTR hangin out. This is a car im looking forward to seing more of in the future.

Does any one no where i can see more pics of it??

Desktop Please #3 + #11


good sheyt mad mike, keep it up


lol that Drug Emporium only had two cars make top 32!!!


yea dom!!!


How do you get accross to mad mike that his hks t51r turbo is too dam big!!!

down size that bad boy and run some more boost to give it a bit of mid range and torque.

This is drifting not drag racing.


Great pic of Roland Gallagher in his badass-looking S13.

The wide kit makes it looks amazing.


Robbie Nishida beat Nomuken to an R35, eh?


Loving Rolands S13, very nicely prepared




probably wont be able to see more pics of the g35 since this is the first round it has run. wasn't out in Long Beach. and Mike Powers has one of the sexiest s14's, I have one of his tires signed on my wall from round 1.

and wtf where is the drift emporium supercharged s15. if you have a chance to go to a FD event and see this car you will get goosebumps from hearing that supercharger whistle


This one of the fiew reasons that I like living in Atlanta.

Road Atlanta is just an awsome track for racing.

As fun as tandem drift is to watch. you have to see that qualifying.

as every one is out there just hanging it out!!