Car Spotlight>> Alex Zhao’s Beyond Dumped S2k

I attended the insane Eibach meet this past Sunday with fellow Speedhunter, Mike Garrett. If you haven’t checked out Mike’s look at the meet, be sure to check it out here.

As the both of us made our rounds throughout the meet, we noted the cars that stood out and also mentally noted our personal favorites. This Verde Good Wood Metalizzato green, originally from a Maserati Quattroporte, Honda S2000, was one of my personal favorites.

Around the S2k circles, and around the ‘nets of various stance based blogs, this car is an icon. When the S2000 was first introduced, it didn’t take long for owners to start tuning the cars. But it took a little longer for these Honda roadsters to get into the hands of owners that were brave enough to drop the car to ridiculous heights.

Megan Racing street coilovers were used to reach such absurd heights (or lack of height I should say…). It’s also hard to notice Alex has shave off the hood squirters and emblems. The sidemarkers, trunk keyhole and antenna were also shaved off! So clean.

This is the price for being so low.

This is also the price of being as low as he is. Alex mentioned that he’s had to redo the fenders four times… This pop in the fender will be his fifth.

SPC Rear camber joints were also used to help fit the 245/35/18 tires and 18×9.5 +13 Leon Hardiritts wheels. The fronts are 18×8.5 +13 with 215/40/18 tires.

Alex kept the interior pretty stock. But why would you need to do anything when you have an awesome digital tach?

The engine was kept relatively stock also. But Alex did replace the original motor mounds with a set of Innovative Race 85A motor mounts. An Injen cold air intake, which is carb legal by the way, was added for that extra bit of butt-dyno feeling and also to accentuate that amazing VTEC noise.

dirty imperfections are a nice reminder that despite the car’s insane
cleanliness, this car is no trailer queen.

This is a car that sees the hellish Los Angeles roads on a daily basis. A little bit of rust and battery terminal build up keeps the car real and tangible.

Alex mentioned that the car’s appearance at the Eibach meet would be its last ever outing. The Monday following the meet, Alex started taking apart the car to get it as close to stock form as he can before putting it on the market to sell. He also mentioned to me his next project: an Acura RL. But knowing Alex, his taste and looking at this S2K, I don’t think we have to worry about the future of the RL too much. Best of luck to Alex on his new project and let’s hope he keeps us updated with it’s build and progress.

But still, it’s sad to see such an internet icon go.


 Speedhunters Eibach Meet 2010 coverage



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i love the wheels, but i wish he used smaller tires for more of that stretched look...

super fresh s2k nonetheless


Nice and clean yeah... but when its too low, its just too low...


donkin' hard, y0!


AP2* clumsy fingers


I guess he got tired of driving over road markings and ruining his guards/fenders. Or maybe having to do 30 point turns so the tire doesn't rub? Sitting there static it looks good though.


@ sil80sr20

hell no those tires are PERFECT.


What an absolute waste of an S2000. If cars had emotions, it would be trying to commit seppuku for dishonoring its intended purpose and design.



haha no kidding.

I think this is an example of this low offset craze gone too far. These are SPORTS CARS that are designed to be driven as such, not limited to having to be driven like an old Cadillac due to absurd "flushness"



I agree 100%. This whole "flush" craze should be used on cars with no performance potential.


@ Nick, it gets me from A to B and is fun to drive which I'm pretty sure is what Honda intended.


@ Nick

A car's purpose is to provide enjoyment to the driver. As long as he loves what he's doing with the car, I'm happy for him. Build one your way.


I wouldn't keep the car's stance as such if the resultant was having to re-work my fenders on a weekly basis. The car does look good, but again, having looks that hinder functionality on a daily driver is just not that practical in my honest opinion.



ohhh my goodness beautiful !?


@Nick & Tyler (butt buddies)

Don't worry, it's okay if you guys don't get it..


All the VTEC hate on the internet... I can easily say I really like one of them.

This S2K is wicked!


sick s2k! thx for covering this beautiful car knowing all the hate rollin around! .... and for all the deep dish low offset haters... as far as im concerned, if its not a race car, (which it's not) dump it down dirty!!!


car looks veryy nice, he must like it low to be on his 5th sort out of the rear arches.. but i know how it goes.. as for those "hellish Los Angeles roads" you haven't been to the UK.. or "pot-hole Heaven and Hell" as its commonly known.. or Craterville.. the Moon has a smoother surface than UK roads!! - anyway.. i like the fact that this car is a daily driver and its driven with a view to enjoying motoring in you ride of choice..


I hate seing flush performance cars. I imagine what I could have done with that car with the money put into it, such as lightweight rims instead of those beasts and some performance suspension.



Dude you are dumb, period.

You went thru 4 repairs for your fenders and will go thru another one? Maybe those POS Megan Racing coilovers were not such a smart choice, what do you think?


everybody saying car has too much camber and cant drive.... i honestly wished you guys were in la area and see us "non-functional" cars drive EVERYWHERE(cept movies malls and shit) but i mean it did serve a purpose drive to and from work/school and what not.... regardless of the camber this s2k is always on the go.


Ultimate ricer, why is it even on here? Not sure if that's actaully a fart cannon out the back on that second picture or not. But come on? A cold air intake and new motor mounts on a bone stock car? Lowering a car and cambering the wheels is stupid, especially the rear wheels on a rear wheel drive car. Now he has no traction for take off. And why the hell would you ever replace the motor mounts? Not like that increases power or anything useful.


Flush indeed.

Down the toilet if possible...

I cannot wait for this camber/offset craze to go the way of the dodo.


megan racing??? seriously??? that's like the worst copycat brand available, not that you should buy copycat products. to me, this car is just another ricer's car. the difference between a ricer with a honda and this s2k, is that this s2k's owner is a rich guy, no offense.


such a sick AP1


Lastspark, shut the fuck up you troll


Roll gangsta or go home! And this homie rolls focken deep!


why the hell would that thing need race motor mounts?


I remember seeing a short piece on this car here or motor mavens awhile back. Been my fav s2k ever since. Major props to the (former) owner and it's too bad it won't be roaming the streets anymore.


SH*T !!!


Wow, his front fenders look like they have no more room. I couldn't go this low.

Beautiful color, though.


Why all the hate... geez-us! We all agree if we owned it (which the majority of you will never own a S2K anyways) we would change this or that. Leave the man be, he built it his way. Don't like it - ignore it, don't be ignorant!


I was about to say what MDeezy say. Stop the hate, we all have different opinions, live with it. I wouldn't do it personally, but I still think it's pretty cool.

What make is the dash? I love it.


sLaMbUrGlaRs DoOd!

No thanks.

@ADOBOBRO: Did you seriously just call them gay because they don't like the car? Kids these days.


@ Nick, Tyler, tbm...

Agree 100%, , just as I say the same thing to every other tuner wannabe dewinging and dumping the AWD+turbos out there. Man, some people just don't know how to do anything beyond follow forum trends to fit in.

Way too take the spots off a Leopard.


people need to stop being close minded and realize that not everyone is going to mod the car the way they want. mod your car the way you want to and respect that others do what they want and enjoy their car while doing it, be it daily driver, immaculate show car or full blown race car. as long as they are enjoying their car why hate because you wouldn't do it to your own car. thats why it is their car and not yours.


theres one thing i dont understand and i hope someone can explain this to me. first off, with staggered wheels. do you just never rotate them?? have another set waiting? or buy new tires halfway thru their life because they were never rotated? i know some factory cars have them so... same with the camber thing. you can obviously see the contact patch on these tires. do you just get new tires every 10k (if you're lucky). speaking of cars like this, unless you want a trailer queen its a waste of $$$ IMO but it DOES look good. i cant imagine how much that paint costs.


i like all the defense of this car, despite the fact the owner is returning it to stock and selling it...pretty much conceding it was a bad pretty indifferent on the flush craze, if people wanna drive like grandmas just to avoid destroying their cars, its sad and pointless, but it doesnt affect me...but if you're gonna do it, at least have the sense to do it right the first time...for example he probably should have opted for stiffer coilovers...maybe would have spent less on paint later. (better quality would have been nice too, but honda owners will be honda owners, and megan racing track coils wouldnt have cost much more than streets)

just doesnt seem worthy of its alleged "internet icon" status. "look at this s2k, proof that s2ks are getting cheap enough for cheap honda guys now"


The comments on this site keep getting worse. We need an IQ test to stop so much ignorance...



They should just make everyone register


I agree with what everyone says about this flush craze; ridiculously lowered cars riding on wide, offset, chrome wheels with 7 degrees of negative camber. I'm fine with making a car flush, but keep it reasonable and functional; 2 - 3 degrees of negative camber at the most, no airbags or airbag looks, no skinny tires on wide wheels, no lips above 3 inches on small cars, 4 inches on larger ones, and most of all, no chrome!


Thanks for the rule book Syn City, I'll be sure to consult you in the future whenever I decide to do anything to MY car...


Last pic reminds me of those cartoon squished cars with oversized wheels, dope!


@ lastspark dude just gtfo, why do poeple hate ?? if you dont like it dont look at it , simples !! i think that shit is hella-hard and just inspires me even more to get one ;)


That car is so trashy. Tried so hard to be like silentdancer at one point.


what makes you so intelligent? your input is nothing but snide slander....

ignorance can be fixed with education, but stupid is forever.


Great project,although I'm not fan of such "luxury" wheels. Personally I would add some WORK's and let's go sideways some:D


Time spent in that driver's seat is ALWAYS nervously scanning the road 6 ft in front of that front bumper. The price for being so low= you can't really enjoy the car . Sure you look mean, and "oh-so aggressive" while cruising on a smooth freeway, or parking-HARD in a lot, but that's about it. I hope he's having so much fun doing so.


alexisthemovie, keep doing you're thing bro, i am very proud of you, and the way you represent the hellaflush movement within the s2k community. First it was TJ, now its you, sad to see you are selling the S, but i understand, hey time to move on!

as far as all the negative comments, if you didn't like it in some way or another, why did you waste your time commenting it? doesnt it make sense to ignore it and not contribute good or bad? if you hate it so much, i hope you realize that by viewing and commenting, you are making it more of a hit.


looks sick... but the fact that it rubs and cracks the fenders is redicuous..


LOL @ all the haters...go race your sports cars with 17x7 light weight wheels off a sure you guys go as fast as you can on every road ..he got a feature b/c he's doing something right...sure its a craze but is def. executed well


what is the haters drink?????? HATEORADEE, that car is low, luxury, sexy, drift machine if its a good driver, so stop dat hate. awesome S2K


@ h5g

thats a pussy magnet jajajajaja borat should get ones of these, i agree with you man!


this is speedhunters, its about car culture, if you dont like what you see dont post thoughts that do not contribute to anything.

And to the megan posting, they actually produce good "coilovers" i know they make other parts too but their coilivers are made in the same factory as Apexi coilivers. ANd from the shock dyno testing, very progressive results.


Anyone else think this trend is stupid? His car doesnt even function right, look at those fenders


Hm, don't you think when you have to replace your fenders 5 times and your quarters look like crap, that the car is TOO LOW? It's not coolness, it's retardation. Yea, zoom in REAL close so we can see how stupid this owner is.


Gotta love them haters! Without them nothing would be possible!! So keep on hating!! hahaha


poor s2k...


All form, no function. This car is automotive blasphemy.


Such a fitting look for its last show!

I have always loved this car and Alex's taste in wheels, I saw the car on Sunday and the Orden's are probably my favorite set to date.


Personally I wouldn't lower my car that much but thats my taste. Very nice S2000. Theres a reason we call car tuning PERSONALIZATION. You build it how you want it and say screw everyone else, go buy your own S2000 and do what you want with it.


It's so simple to see how Speedhunters is split with this feature. Anyone stating an "ignore the haters" comment is obviously not a real car guy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the type to pull up to a light. looking all hard in the driver's seat, and start looking around to see who is looking at them. Some guys like to "drive", some guys like to "pose, get attention, and park hard". Life goes on, oh well........


@ everybody whining about the people who express that they don't like this style. Your all pathetic!! Some of you are getting offended at others expressing their distaste of the vehicles "style" and making it into little personal attacks.

Bottom line, welcome to the WWW...not every bodies tastes will be the same, and we will all express our god given internet rights to express our thoughts on those tastes. The difference is that some of us can actually formulate some of the thoughts ourselves and don't need a bandwagon to dictate it ;).

Now go look for the next internet fad and stick sticking safari snorkels on your Scions.


p.s. Thanks to the Speedhunters team for continually bringing such a diverse spectrum of the automotive world for us to soak up. The good, the bad and the ugly!!!


@alexisthemovie What dash is that?


this is kinda stupid, im entitled to my own opinion and all but "speedhunters" could have found a way better car to do a feature on, no class all trash lets hella FLUSH this retarded scene outta here


I guess. This car is just another fashion statement trying to get guys all worked up because it is 'different'.


its really not "different" at all. I mean if dude likes blowin cash on fixing his fenders all the time cool. I just dont see much point in running 30 degrees of camber to run a little 245 tire in the rear.


what a bunch of whiners. ohh noooo i dont like how that guy did his own car up. look at my opinion on the internet, i have a voice now. get off this guys back, what the fuck do you drive?


What I don't understand is why be so into aesthetics and stance, throwing function out the window yet give the ok for a major, popular car blog to feature your car, complete w closeup pics of a rusty battery bracket? That's not hardcore, or trendy; it's just dumb, further justifying why THAT CAR IS A WASTE. (yes, with 70 comments, CAPS serve a purpose)


I <3 Haters.

Then they go to work in their daewoo on Sears wheels.


You won't find rusty bits in my engine bay, does that make my car a trailer queen?

This is automotive Hipster. I was sucked in by the whole 'stanced' 'hellaflush' movement for a while but the more I look at it, the more I see its about posed pics, bullshit, lies and making the functional useless.

Which rankles my sensibilities exactly the same as hipster twats who turn vintage track racing bicycles into neon vomit schemed urban ornaments.

Yes it looks cool. Purely aesthetically its great. Beyond that its becoming a question of 'why bother' and a reaction of 'yawn'.


@ seventhskyline

Pretty much summed it up.