Builder>> Kw Suspension Pt.1

Following a simply epic weekend at the Nordschleife our hosts whisked us away to a small village in the German countryside called Fichtenberg. Fichtenberg is the home to KW Suspension, probably one of the most reknowned suspension manufacturers and developers in the motorsport world. As an example aided by KW's expertise, Team Manthey cruised to four successive 24HR Nurburgring victories with their 997 Porsche. Before I met any of the KW guys, I imagined them as a big, faceless corporation and how wrong I was.

Our host of the factory tour with be Mr. Klaus Wohlfarth aka Mr. KW. I can't imagine their being too many companies in the world where the founder and CEO would personally be on hand for nearly a week to ensure we were having a good trip. An absolute gentleman and a true car nut I ever did meet.

The first part of this story will give you a quick look around the premises and what hidden joys we can find about the place. For the second part I'll take you on a tour of the creation of a full suspension unit from raw material to finished product. Here we have the first workshop where a Fiat 500 Abarth and a Corvette get a final check over by the KW Suspension mechanics.

 In the next room I spied this MK1 Escort, which is being built as a hillclimb car by one of the staff working at the factory. It features a 2.0 NA YB Cosworth with around 275HP at 9250RPM.

It may be under a layer of dust and tucked away in a dark corner of the workshop but can you guys identify this ? It's one of the original hot four door saloons capable of 177MPH in standard guise …

The engineering workshop walls were filled with posters and memorabilia of successful KW collaborations.

This room is where KW develop their new suspension technologies and strive to improve upon current designs.

KW's partners spread far and wide around the globe, AMG being one of these with whom they work very closely with.

This is Klaus' personal garage. It features this 997 GT3 RS demo car with KW HLS suspension which raises the car by an inch or so to clear speedramps with the flick of a switch.

Here we see Klaus' personal racecar which he campaigned during the 1980s. It's an Opel Kadett and it's not alone in here …

This is one of two Integra Type R DC2s that were out of sight in the garage. Both cars competed at their respective level in German Touring Car racing.

I'm often asking you guys about cars you don't get in the USA but for a change this is one we don't get here in Ireland. I love the size and proportion of the new Camaro SS, it's porbably my favourite of the new era of reborn muscle cars from the USA.

 Some more Kadetts …

This Smart Roadster was running on Schmidt wheels with LSD doors. The Lamborghini Style Doors may not be to everyones taste but there was no faulting the solid constuction of the hinge and lift unit.

Klaus' own Z06 Corvette. For a guy with a lot of pretty cool cars, he's also a humble sort of guy. He has no heirs or graces about him and would sit talking the *** about cars 24/7 with pretty much anyone.

Before we were to take our factory tour, KW had arranged for us to test drive two Evo X's and a beautiful and subtly fettled matte black GT-R running around 600HP. I'll be running that story later in the week.

Part 2 is coming soon …


Speedhunting in Germany



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I'd take that Lotus Omega off their hands if it's just taking up space :P


its a Lotus Carlton....


That dusty car...could it be a Lotus Carlton??


hey Klaus,if you got so many nice cars,couldn't you give me one integra please?:D


that c6 doesnt look like a z06... dont they have the vents at the rear of the skirts?


I was going with Lotus Carlton.


awesome...can't wait for part 2...


its a lotus carlton


it is a lotus carlton interesting point it held the title as worlds fastest production car for a while loveing th mk1 and the kadetts sexy sexy


I'd love to see more of this sort of thing on SH. Thanks, and looking forward to part 2.


mario is jerry


dusty car is a lotus carlton...


Yeah that is a Z06 alejandro. Because of the effects Paddy used during this shot, they're extremely hard to spot but if you look very close you can spot them. Another dead giveaway, look at the body work. Until the Grand Sport came out, the larger shoulders and widened hips were unique to the Z06 and were necessary in order to fit the wider rubber. The Grand Sport gets the same body work all around, but the vents behind the front fenders have slats in them. One of the only ways to visually differentiate the Z06, Grand Sport, and even ZR1 are those vents; and the wheels, which btw, are definitely Z06 wheels in that shot.


Great idea for a story! I would LOVE to see more features like this... How about a tour of the Moton or JRZ factories??


Awesome post :P Thanks!

And I'm guessing that car was a Lotus Carlton?


I'd have guessed it was a Carlton...


Very good hunt ..

could you please give me the 7th pic (for the room) in bigger size like 1280x800 ?

my email axr_979 at


nice lotus carlton there.


its a lotus carlton :)


The Black one is a (Opel) Lotus Omega.

Nice car, very understated.


Lotus Carlton, sweet!


It's a Vauxhall/Lotus Carlton, not an Omega, isn't it?


Dusty car = Vauxhall/Lotus Carlton.


Yep, the black dusty car is a Lotus Carlton. Great collection of toys lined up here, I love the Kadett with the black rims and dropped just enough to make it a bit special. He is a lucky man indeed !


OMG! Lotus Carlton!!


The Lotus Omega is SICK!!!


It's definitely a Carlton. I've heard that the UK government wanted to ban them!


It's a Lotus some said before me...


its a lotus carlton big time fan


Lotus Carlton- V8 Lotus power!


lotus carlton


totally a Carlton !


i believe thats a lotus carlton


the lotus carlton (lotus omega in germany) ist one hell of a ride!


If you've read the first part to this story you will have an idea of how much these guys are into


Hell yea Lotus Carlton! A Vauxhaull V6 with two Garrett T25's hooked up to Vette ZR1 tranny and an AP Racing brake system. I like this car because even though it is not American it has more torque than horsepower (380hp and 420 ft/lbs).


lotus carlton! :D


man I'd be happy with just a set of kw street comfort coilovers for my audi a3


Woah wait a minute....guys, is that a Carlton?? Man, I really wish somebody in the comments before me could clarify....


If you've read the first part to this story you will have an idea of how much these guys are into


If you've read the first part to this story you will have an idea of how much these guys are into


Give your readers some credit! You (not you personally) didn't think anyone would get the Vansihing point challenger reference a few weeks back either. Glad to see just everyone knows what it is. (the Carlton that is)


About the Omega / Carlton thing.

The car is probably a Opel Lotus Omega (since it's in Germany), it's exactly the same car as a Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, just LHD and not RHD.

The engine is niether a V8 or a V6 as said before. It's not even a V engine, but a 3.6L Inline 6.

It's got 377HP in stock form, and does 0 - 60mph in 5.2 sec. :)


It's an Opel Lotus Omega I'd say since this is located in Germany and probably LHD - other than that, it's the same as the Lotus Carlton




OMG Lotus Carltons are epic!!!!


It also could be a Opel Omega 3000 24V EVO 500


When i saw that Lotus Omega i got goosebumps


Could you please add this Lotus Omega pic into the desktop section ? PLEASE :)


e28driver, sure it could be a Evo 500.

But they never came with headlight washers / wipers, and had a completely different front bumper and grill.

But ofcourse, it could be any Omega A thats been styled with Lotus Omega bumpers, skirts, overfenders.

But with a company like KW, I think the odds of that being the case, are very low :)


The morning of the 24 Hour race, I took a few hours to explore the newly developed Ring°Boulevard


That dust covered car is a Lotus Carlton


Hi! does anyone know the car on the second picture to the left? It looks so amazingly cool!
I would really love to have one