Random Snap>> Mk6 Gti By G-werks

They sure didn't waste anytime in dropping this beauty to the floor. The car has been dropped using airbags and does it flawlessly with Rotiform BLQ wheels in 8.5×19-inch which are wrapped in 215/35×19 rubber.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on G-Werks



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holy stance, batman! dope rotiforms.


Pretty damn nice. For a brief moment I thought about selling the corrado to get one of those.


Fugly. Make it go away.


I like it, nice and simple


Sweet thing! A 3-door would be better tho.


Awesome, stock cars with bags and wheels. My favorite kind of feature, cause I don't see them everyday in traffic or anything. Cause I do, and I was being sarcastic.


Clean. Only thing I would change would be to take the badge away entirely and have a straight grille instead.


this car looks fresh... G-Werks are finally raising their profile a bit more - 'unlike the cars they "touch" which they drop'... you see where i'm going with this - keep it up guys.. love the drop!!


IRONFIST, it's as easy as hitting the little X button near the top of your monitor ;)


I, for one, very much enjoy the stance and look of this vehicle. As a Mk4 GTI driver i think the Mk6's looks are super intense and awesome. The Mk5 was a bit of a porker, but all lessons were learned i think and they did a very good job on the stock body for the new one. The only thing that could make this example better in my eyes would be two doors fewer.


Very clean...yea i badgeless grill would be sweet, would clean up the front end


It's not that i have any issue with Speedhunters for doing a little "random snap" feature for the car..it does look nice and i love the Gallardo rims..but i think that's really pompous of G Werks to be acting like they accomplished something. Wow, as if noone can buy coilovers and wheels, or bags in this case probably. Oh well, i guess they can keep giving themselves a pat on the back.


If you think that all this car has had done to it is some rims and air ride you are sadly mistaken my friend... It takes a hell of a lot more work that that to get a car sitting like that. Of course your car sits like that if all you need to do is fit coilovers and some wheels. Honestly the stupidity of some people on this site is beyond me.


boser hood and stock xenons and this would be the sexiest most dirty most mouth watering mk6 out there.